All Oldies, Vol. 2

All Oldies, Vol. 2

by Kid Frost

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Sl Entertainment

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  1. Cruising  -  Fingazz
  2. Backstabaz  -  Big Tank
  3. I Know You Feeling it  - Dodger Blue
  4. I Got My Eye on You  -  Spirit805
  5. BankRoll  -  Guzzle
  6. I Should've Known  - Big La
  7. Been Way to Long  -  Spirit805
  8. In My Lonely Room  -  Kokoe
  9. I Seen it All  - Anthony Gates
  10. We Do it for the Real  -  Annimeanz
  11. I Ain't Your Puppet
  12. Pass it Around  -  Big Tank
  13. Blvd Knights  - Money Back
  14. You Keep Saying That I Don't Need You  - Young Quicks
  15. Do it for My People  -  Big Tank
  16. What You In it For  -  Big Tank
  17. The Good Times  - Andy Zuñiga
  18. Never Gonna Give You Up  - Oso Vicious
  19. Ready or Not  - JB the Don

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kid Frost   Primary Artist
Frost   Indexed Contributor

Technical Credits

Chino XL   Composer
Lil Rob   Composer
Raul Salinas   Composer
Baby Bash   Composer
Big Geminii   Composer
Seven   Producer
Apathy   Producer
Diamonique   Composer
Sonny Blue   Composer
Stress   Composer
Andy Zuñiga   Composer
Big Tank   Producer
Tino Cochino   Composer
Kiki Smooth   Composer
Sas   Producer
Casino the G   Composer
Guzzle   Composer
Oso Vicious   Composer
Sam Husslm   Producer
Spirit805   Composer
Annimeanz   Composer
Arturo Molina   Composer
JB the Don   Composer
Anthony Gates   Composer
Young Quicks   Composer
Scientist MPC   Producer
Raymond "X Ray" Dabney   Executive Producer
Money Back   Composer
Kokoe   Composer
Kiki Robledo   Producer
Flow Beats   Producer
Dodger Blue   Composer,Producer
BTone Beats   Producer
Brainiac Beats   Producer

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