All We Wanna Do Is Rock

All We Wanna Do Is Rock


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Bear Family


  1. I Dig You Baby
  2. R-O-C-K
  3. Big Mamou
  4. Shake It Up
  5. Chicken Shack Boogie
  6. Susie-Q
  7. Somebody Touched Me
  8. Red Hot
  9. Breathless
  10. Let's Have a Party
  11. Little Demon
  12. I Want You To Be My Girl
  13. Leroy
  14. Flea Brain
  15. Twenty Flight Rock
  16. Blueberry Hill
  17. Whole Lotta Loving
  18. Rockin' is Our Bizness
  19. Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
  20. Stood Up
  21. Speedoo
  22. Southern Love
  23. Queen of the Hop
  24. Blue Jeans and a Boys Shirt
  25. Tore Up
  26. Three Alley Cats
  27. Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo
  28. Big Rock Joe From Kokomo
  29. Let the Good Times Roll
  30. Break Up
  31. Roch House
  32. Shake 'Em Up Baby
  33. Hello Little Girl
  34. A Mighty Lovable Man
  35. Lipstick On Your Collar
  36. Rock Around the Clock

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Charlie Rich   Composer
Conway Twitty   Composer
Hank Ballard   Composer
Eddie Cochran   Composer
Bill Haley   Composer
Roy Orbison   Composer
Lloyd Price   Composer
Roy Hall   Composer
Dale Hawkins   Composer
Woody Harris   Composer
Marvin Rainwater   Composer
Otis Blackwell   Composer
Link Davis   Composer
Jimmy DeKnight   Composer
Shirley Goodman   Composer
Leonard Lee   Composer
Sticks McGhee   Composer
J. Mayo Williams   Composer
Rusty Keefer   Composer
Harold Jenkins   Composer
Esther Navarro   Composer
Claude Trenier   Composer
Cliff Trenier   Composer
Jessie Mae Robinson   Composer
Edna Lewis   Composer
Jimmy Rule   Composer
Bobby Stevenson   Composer
Bob Center   Composer
Joe Cotton   Composer
Dub Dickerson   Composer
Ned Fairchild   Composer
Max Freedman   Composer
Bobby George   Composer
Nico Feuerbach   Reissue Producer
George Goehring   Composer
Milburn   Composer
Bill Boskent   Composer
Ruth Keefer   Composer
Glen Troutman   Composer
Willie Perryman   Composer
Grady Owens   Composer
Erma Herrold   Composer

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