Allegri: Miserere

Allegri: Miserere

by Pro Cantione Antiqua

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  1. Stabat mater, motet for 8 voices
  2. Salve O Regina, O Mater, motet for tenor, SV 326
  3. Il bianco e dolce cigno, madrigal for 4 voices, S. 2/18
  4. Super flumina Babylonis, motet for 4 voices (from Motets Book II for 4 voices)
  5. O quam tu pulchra es, motet for 3 voices
  6. Auf dem Gebirge, motet for 2 altos, 5 instruments & continuo, SWV 396 (Op. 11/28)
  7. Was mein Gott will, das gscheh allzeit, motet for alto, tenor, 4 instruments & continuo, SWV 392 (Op. 11/24)
  8. O Lord, how long wilt thou forget?, anthem for 5 voices
  9. How vain the toils, for lute
  10. O sacrum convivium (also set as "I call and cry to thee" and "O sacred and holy banquet"), motet for 5 voices, P. 210
  11. Delight is dead, song for voices & viols
  12. If ye love me, anthem for 4 voices
  13. Let my complaint, anthem
  14. Miserere mei Deus (Psalm 51), motet for chorus

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