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by Solitude Aeturnus

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Release Date:
Massacre Germany

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Alone 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well Ive only just gotten into S.A. this past year but Ive managed to collect all their cds. And let me tell you this one Alone is the best. Its part doom and part old school metal like Mercyful Fate from the Melissa days and some Candlemass thrown in for dark measure. To be honest some of the guitar by Perez and Moseley sound almost lke some some thing out of a Malmsteen album. Just fantastic and just great lead work and dark cool riffs. But of course the real show stopper is one Robert Lowe. A Texas good ole' boy with the best vocals in metal Today! I kid you not he can reach high into the clouds and fall into the depths of some amazing vocal patterns and insane tricks. And the songs are tight. Waiting For The Light could almost be a single...from Maiden,,, But songs like Scent Of Death and Is There...clocking in over 7mins each...are true metal gems. The band just sounds more focused on this release. I have the limited cd with the extra song "Embrace". A 10 min. long epic of dark mist and Sabbathy groove of dying... So do youself a favor and go out and buy this. You will be amazed!