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Along Came a Tiger

Along Came a Tiger

5.0 3
by Kat Simons

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Never kill a human.

Daniel Borowski, Tracker and enforcer of tiger shifter law, faces an impossible choice when the woman he loves is set on breaking one of their people’s most fundamental rules—don’t kill humans. Daniel’s own sense of justice cries out for the life of the man who murdered one of their own, but killing


Never kill a human.

Daniel Borowski, Tracker and enforcer of tiger shifter law, faces an impossible choice when the woman he loves is set on breaking one of their people’s most fundamental rules—don’t kill humans. Daniel’s own sense of justice cries out for the life of the man who murdered one of their own, but killing him—especially in tiger form—is an automatic death sentence. Daniel loves Sarah too much to allow her to throw her life away for revenge. But preventing her from killing could cost him any chance at a future with her.

Her soul demands blood.

Sarah Chu never imagined losing her best friend so young and in such a gruesome way. Until then, she was focused on her career as a genetics researcher and trying to get pregnant during the Mate Run so she could be with the man she loves. After her friend’s murder, Sarah can think of little beyond ripping the man responsible to pieces. So when Daniel stops her from taking her revenge, anger and frustration make her lash out at him even as the chemistry between them roars through her. If she kills the human, she’ll sacrifice the life she imagined with Daniel. If she lets the human go, she’s not sure she’ll be able to live with herself.

Justice will come at a price.

To protect Sarah, Daniel will do whatever it takes, including finding another way to get justice. Even that might not be enough for her, though. But when the murderer comes after them, intent on torture and death, Daniel and Sarah will have to choose…destroy the killer or protect their own future. Because they can’t have both.

1 - Once Upon a Tiger
2 - Along Came a Tiger
3 - Here There Be Tigers
4 - Her Tiger To Take
5 - To Tempt a Tiger
6- Down Will Come Tiger
7- COMING 2016

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T&D Publishing
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Tiger Shifters , #2
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405 KB
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18 Years

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Meet the Author

Kat Simons earned her Ph.D in animal behavior, working with animals as diverse as dolphins and deer. She brought her experience and knowledge of biology to her paranormal romance fiction, where she delights in taking nature and turning it on its ear. After traveling the world, she now lives in New York City with her family. Kat is a stay-at-home mom and a full time writer.

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Along Came a Tiger 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These books keep pulling me in..I couldn't resist buying it... and it didn't disappoint! It has love, a psycho human, and tiger-shifters...I love this world Kat Simons created!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
A yummy hero shifter will uses his heart & even his body to tame a REVENGE crazed heroine shifter, so they can have a happily ever after! Sarah Chu is a rare female Tiger shifter & genetics researcher, who has a great job, a amazing BFF in Su-jin and excited about her upcoming Mate Run to finally claim her yummy shifter, Daniel. All that changes as REVENGE takes over her life because Su-jin was brutally tortured, murdered & thrown away in a ditch like trash. The evil human tormentor is Bradley Williams, a rich daddy's boy, who has literally gotten away with murder, but Sarah will slice his throat & avenge Su-jin. One small problem with her plan, to kill a human is against Tiger Law and the sentence is death! Daniel Borowski is a Tracker & Enforcer for the Tiger Shifter world and he is a male of honor, respect & loyalty to a fault. He has been in love with Sarah for as long as he can remember & has been allowed to catch her, at her last 7 Mating Runs, but he has never said he LOVES her. In 3 more days, she will enter her estrous & will run again, but she will not live, if he can't get her to say goodbye to her justified REVENGE! As Daniel watches Sarah & Su-jin's killer in a car alone, he digs his claws into tree bark, as his trusted mentor, Alexis, & her silent mate, Victor, zero in on Su-jin's brother to prevent him from killing. As Bradley goes in for a kiss, Daniel almost ripped off the door off it's hinges, as he removes the unhappy Sarah from this evil scented killer. Sarah is furious that Daniel stuck his feline nose in her REVENGE, but going all furry isn't an options. As he places her in his truck, her sweet & tempting scent drives him to cross the line & softly kiss her. The softness of the kiss & his delicious scent drive her crazy, but he will not stop her avenging her BFF! Sarah knows that if she, a rare female shifter, kills Bradley, instead of Su-jin's brother, that she will be caged for life, but with no family or husband. Daniel & Sarah are forbidden by Tiger Law to be around one another before her Mating Run, but he is willing to risk it for her. He takes her to a friend's farm to remove her from the situations & hopefully change her mind. The not touching, kissing, licking and having her is going to kill his Tiger, but he wants her to live free, with kids & a family, even if it's not with him. Sarah has time to think about Su-jin and what she would really want & her in a cage, isn't it. They decide to work together to find a way to get REVENGE, but use the human law to do it with. As they use their superior sense of smell, collect clues, fight their intense horniness & even use the human law, to make a case against him, or so they thought! Her Mating Run takes place, he chases her as 5 other males do, he believes he corners her, but she corners him & takes what she wants, HIM! Their claiming of one another takes place everywhere & explosive sexually abandonment weaves this two together! Now if she becomes pregnant & he loves her back, will she leash her forever Mate? What will happen if they are caught breaking Tiger Law? Can the psychotic Bradley be contained & punished by human law? Or will Sarah break Tiger Law? Can Daniel's love hold her revenge back? This is the 2nd installment of the Tiger Shifters series & it's has a total different voice to it. The 1st book was Alexis fight against the Mating Run & this story was about Sarah wanting & enjoying the Mating Run. Sarah is a kick a$$ heroine who has had her world dissolve with her BFF's murder, but she has her strong connection with Daniel to deal. Daniel is a hero with a true sense of honor, strength & loyalty, but his love for Sarah does make him questions himself. Revenge is something I can relate to, as a sister of a murdered victim, but Ms. Simons used the heart, voice & true essence of the victim, Su-jin, to make her heroine use her head & not her heart. She also brought back characters Alexis & her strong, but silent mate, Victor, to help more shifters break more forbidden Tiger Laws & survive it. The horniness, sexually heat & don't get me started on the positions, that made me rethink inventing Flame Resistance Undies! Ms. Simons is one of my favorite Paranormal Romance voices because she writes with her whole heart & her characters are strong, but so flawed that they make my heart bleed with each word, sentence, paragraph & page. I love this Tiger Shifters world more than I did after her 1st book & this tale gets my top score of 5 fingers up & 10 toes! This ARC given for my honest review.