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Along the Road to Bethlehem

Along the Road to Bethlehem

by Ben Heppner

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ben Heppner   Primary Artist,Tenor (Vocal)
Mitchell Clarke   Bassoon
Richard Dorsey   English Horn,Oboe
David Hetherington   Cello
Jacques Israelievitch   Violin
David Kent   Percussion
My Hyon Kim   Violin
Audrey King   Cello
Judy Loman   Harp
Virginia Markson   Flute
Frank Morphy   Oboe
Mary Carol Nugent   Viola
Joseph Orlowski   Clarinet
Joel Quarrington   Double Bass
Christopher Redfield   Viola
Wendy Rose   Violin
Marc-Andre Savoie   Violin
Nora Shulman   Flute
Michael Sweeney   Bassoon
Joaquin Valdepenas   Clarinet
John Watson   Horn
Toronto Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Leah Fritsche   Children's Chorus
Carol Fujino   Violin
James Spragg   Trumpet
Mike Werner   Percussion
Lisahall   Children's Chorus
Andria Bulfon   Children's Chorus
Amber Johnson   Children's Chorus
Alexandra Lobach   Children's Chorus
Alicia Lozon   Children's Chorus
Alessandra Nosko   Children's Chorus
Alanna Staunton   Children's Chorus
Aisha Talarico   Children's Chorus
Allison Tipler   Children's Chorus
Abigail Wong   Children's Chorus
Ashiq Aziz   Children's Chorus
Ashleigh Redfern   Children's Chorus
Miriam England   Children's Chorus
Jamie Edwards   Children's Chorus
Heather Stewart   Children's Chorus
Julie MacArthur   Children's Chorus
Vanessa Wiley-Anderson   Children's Chorus
Jackie Wylde   Children's Chorus
Katie Wylde   Vocals,Children's Chorus
Harcus Hennigar   Horn
James Carmichael   Children's Chorus
Miho Hashizume   Violin
Ruth Watson Henderson   Piano
Chelsey Schill   Soprano (Vocal)
Larry Weeks   Trumpet
Toronto Children's Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Paul Meyer   Violin
Stephen Wright   Children's Chorus

Technical Credits

Jean Ashworth Bartle   Musical Director,Music Direction
David Willcocks   Arranger
Anton Kwiatkowski   Producer,Recording Producer
Reginald Jacques   Arranger
Ed Marshall   Engineer
John Mason Neale   Composer
Jackie Wylde   Contributor
Melissa Ghislanzoni   Contributor
David Stewart   Contributor
Melissa Hansen   Contributor
Jenny Kim   Contributor
Christina Chabot   Contributor
Diana Chisolm   Contributor
Naomi Shin   Contributor
Oriel Thomson   Contributor
Kerstin Baker   Contributor
Darrell Baksh   Contributor
Rita Basu   Contributor
Heather Boucher   Contributor
Anna Brown   Contributor
Daniel Buchnea   Contributor
Andrew Burton   Contributor
Linda Chan   Contributor
Emma Cook   Contributor
Melissa Cuke   Contributor
Kent Evans-Elson   Contributor
Jesse Fulton   Contributor
Meagan Genovese   Contributor
Andrew Gross   Contributor
Ruth Watson Henderson   Arranger
Derek Holman   Arranger
Erica Huang   Contributor
Jenni Huntly   Contributor
Emily Jones   Contributor
Jessica Keen   Contributor
Sareen Kevork   Contributor
Alison Kim   Contributor
Lily Kim   Contributor
Cleo Kirkland   Contributor
David Kishimoto   Contributor
Gabriel Knox   Contributor
Travis Korneluk   Contributor
Valerie Kostyniuk   Contributor
Michelle Luna   Contributor
Catalina Moraga-Bird   Contributor
Sharlah Morrison   Contributor
Roman Nahirny   Contributor
Klementyna Niewiadomska   Contributor
Marla Palermo   Contributor
Adriana Pastor   Contributor
Laura Pedersen   Contributor
Andrew Peek   Contributor
Brooke Rosenfeld   Contributor
David Sexsmith   Contributor
Fiona Shand   Contributor
Jennifer Tang   Contributor
Joanne Tang   Contributor
Fredrick H. Thury   Liner Notes
Kelly Tipler   Contributor
Giles Tomkins   Contributor
Stephan Trybula   Engineer
Sahra Ucar   Contributor
Vlasta Van Kampen   Illustrations
Shanta Varma   Contributor
Lee Veeraraghavan   Contributor
Logan Wilson   Contributor
Vlasta van Kampen   Illustrations
Stephen Wright   Contributor

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