Alpha and Gamma Motor Systems / Edition 1

Alpha and Gamma Motor Systems / Edition 1

by R. Durbaba

ISBN-10: 0306451867

ISBN-13: 9780306451867

Pub. Date: 01/28/1995

Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC

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Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Motoneurone Inputs: Synaptic Differentiation on Type Identified Motoneurones (L.M. Mendell). Motor Unit Recruitment: Plasticity of Motoneurone Recruitment Order in the Flexion Reflex following Spinal Cord Transection (R.G. Durkovic). Gamma Reflexes: Regulation of the Dynamic and Static Sensitivity of Gastrocnemiussoeus Muscle Spindle Afferents by Joint and Cutaneous Afferents in the Cat (P.H. Ellaway et al.). Innervation Patterns: Early Development of the Muscle Spindle and Its Dependence on Neurotrophic Factors (J. Kucera et al.). Sensory Receptor Properties: Sensory Endings of Living Isolated Mammalian Muscle Spindles (M. Chua, C.C. Hunt). Analysis and Modeling: Analysis of Encoding of Stimulus Separation in Ensembles of Muscle Afferents (H. Johansson et al.). Central Control: Flexibility in the Relationship of Monkey Corticomotoneuronal Cells to Their Target Muscles (R.N. Lemon, K.M.B. Bennett). Pharmacology of Central Control: Expression of Glycine Receptors by Identified Alpha and Gamma Motoneurones (R.E.W. Fyffe et al.). Clinical Implications: Mechanisms Underlying Muscle Synergy Studied in Man (J. Gibbs et al.). Natural Motor Patterns 1. Natural Motor Patterns 2. 125 additional articles. Index.

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