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Alphabet Soup: A Feast of Letters

Alphabet Soup: A Feast of Letters

by Scott Gustafson

Otter invites his friends to bring their favorite ingredients for an alphabet soup house-warming party.


Otter invites his friends to bring their favorite ingredients for an alphabet soup house-warming party.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Denise Hartzler
Written and illustrated by Scott Gustafson, Alphabet Soup, provides young listeners with a host of animals from A to Z. The animals are bringing a wide variety of food to Otter's housewarming party. This is a wonderful story that is filled with action words and descriptive words. Gustafson exposes children to unique and common foods. They will quickly relate to Newt's noodles and Squirrel's spinach and scallions but will most readers know about Reptiles rutabagas or Ox's xylopia extract? The illustrations are realistic and show the exceptional talent of Gustafson. The illustrations make this A to Z book come alive. This is truly a standout alphabet book. Teachers and librarians will be delighted to read this aloud. Parents who enjoy cooking (and eating) will also be happy to have such a unique twist for an alphabet book. Will all these ingredients make a good alphabet soup? Listeners will be on the edge of their seat to find out if everyone likes the soup. Reviewer: Denise Hartzler
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 2-- Otter finds a big old soup pot in his new home and invites 26 friends to a potluck house-warming party, asking each to bring a food that's soup-worthy. From Armadillo with his asparagus, to Zebra with his zucchini (`` `'zactly what zee zoup needz!' ''), they all contribute to a hearty meal and a lush, lively alphabet book. Gustafson's beautiful paintings are dark and soft, and his striking use of light adds drama and depth: Koala's kumquats and krill are breathtaking as she shows them off against her cobalt blue kerchief. And the fungi in Mole's mushroom mine seem magical, illuminated by the beam from mole's miner hat. The artist creates interest via textures, colors, and a nod to the eccentric and exotic here and there, without undue clutter. Humor, which touches most of the illustrations, is especially rich in the case of Reptile (roasting his rutabagas ranch-style) and Frog (grinning as she flips her flapjack right off the page). Effective layouts back up gorgeous design to produce striking, cohesive images with the ability to unite, for readers, the letter and the word it begins. The large, handsome illustrations make the book a prime candidate for story time use. Its sophistication and beauty, on par with Grahame Base's Animalia (Abrams, 1987), offer primary graders who long ago mastered the alphabet plenty to think about and a story to enjoy. --Liza Bliss, Leominster Public Library, MA

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Greenwich Workshop Press
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
9.38(w) x 12.38(h) x 0.38(d)
Age Range:
4 - 7 Years

Meet the Author

Scott Gustafson is the award-winning author and illustrator of Artisan’s Classic Fairy Tales, Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose, and Classic Bedtime Stories, as well as an illustrated novel for young readers entitled Eddie: The Last Youth of Edgar Allen Poe and many other illustrated children’s books. He lives in Chicago with his wife and son.

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