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Am I Somebody?: Slam Poetry by Brooklyn

Am I Somebody?: Slam Poetry by Brooklyn

by Baruch Santana

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All Alone

I’m falling I’m brawling to survive
I’m calling but they’re ignoring to help save my life
Desperately out of strife
I scream I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
Discouraged and stuck up
I try doing it on my own
That’s why I’m falling all alone

I’m perspiring


All Alone

I’m falling I’m brawling to survive
I’m calling but they’re ignoring to help save my life
Desperately out of strife
I scream I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
Discouraged and stuck up
I try doing it on my own
That’s why I’m falling all alone

I’m perspiring I’m trying to finish this race
It’s tiring I feel like retiring but I keep my pace
With sweat on my face
I spit on the ground
On this track I go around
Breathing heavy I raise my tone
Why oh God must I run all alone

Keep your lives free
From the love of money
And be content
With what you have
Because God has said
“Never will I leave thee
Never will I forsake thee.”
So we say with confidence
“The Lord is my helper
And I will not be afraid
What can man do to me?”
Hebrews 13:5-6

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Slam Poetry by Brooklyn

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Baruch Santana
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-6201-0

Chapter One


    My abilities are deep and wide
    I have told so many have I lied
    How can I see past my pridE
    I need Humility on my side

    And I long to grab and thrust
    My self in her as I kiss her bust
    If only I could have just
    Used Chastity against my lusT

    I need Diligence for I slotH
    In dirty rags black and Goth
    I should wipe away this froth
    From my mouth with a cloth

    Get up and work for what I see
    Instead of lay in bed and be
    Full off envy well maybe
    Kindness can set me free

    Free from this terrible math
    Where problems plus my path
    Times my past equals wratH
    Can Patience stop this blood bath

    The thin line between greeD
    And the things I really need
    Is as fine as one single deed
    Of Generosity can I heed

    Or will I proceed to party
    Drinking and eating excessively
    Exercising only my gluttonY
    Or will Abstinence be good to me


    A true friend a good friend is a great friend indeed
    Not a friend to push you to always smoke weed
    Always getting high 'til your eyes start to bleed
    A true friend would have helped and freed
    You from any form of evil when you're in need
    So that you can stand firm and you can lead
    Other friends into good friendship indeed

    A good relationship starts with a small seed
    A single act of kindness for growth to proceed
    A good friend will always say a prayer indeed
    And on your behalf that friend will intercede
    Maybe ask God to protect you please even plead
    For your freedom from hate lust sloth even greed
    So you can run along lively like a young steed
    And fly high like an eagle but please take heed
    There are many fake friends out there indeed
    Who pretend to want to help you but just feed
    Off you like you are a flower and they're a weed
    Without them maybe you too would have believed
    In friendship but they lied and you were deceived

    The truth for you is out there it has to be retrieved
    So protect your light and life listen there is a new breed
    Of so called friends going against every creed
    Every belief and principle of friendship indeed
    I try to be the best friend and even strive to exceed
    Writing enlightening poetry for my friends to read
    A true friend a good friend is a great friend indeed
    Remember the truth about yourself is all you need
    To be a good friend a great friend a true friend indeed
    So take care all my friends who read this God speed


    I am an egg
      On my way out
      Attacked by a million sperm

    I am a fertilized egg
      On my way out
      Slowing growing now

    I am a human
      On my way out
      Arms a heart and eyes

    I am an abortion
      On my way out
     Attacked by my doctors

      Why would my mother
      Why would my father
      Why would my doctor
    Why would they allow this

    The womb is my tomb


    I'm falling I'm brawling to survive
    I'm calling but they're ignoring to help save my life
    Desperately out of strife
    I scream I've fallen and I can't get up
    Discouraged and stuck up
    I try doing it on my own
    That's why I'm falling all alone

    I'm perspiring I'm trying to finish this race
    It's tiring I feel like retiring but I keep my pace
    With sweat on my face
    I spit on the ground
    On this track I go around
    Breathing heavy I raise my tone
    Why oh God must I run all alone

    Keep your lives free
    From the love of money
    And be content
    With what you have
    Because God has said
    "Never will I leave thee
    Never will I forsake thee."
    So we say with confidence
    "The Lord is my helper
    And I will not be afraid
    What can man do to me?"
    Hebrews 13:5-6


    Am I somebody you're going to respect
    Am I somebody you're going to reject
    Am I somebody who will finish school
    Am I somebody who will end up the fool

    Am I somebody will I be admired
    Am I somebody will I be desired
    Am I somebody to be a ruler
    Am I somebody to become cooler

    Am I somebody to get picked on all the time
    Am I somebody to go crazy and commit a crime
    Am I somebody am I superior
    Am I somebody am I inferior

    Am I somebody you would like to be
    Am I somebody you would leave lonely
    Am I somebody to keep walking by
    Am I somebody to just watch a man die

    Am I somebody who is to teach the children
    Am I somebody who is to bring the homeless in
    Am I somebody to make headlines
    Am I somebody to make poetic rhymes

    Am I somebody to sing a song and dance
    Or am I somebody to miss that chance
    Am I somebody who is going to make a difference
    Am I somebody who is going to change existence

    Am I somebody
    You would want as a friend
    Am I somebody
    I ask again
      and again
        and again
          and again
     and again
     and again
      and again


    I try to keep myself protected by a hedge
    But I live my life wild right by the edge
    I almost stepped off but took a step to the left
    But I got pushed right off by an angel of deatH
    I knew he was closer my life felt colder
    Stuck frozen now with his hand on my shoulder
    He whispered into my ear "There is no time left!"
    I got taken far away by an angel of deatH
    I'm not angry inside or holding a grudge
    I know now that I'm just going to see the Judge
    Angel of deatH you're just giving me a lift
    It just feels like my life went by so swift
    Wow that's what the world looks like at this height
    I don't understand I made sure I did things right
    I didn't know my name was on tonight's list
    I'll never even know will I be missed
    That chain is tight around my wrist damn it let go
    Where will my soul go devil of the deatH I need to know

    He said "Enjoy the thrill of how it feels to soar and fly."
    Why didn't I do this when I was alive or at least try
    Now I'm dead and there's nothing left
    I tried to get free from the angel of deatH
    But now I was being dragged through the gate
    It finally hit me I realized it was too late
    I shout I don't want to go take me back please
    A voice said "Silence be still and get on your knees!
    The Angel of Life will begin to read and recite
    Everything you said and did and everything that you did write.
    The balance will be set and brought forward
    Measured for every action and for every word
    There will be a consequence and a repercussion."
    When the book was finished there was no discussion
    Oh God will you lay me beside your river and path

    Of gold milk and honey or send me away to your wrath
    Of fiery flames from hell to be cast away forever
    From your presence forever never to be together

    The rest is history
    The rest is his story


    The truth fuels courage
    The truth fuels confidence
    So I'm a king because
    I am not afraid
    To speak the truth now
    I am also the one because
    I speak the truth
    I am also the shit because
    I speak the truth
    I have to start right here

    I have to tell you the truth
    I am such a good liar
    Though all mankind
    Is infected with this
    Lying plague of bacteria
    Some are over its affects
    And are now taking
    Artistic Antibiotics
    Through art forms such as
    Music poetry paintings

    Comedy literature film
    Design fashion dance
    Everything everywhere
    These artists are now
    Filling up there lives with
    Truth and art and are
    Getting closer to being
    A group of people
    Holy and righteous
    Set apart for

    Truth and Art


    I'm a poetic genius a humanitarian and a great lover
    Like none before therefore there can not be no other
    Brother to the world and I am not undercover
    My name is Baruch so naturally I'm blessed

    Two thousand and eight still smoking when I'm stressed
    Mostly because I'm upset that our government is hexed
    I guessed I'd fight but I'm too busy wondering what's next
    See all that I can do is try my very best

    Thank God and let Him do the rest
    I'm blessed so believe it is true
    I'm good at whatever it is that I want to do
    I'm a leader a general too so soldiers solute

    Original gangster in a thousand dollar suit
    I have to be a king and a knight and tonight bring
    This real shit right here to the ring
    Fight for what is right I only know one thing

    I'm up against giants with only a rock and a sling
    And so is everyone living in this brief place
    Called existence before we see His face
    So catch me in New York with my briefcase

    Selling my books making a name for my face
    Trying striving to sell so we can all live well
    Enlightening everyone literally we're all living in hell
    It's unfortunate that everyone can't tell

    So I came to bless and enlighten
    Because its time for fighting
    I'm in my studio lounge writing
    Next day faster then lightning

    I bring the beats to the streets
    I bring the poetry sheets
    I bring it to where oppression meets
    The people and where it defeats

    See I battle not against rappers and MCs
    But against evils and principalities
    So if you follow YaHWeH and true prophecies
    We might not make it through our twenties

    Yet I'm blessed there is no doubt
    If I could keep the wine and cigars out my mouth
    Maybe I could keep all of these lil' devils out
    And remember what the hell we were just talking about

    Oh yea I'm Baruch Baruchie aka Brooklyn aka
    Young Entrepreneur on his way I'm a go getter ok
    I'm a go doer no time left to play too much to say
    Hey for all you lazy people for short call me BK

    Blue knight of Italian and Puerto Rican royalty
    Brave king of brotherly kindness and reality
    So enter the entertaining enlightened mentality
    Of a person who perfected his poetic personality

    I'm also known as Baruke or Barak pay homage
    To the Brooklyn kid known for his better knowledge
    I'm a special individual I came to acknowledge
    Even so I never sold my soul or went to Baruch College

    But because I have heart you can call me blessed
    I have two beautiful children always well dressed
    Happy and healthy and in love with me
    Basically still I'm a poet and this is my poetry

    Eventually we the people need to build an army
    Of people who strive to live life more holy
    While we wait around for the new world order
    How can I take care of my son and my daughter

    Who can prevent this slaughter who needs evidence
    Well its evident they had a camcorder and documents
    God give us yet another sign let the planets align
    Or whatever you do to help the blind its fine

    More than one eye witness and yet they still ask
    Questions and are still searching for the facts
    He who forgot the past must forget the future
    Sorry man if you can't see the whole plan the whole picture

    All I can do is pray you are blessed and enlightened
    While I try to make it to thirty
    I noticed the world is so dirty
    Haters death jail slavery it just don't hurt me

    All It did was just adds fuel to my fury
    I live the proof they cannot remove
    And already God gave you the choice to choose
    So many times before I had to loose

    Something I thought was good just to win
    Just to survive and hold up my chin
    Barry has been below the bottom in
    Some deep shit now I foresee the sin

    I did so much yet I saw so little
    Only to realize that life is so brittle
    Life is not a puzzle life is not a riddle
    So can't we all just stop living in the middle

    I choose my side make my stand
    Take my life inside my hand
    Ready to ride through the jungle and sand
    And cross the ocean and the desert into the promised land

    Just to be a part of the plan
    Like you designed me God as a man
    With my integrity and my honor
    With my poetry and your armor

    Who is Baruch
    Baruch is Blessed



Excerpted from AM I SOMEBODY? by BARUCH SANTANA Copyright © 2011 by Baruch Santana. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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