The AMA Handbook of Due Diligence

The AMA Handbook of Due Diligence

by William M. Crilly, Andrew J. Sherman, American Management Association Staff

Revised & Updated Edition of the Most Complete Due Diligence Guide Ever Published!

The AMA Handbook of Due Diligence is the most complete guide available on how to properly perform a due diligence investigation — and radically improve the success rate of a pending corporate merger or acquisition. The new


Revised & Updated Edition of the Most Complete Due Diligence Guide Ever Published!

The AMA Handbook of Due Diligence is the most complete guide available on how to properly perform a due diligence investigation — and radically improve the success rate of a pending corporate merger or acquisition. The new edition of this long-trusted resource includes a CD-ROM packed with almost 400 customizable forms and templates for recording and analyzing every possible operational or financial activity at any organization.

Extensively revised and updated, the book reflects significant changes in the financial landscape such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. There are specialized sections on joint ventures, franchises, and outsourcing, as well as new legal memo and form requirements, including data room index, preliminary diligence memorandum, and the Hart-Scott-Rodino questionnaire. Thorough and easy to use, this essential resource will ensure that every “t” is crossed, every “i” dotted…and no mistakes left out on the table.

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“[T]his book can be useful for professional services practitioners looking for a refresher on various parts of the traditional M&A process, for professional services practitioners who want to build their own customized traditional forms and checklists, or for professionals or researchers looking for one of the very few books on traditional due diligence.” --Due Diligence Digest (International Due Diligence Association)

“… takes away a lot of that angst…help everyone from the due diligence novice to the expert… proven track record of AMA assures…it will be a good product.”— CarpeFactum

“… treacherous course of due diligence…fraught with booby traps…having a road map on which to execute your due diligence can help …authors provide a great road map.” —Law Insider

“…I have been involved in a number of transactions…this book…takes a very complicated and involved process and explains it in a way that is thorough, clear, and… concise.” – CEO Blog

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Revised and Updated Edition
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18 Years

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What’s New In This Edition

In wake of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act enacted pursuant to the Enron scandal and subsequent events as well as the changed Mergers and Acquisitions scenario due to the credit crisis, a significant change has been witnessed in the practice of due diligence. This has necessitated addition of content in the introductory sections of the Handbook, including common due diligence problems, common mistakes made by the buyer and the art and science of due diligence that prominently reflect the practice of due diligence in current times.

Due diligence practice post Sarbanes-Oxley enactment deserves the addition of a separate section in view of some onerous disclosure requirements that are now mandatory. An additional section has been inserted providing checklists for potential acquisitions or investment in selected industries and/or businesses. Such checklists are provided with a view to educate audiences of special considerations in each of the businesses contained in that section to facilitate a unique due diligence process for each such business. Examples of such businesses include restaurant services, franchising companies, hospitals, outsourcing technical services, private equity and hedge funds and closely held businesses. With each such business, we seek to cater to a broad audience of the new series of the Handbook to give useful insights on warning signals before investing or acquiring such specific businesses.

The section on Non-M&A transactions has been added with an aim to make the new series of the Handbook comprehensive. Adequate and timely due diligence is required not just for transactions that pertain to acquisition or investment, but to joint ventures, strategic alliances, licensing technology and entering into dealership or distributorship agreements. Continuing on our intention to cater to a broad audience, the editors of the Handbook seek to leverage on their practical and legal experience in such individualized transactions and provide effective checklists to ensure that potential participants of such transactions are in safe harbor before signing on dotted lines of formal instruments.

Meet the Author

William M. CRILLY was the chairman and founder of Newport Pacific Associates, a firm that assisted companies in arranging mergers and acquisitions. Throughout his business career Mr. Crilly led numerous acquisitions, divestitures, and public and private financing activities, all of which required rigorous due diligence investigations. As a top management official of several public companies, he was responsible for formulating final recommendations to the companies’ boards of directors. Mr. Crilly served in executive positions at Eastern Airlines, Pan American World Airways, Riegel Paper, & Bowmar Instrument Corp.

Andrew J. SHERMAN is a partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Jones Day, a global law firm. Mr. Sherman is a corporate and transactional attorney and is a recognized international authority on the legal and strategic aspects of business growth, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, capital formation, franchising, and other types of intellectual property leveraging and growth strategies. Mr. Sherman is also the author of eighteen books, including Franchising & Licensing: Two Ways to Build Your Business (AMACOM, 2003), Raising Capital (AMACOM, 2005) and Mergers and Acquisitions from A to Z (AMACOM, 2006).

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