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Amanda's Story

Amanda's Story

4.4 17
by Brian O'Grady

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In his national bestseller HYBRID, Brian O'Grady created a bracing and vividly realized tale of a virus gone out of control. At the center of that story was Amanda Flynn, a woman not killed by the EDH1 virus, but changed in frightening ways. HYBRID only hinted at the story of Amanda's work in Honduras that led to her exposure and the ramifications when the American


In his national bestseller HYBRID, Brian O'Grady created a bracing and vividly realized tale of a virus gone out of control. At the center of that story was Amanda Flynn, a woman not killed by the EDH1 virus, but changed in frightening ways. HYBRID only hinted at the story of Amanda's work in Honduras that led to her exposure and the ramifications when the American government sought to contain the damage. Now, that story can be told.AMANDA'S STORY is the heart-stopping tale of a woman caught up in a storm she wanted no part of, and what happens when she refuses to be collateral damage. It is the story that readers of HYBRID have been waiting for and that new readers will find impossible to put down.

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Amanda's Story 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
kherbrand More than 1 year ago
 I haven't yet read Hybrid, but after reading Amanda's Story I am really looking forward to it.  The book actually starts out in Pakistan with the creation and theft of a new, never-before-seen virus that has the makings of being a terrorist's dream virus.  It is from that start that we meet Amanda and learn that she has recently lost her husband and young son in a plane crash.  She is having a hard time moving forward and seems to be stuck in her grief. She goes to Honduras with the Red Cross on a rescue mission, but it turns into much more.  She watches her colleagues succomb to the virus that is rampant there, and becomes the survivor that now needs to be rescued.  But that is only the beginning.  She is placed in quarantine, as they are trying to figure out why she has survived.  Having been through so much in the last year - losing first her family, and then her co-workers is enough to change anybody - but throw in a deadly virus and you are bound to find yourself in a new place - not just physically, but mentally, psychologically, as well.  This was a great page turning read and I really felt for Amanda.  While not really being able to relate to her story, she was very easy to sympathize with. She has some great friends in the book that were fun to read about and I would love to have in-laws like she does.  I am not sure if it is necessary to read this book before Hybrid, but it would definitely not be a waste of time!
b00kr3vi3ws More than 1 year ago
This is a prequel to O’Grady’s bestselling debut novel - Hybrid. As the name suggests, this book tell us the story of Amanda and how she came to become the person that she is in Hybrid. The novel starts off with Amanda just losing her husband and two year old son to an accident. As she tries to start fresh she gets an opportunity to go to Honduras as a part of Red Cross’s cyclone rescue team. Once there, the team comes to realize that not all is as it seems. The town is almost deserted and those who survived and remained there, seemed to be affected by some sort of virus. Their own camp is infected and within a few weeks the team of over thirty people perished because of the virus, only Amanda survives. When a rescue team arrives and safely pulls her out of the situation, one would think that she was finally safe. But no, she is put into isolation and for months numerous tests are done on her. She had survived a deadly virus, but can she survive and emerge from the clutches of a few mere humans? Well, I am not about to tell you the whole story. You’ll have to read the story to find out what happens then. There are quite a few wonderful characters that I just loved in this book starting with Amanda’s in-laws - Greg & Lisa. They are the most delightful as a couple, as parents and as people. Then there are people like Bernice, Bennet and Lister are difficult to find these days. And what can I say about Amanda. Her character has many shades and we see different sides of her as she grows throughout the book. At times I felt really bad for her and at times I felt scared of her. The author has simply created a brilliant character through her who is both good and bad. You will cheer for her, feel her sadness and feel the darkness in you too. The plot felt a little too simple at the beginning. But things got interesting once Amanda was released to her family from her isolation. Watching her trying to discover and understand the person she had become, trying to settle back into some form of life and trying to stay in control was really an experience. The pace of the story is just right – not too slow nor is it fast. At times it may seem to be dragging, but the information provided during that period is actually important and I realized it even while I was reading it. Frankly speaking, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t really have picked this book up. It has a very plain cover with not so intriguing title. Plus I could hardly find a proper summary for it. But I have toured with PICT quite a few times and each time I have rated those books as 5Stars. So I knew that this book had to have some quality and picked it up. I am glad that I did. This was a refreshing change for me. I enjoyed both the drama part of it and the scientific part of it.
cindymt More than 1 year ago
Since this is a prequel, wondered if I could read it without the other, and I could. It makes perfect sense without Hybrid. The story follows a widow who tries to get her life back together and joins the Red Cross. The story also follows for a brief time a terrorist working in a desert bio lab. The widow Amanda is sent to a Honduras hot spot with her team and watches everybody contract the virus and die. Somehow she survives and is kept in a secret facility for three months. While it is a good story up to this point, things really heat up once she gets out. Have to admit, Amanda is a lot more fun once she starts trying to figure out how to live with the virus. Highly recommended. Received free copy for review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story's pace is perfect. Character development is very colorfull. The medical theory is beyond me, but sounds plausable and exciting. Go Amanda! Horray for Dr. Rucker.
CMash More than 1 year ago
Back in April of 2011, Dr. O'Grady was showcased on my blog for his novel Hybrid. However, at the time, I was so behind in my reading schedule that I didn't review his book. Knowing what I know now, that was a big mistake. Just recently, I spoke about the authors being published under the imprint of The Story Plant and how every writer has gone on my "authors to read" list. Well, I just added one more. As avid readers, we have that gut instinct if a book is a good match for us and something that will grab our attention, imagination, keep us entertained and transport us into the story. That's what happened when I read the synopsis of Amanda's Story. I went through my criteria check list. Suspense, check. Can't put down, check. Medical plot,being a former nurse, bonus check. Another author under The Story Plant imprint, check. The story starts off slow, like the stifling heat, in the Pakistan caves where it all begins. The author then unleashes the non stop Cat 5 hurricane-like action in Honduras where Amanda is deployed to, for her first mission as a nurse for the Red Cross. As she is preparing to assist the hurricane victims, little does she know, what a harrowing experience awaits her in the Caribbean. It is something much larger than she can ever fathom. And like Amanda, the reader is holding on to "dear life" for this white knuckle read. Chilling!!! I do not believe in giving away any hints or spoilers so from this point on, my review and thoughts will be vague. The author's writing style was fluid, the cast of characters believable, the suspense page turning, palpitating action and a crescendo story line. An ending that is eerie and leaves the reader wanting more, which I hope means a sequel. Terrifying, especially in today's world. Could this be possible? What happens to Amanda, could this happen to anyone? Frightening!! Could this work of fiction become a sinister future reality? Scary!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wish he would write a book about the male infected he told am and as please tell his You told am Amanda story please tell the story of the male infected
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ruthhill74 More than 1 year ago
First of all, I have not read the first book written in this series--"Hybrid." This book is a prequel to that book, but it works well as a stand-alone book. I was drawn into the story right from the beginning. It was difficult to read because it was sad and scary during the first half of the book. This was the part of the book that I felt was the best-written part of the book. The violence is fairly descriptive and disturbing, but it also pretty necessary in light of the book. Following the first half of the book, my interest began to wane. And things also became quite strange with Amanda. I won't spoil any of the story for you, but I just found the second half of the book pretty strange. I would have liked to have seen more concentration on corruption concerning the virus, but that is just my opinion. I probably would like "Hybrid" better, but this book is certainly well=written. I could have done without the profanity (it was pretty hard-core at times), but thankfully the sex scenes were mild. Overall, this was definitely a 4-star rated book that will definitely sound realistic in light of recent happenings. By the way, Berniece was definitely my favorite character, and the emotion concerning her and the other Red Cross team in Honduras was quite moving. I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.
otterly More than 1 year ago
This book was a little confusing at first. A scientist develops a strain of lethal virus in a lab in the Libyan desert. Then, a hurricane hits Honduras, and a medical team from the Lieber Institute is flown to take care of survivors. Among them is our heroine, nurse Amanda Flynn, who ends up being the only survivor after the unknown virus kills off the team and native soldiers tasked with keeping them inside a fence. This is where it gets weird. Amanda is taken to a medical facility to ascertain why SHE survived, and the others didn't. She develops the power to read the minds of her minders, and becomes lethal herself. If there is any reality to what happens to her, this is REALLY LETHAL AND SCARY. I might read other books by this author, but somehow don't think that it is a good selection for book groups.
mmbear More than 1 year ago
This book was fast paced from the moment I opened it! Amanda's life is anything but dull from losing her husband in an accident along with her only child, she is constantly being picked at to pull out of it. She finally does and takes a job with this company to go and help other countries when they have some kind of disaster and need help. Unfortunately for them, some crazy terrorist has put some kind of virus in this small country and they are called there for help. They do not know that they are dealing with a virus since they can't get anyone in this small village to answer the phone. Even the military that was sent there to see what is going on aren't answering. It becomes apparent within hours of coming into contact with a sick person that they take in that they are dealing with something very deadly and lethal. It is some kind of speeded up virus that only takes no more than 2 days to kill you once you get it in your system. Amanda is the only survivor out of 8 who had gone down there to help. She is not delivered home, but to a secret military base where they lock her up in a contained room and they wear biohazard suits. Her family has been left with the impression that she did not make it and she keeps asking to call them but is stalled every time. She thinks she is getting out once the tests come back negative but one man wants to introduce her back to the virus to see what will happen. No one but Amanda has figured out that she has been changed in some ways. She has abilities she did not have before and they can either make her a threat to other nations trying to harm Americans or she may be forced to defend herself against the very people she calls her own. What will she do? Read the book and find out! It really is awesome. Now I definitely have to read the first book! Happy Reading!
TheStuffofSuccess More than 1 year ago
Amanda's Story is a prequel to Hybrid by Brian O'Grady.  I did not read Hybrid but I surely will.  The concept of creating a prequel after the initial story is not new.  Star Wars did it very successfully and Justin Cronin recently released The Twelve, prequel to The Passage.  In this story, Amanda has suffered some devastated losses in her life and through a series of events ends up in Honduras.  While in Honduras the areas suffers from a viral attack - a strain of virus that was developed by a non-U.S. group as a means to pursuing their religious beliefs and supremacy.  The virus ends up in the wrong hands and even finds other ways to spread.  Amanda Flynn is a sole survivor of the viral attack in Honduras and becomes an object of studies and scientific fascination.  When I read this story I can't help but think about Justin Cronin's virals in the Passage and Amy who survives or Stephen King's deadly virus in The Stand with more than one survivor but still a 90+% death rate or even the movie I Am Legend with Will Smith.  Brian O'Grady did a great job with this story and I am so happy to have read it.  He has a different spin on the virus gone wild; very developed characters - I "felt" for Amanda from the beginning of the book; and a plot that is interesting, captivating and never dull.  I give this story a 5 out of 5 stars. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Hotchpotch More than 1 year ago
Brian O’Grady has written a fascinating story about a threat that could very well become a reality in our days. Amanda is on a mission to help survivors of a natural disaster in Honduras when she becomes the sole survivor of a mysterious viral attack that has killed everyone else around her. She is whisked away and kept in isolation, becoming a study object and maybe a means to end a possible attack of this biological mysterious virus. Knowing that she survives all her woes and adventures spoils it just a wee bit, but the real story behind Amanda is how she survives. Gaining frightening new abilities that causes her to fight a scary and serious battle with her “alter ego” – as she calls it – forces Amanda to deal with issues that are beyond our imagination. As her life spirals out of control, she finds help in unexpected places and she is able to flee the final scene into the dark night. Writing a book as a sequel to a yet unwritten book seems odd, but after all this is what C.S. Lewis did with his famous Narnia Chronicles as well, so Brian O’Grady is in good company. Amanda’s story is a riveting and gripping novel that is a real page turner. Perhaps her inner struggle could have been sped up a bit and the things she does as a result are quite outlandish, but it makes for a very interesting read and plays on your imagination – what if it happened to me – which gives some food for thought. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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