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Amanecer (Breaking Dawn)

Amanecer (Breaking Dawn)

4.2 171
by Stephenie Meyer

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VUELVE STEPHENIE MEYER ¿Todavía no tienes Noches de baile en el infierno? «No tengas miedo», le susurré. «Somos como una sola persona». De pronto me abrumó la realidad de mis palabras. Ese momento era tan perfecto, tan auténtico. No dejaba lugar a dudas. Me rodeó con los brazos, me estrechó


VUELVE STEPHENIE MEYER ¿Todavía no tienes Noches de baile en el infierno? «No tengas miedo», le susurré. «Somos como una sola persona». De pronto me abrumó la realidad de mis palabras. Ese momento era tan perfecto, tan auténtico. No dejaba lugar a dudas. Me rodeó con los brazos, me estrechó contra él y hasta la última de mis terminaciones nerviosas cobró vida propia. «Para siempre», concluyó. Te quedas sin opciones cuando amas a tu potencial asesino. ¿Acaso es posible huir o luchar si eso causa un grave perjuicio a quien quieres? Si la vida es cuanto puedes darle y de verdad le amas por encima de todo, ¿por qué no entregarla? Ahora que Bella ha tomado una decisión, una inesperada cadena de acontecimientos está a punto de desatarse, con consecuencias inimaginables y potencialmente devastadoras. Visita su minisite Ponte al día en el blog crepusculo-es.com comunidadcrepuesculo.es stepheniemeyer.com

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Meyer closes her epic love story of a human, a vampire, and a werewolf in this, the final installment of the "Twilight" saga. The story opens with Bella and Edward's wedding, and with relations between Jacob and Bella remaining uneasy. On honeymoon and unshackled from any further concerns about premarital sex, Edward fulfills his promise to consummate their marriage before he changes Bella into a vampire. An unexpected conception throws their idyllic world back into chaos as factions (both wolf and vampire) battle over whether or not to destroy the potential monster that is killing Bella from within. The captivating angst, passions, and problems manage to satisfyingly fill pages where surprisingly little action takes place, even after the powerful child's birth brings the Cullen family under the scrutiny of the Volturi. The international cadre of vampires who come to the Cullens's aid are fascinating, but distract from the development of prime characters at a pivotal moment. The novel begins and ends with Bella's voice, while Jacob narrates the middle third of the tale, much like the final pages of Eclipse (Little, Brown 2007). While this novel is darker and more mature than the earlier titles, Meyer's twists and turns are not out of character. Fans may distress as the happy ending for everyone, including a girl for Jacob, lessens the importance and pain of tough decisions and difficult self-sacrifices that caused great grief in previous books, but they will flock to it and enjoy it nonetheless. [This good translation uses Latin American Spanish. The rest of the titles in the series are available in Spanish from the same publisher.-Ed.]-School Library Journal.

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School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up–Spanish readers will devour Meyer’s vampire love saga. When Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. The language is fast paced, realistic, succinct, and easy to follow. The índice de vampiros in Amanacer, the final book in the series, allows readers to follow the history of the various vampire clans. The effective use of Latin-American Spanish will introduce readers who are fluent in Spanish to a series that has captivated America.–Eric Gómez, Broward County African-American Research Library, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial México
Publication date:
Twilight Saga (Spanish) Series , #4
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2 MB
Age Range:
14 Years

Meet the Author

Stephenie Meyer es la autora de la saga Crepúsculo y The Host , bestsellers internacionales. Se graduó en Literatura Inglesa por la Universidad de Brigham Young. Vive con su marido y sus tres hijos en Arizona.

Para más información: www.stepheniemeyer.com

Brief Biography

Phoenix, Arizona
Date of Birth:
December 24, 1973
Place of Birth:
Hartford, Connecticut
Brigham Young University, Bachelor's in English.

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Amanecer (Breaking Dawn) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 170 reviews.
ta_mez More than 1 year ago
Empece hace dos semans a leer Crepusculo que por casualidad lo compre y quede facinada con la hisotria que tres dias despues fui a comprar toda la serie, en realidad estan buenisima, leanlo se lo recomiendo es mejor mucho mejor que la pelicula porque cuenta cada detalle, estoy en espera del libro que le sigue a la serie.
tatis90 More than 1 year ago
uno de mis libros favoritos sin contar los otros 3 de esta misma serie, una vez todo se ve claro todo da un rumbo q nunca me hubiera imaginado pero la historia es exelente, me encanta este libro
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Please answer!!! Is this version in spanish????!!!!
LizV44 More than 1 year ago
Pense que el libro era demasiado largo pero cuando empece a leerlo no queria que se acabara. Lo disfrute tanto! My favorite of all four!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am 62 years and I don't remember reading any book that I have enjoyed more than these books. I have read all (4) books twice and each time I pick up on something that I have missed before. Every charter is super and keeps you wanting more. Thank you for being so inventive. My daughters and everyone I talk to is reading your books. I would like to read more of there adventure as they continue as vampires and Jacob imprinting on bells daughter, how that turns out.
Sole More than 1 year ago
Cuando lei el primer libro, nos dio un final feliz pero todavia existia mas que descubrir en cada uno de sus personajes, por ejemplo la hermosa Rosalie siempre a la defensiva de Bella y las razones las descubrimos a traves de los siguientes libros, la ayuda incondicional q ella le da a Bella en el momento donde se debatia entre la vida y la muerte. Jacob descubre a su verdadero amor, la reunion de muchos clanes de vampiros en una misma ciudad, el pacto entre vampiros y lobos. El amor entre Bella y Edward que seguia creciendo y q enamora a todos. El final de esta gran saga de libros no pudo tener mejor final. Les recomiendo a todos los lectores que compartan esta historia de amor con las personas que mas aman. Stephenie Meyer mis mejores felicitaciones por hacer que mis noches sean menos cortas que antes, y siga escribiendo mas historias con las cuales sus lectores no podamos dormir y nos sigamos enamorandonos de la vida y las cosas triviales.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
U asked if it was in spanish? U didnt see the title i n spanish or all the spanish reviews?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mal escrito
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Such a good book!?!
Deborah89 More than 1 year ago
Love it!!! I didnt like the Jacob part too much but I loved the story and how it ended ?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
why is there a paperback in spanish and not in english?!?! i want to get this book SO badly and you dont even sell it in the language i need!! i want and english paperback version of Breaking Dawn as so as possible!! i was hoping to get it for my daughter for christmas but i guess thats not going to happen. thanks and get it out soon. i love the series this just wasnt what i was looking for.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The best book ever. I loved it from begining to end. This is true love. Love that wil not die not matter the time or distance. This is the love that we all dream of. I don't care about how hot Edward and Jacob are. I care about what is in their hearts. This is the love that i wont. The love that wil live on forever in all hearts. True love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book i just whant to be in the book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Please check the second res. I coukdnt find this book because my nook wasnt working properly sorry so i mightve not followed the rules you wanted but its a demigod application for two girls! Please add them!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I need your name, age, looks, personality & any extras you might have(wings qualifies as an extra). If you are a demigod, i also need your godly parent(don't mention other parent unless he/she is a demigod), all weapons & any powers you may have(don't make some up just to have some. If you don't, you dont). I need four(only four) demigods(two boys, two girls) to have wings(mine are 5 feet wide & 10 long. They can't be any smaller than mine but they can be bigger. All colors accepeted except rainbow. Mine are ice blue.) If you are a vampire i need the age you look & your actual age. I need two vampires, one boy & one girl, to be demigods. Enjoy!!!!! &#9617ATOMO author&#9617
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The title says it all. Read Inheritance for something with substance and Hold Me Closer, Necromancer for an actually interesting supernatural romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Should watch the second part of the movie if you havn't yet. It's really good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago