Amazing Animals - Dolphins

Amazing Animals - Dolphins

by Kate Riggs

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Children's Literature - JoAn Watson Martin
Dolphins have always been considered the friend of humans. Stories abound of rescue by a dolphin. In a story from folklore, a man jumped overboard to escape from men who wanted to hurt him. A dolphin carried him on his back to shore. Like whales, dolphins have blowholes on top that open to take in air. They swallow mackerels, squid and crabs without even chewing. Baby dolphins stay close to their mothers until they are six years old. They often swim close to shore and people can watch them jumping and playing happily. Their clicking and whistling sounds are talking to each other to share information as to the locations of fish. Irresistible, large pages with colored pictures will capture the interest of the youngest reader. The bottlenose dolphins seem to smile and are photographed in their own world. Included is an index and further reading suggestions. Part of the "Amazing Animals" series. Reviewer: JoAn Watson Martin

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