Amazing Forces and Movement

Amazing Forces and Movement

by Sally Hewitt

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Children's Literature - Amy S. Hansen
In one of the best books in the "Amazing Science" series, Hewitt uses wonderful photographs and uncomplicated language to give beginners a grasp of how things move and the forces at work in our world. The book addresses pushes and pulls, running fast, falling and the force of gravity, slowing (and friction), and, briefly, magnets. Hewitt uses "Your Turn!" segments on each page to invite readers to explore more. For example, after discussing running fast and how muscles pull bones as they move, she writes the "Your Turn!" saying: "Hold the top of your left arm with your right hand. Move your left arm. Do you feel the muscle pulling the bones in your arm?" This is immediate and doable physics. All readers can feel the push and pull of their own muscles. The experiment at the end of the book asks kids to see the invisible force of gravity by using a magnet and iron shavings. While many adults did that experiment in their youth, it is not one to be missed as it "magically" reveals one of the unseen forces at work in our world. Other backmatter includes a glossary and an index. Reviewer: Amy S. Hansen

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Amazing Science Series
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7 - 10 Years

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