Amazing Grace: A Gospel & Bluegrass Journey

Amazing Grace: A Gospel & Bluegrass Journey

by Patrick Dupré Quigley

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  1. New Brittain  -  Seraphic Fire
  2. Jewett  -  Seraphic Fire
  3. I Am the Rose of Sharon  -  Seraphic Fire
  4. Where We'll Never Grow Old  -  Seraphic Fire
  5. I'll Fly Away  -  Seraphic Fire
  6. I Wonder What They're Doing There Now  -  Seraphic Fire
  7. In My Robe of White  -  Seraphic Fire
  8. I Saw the Light  -  Seraphic Fire
  9. Angel Band  -  Seraphic Fire
  10. Call and Response Medley: Amazing Grace (Meter Hymn)  -  Seraphic Fire
  11. Call and Response Medley: Woke Up This Mornin'  -  Seraphic Fire
  12. Call and Response Medley: Until I Found the Lord  -  Seraphic Fire
  13. Call and Response Medley: Come and Go with Me  -  Seraphic Fire
  14. Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit  -  Seraphic Fire
  15. Rockin' Jerusalem  -  Seraphic Fire
  16. Through It All  -  Seraphic Fire
  17. Precious Lord  -  Seraphic Fire
  18. Battle Hymn of the Republic  -  Seraphic Fire
  19. Victory Is Mine  -  Seraphic Fire
  20. I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord  -  Seraphic Fire
  21. God's Amazing Grace  -  Seraphic Fire

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