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Amber Brown Is Green with Envy

Amber Brown Is Green with Envy

3.2 4
by Paula Danziger, Tony Ross (Illustrator)

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Best-selling and critically acclaimed author, Paula Danziger, is back with the latest title in the best-selling, amazingly popular series about the irresistible Amber Brown!

Amber Brown's parents just aren't acting the way she thinks parents should. Sometimes Amber's dad goes out on dates when he is supposed to be spending time with her. And her Mom went to


Best-selling and critically acclaimed author, Paula Danziger, is back with the latest title in the best-selling, amazingly popular series about the irresistible Amber Brown!

Amber Brown's parents just aren't acting the way she thinks parents should. Sometimes Amber's dad goes out on dates when he is supposed to be spending time with her. And her Mom went to Disneyland with Aunt Pam while Amber was with her dad (not fair!). Then Mom and Max decide to get married even sooner and move to a new house--maybe even a new town!
Some kids have parents who stay together. Some kids don't have to think about moving away from their school and all their friends. Some kids seem to have no problems--& that makes Amber Brown green with envy.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
I, Amber Brown
“Full of Ambers' puns and laugh-out-loud situational humor, this is a deft handling of a very difficult yet common childhood dilemma. Amber's fans will laugh, squirm, and sympathize.” --Booklist

“The enormously popular heroine once again brings insightful verbalization to what life is like for kids today.” --SLJ

Amber Brown is Feeling Blue
“Though Amber's problems can be tricky and uncomfortable, she can be counted on to sort things out in the end with resilience and basic good sense.” --Booklist

Amber Brown Sees Red
“The narrative gets exactly right the fourth-grader's mix of feelings, her focus on the trivial, the gross, and the essential.” --Booklist

Publishers Weekly
Paula Danziger's unsinkable heroine is put to the test in Amber Brown Is Green with Envy, illus. by Tony Ross, when Amber's dad spends time with his dates instead of her, and Mom and Max step up the wedding plans and consider moving to a new town. Danziger probes universal issues with her characteristic compassion and humor. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature
In this ninth entry in the "Amber Brown" series, Amber is in fourth grade, living in a shared-custody situation with her father in a double-household arrangement with another single dad. And with her mother in what used to be her "old" house. But now that her mother and Max are marrying and want to move to a new house, one where they can all "make their own memories," Amber is upset. Feelings-anger at everyone, hurt over being left out of her mother's important decisions like thinking of having another baby, and longing for a peaceful place but then wanting noise and distraction, fear of moving and of making new friends, are all turned over in Amber's mind. To top it off, her dad is behaving like a jerk. But she also is able to talk with a sympathetic principal, her friends, and eventually, her parents and Max. As the crises unfold, Amber realizes she has survived the moving away of her best friend Justin, has survived her parents' divorce, has made new friends, and will survive this next step, too. Longtime followers of Amber's life and her anguish over friends and family will welcome this next installment, and newcomers will be amazed at how perspicacious and aware this nine-year-old can, or is forced, to be about adult behavior. Danziger has a good ear for conversation, a love, like Amber, of the dreaded pun, and an eye for comic bad behavior and the good acts that make things all right among family members. Tony Ross's ink illustrations add humor and just the right amount of detail to further interest reluctant and other readers. 2003, Putnam, Ages 7 to 10.
— Susan Hepler, Ph.D.
School Library Journal
Gr 2-4-Fourth-grade Amber Brown is back, and she thinks that nothing in her life is fair, from her mom and aunt going to Disneyland without her to the many changes she must face within her family. Her mother and Max are planning their upcoming wedding, their new life together, and maybe even a future baby together and a new house, and Amber doesn't like it one bit. She's also angry at her father because he has a date. Then she must make a difficult decision when her mom and Max let her help choose between a new home with a swimming pool in a different town and a new, but "boring" house in a nearby neighborhood. Ross's black-and-white drawings show Amber's humorous facial expressions and her daily life. This upbeat and funny first-person narrative will keep readers hooked, even while Amber deals with the emotions that many kids her age experience. This title will be enjoyed by early chapter-book readers whether familiar with Amber or not.-Michele Shaw, Yorkshire Academy, Houston, TX Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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Scholastic, Inc.
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Amber Brown Series
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5.25(w) x 7.55(h) x 0.35(d)
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7 - 11 Years

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Amber Brown Is Green with Envy

By Paula Danziger

Scholastic Paperbacks

Copyright © 2004 Paula Danziger
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780439071710

Chapter One

I, Amber Brown, have had enough. "Dylan Marshall, you are driving me crazy."

Dylan looks at me and smiles. Then he pretends to be guiding a steering wheel. "Vrroooooom. Vrooooooooom. Zoom."

His older sister, Polly, looks up from the book she is reading. "Dylan, you are so immature."

"Thank you." He bows to her.

She sighs and goes back to her book.

Before my dad rented the downstairs half of their house, I used to think that Dylan was one of the BIG kids, a sixth grader.

Now I think that he's just a BIG doofus.

Dylan pretends to drive into his younger sister, Savannah.

She ignores him.

"Road pizza," he yells, pretending to run over their cat, Mewkiss Membrain.

"I'm going downstairs," I announce.

"You're supposed to stay up here until THE DADS come back from getting the groceries," Polly reminds me.

I sit down and look at a magazine, thinking about how my life has changed in the last few months.

THE DADS ... my dad and their dad ... if grown-ups can be best friends, I think that's what they are becoming.

My dad was not happy when he moved back from France.

I, Amber Brown, think that he wanted to get back with my mom, but it's too late ... she's going to marry Max.

Dylan comes over and makes an armpit noise at me. "I'm bored."

"You're boring." I smile at him.

"Thank you." He makes a bow.

Actually, I, Amber Brown, think that Dylan can be fun. But not today.

Today he is driving me crazy.

I'm staying at my father's house for Christmas vacation. So my mom went to California to visit her sister, my aunt Pam. Dad wants me to call his house "our house," but sometimes I forget because it doesn't feel like our house yet. Actually, I spent Christmas Day and one day after that with Mom at her house, which I do think of as my house because I've lived there all my life.

I, Amber Brown, have two houses because I, Amber Brown, am a shared-custody kid.

It's a little weird to live in two houses, especially since they are very different from each other.

In the house where I live with my mom, it's just me and Mom. Max visits a lot. It's going to be a little weird when they get married, but since it's only December and they're not getting married until June, I'm not going to think much about it now.

In this house, my dad rents the basement and first floor of the Marshalls' house. There are four Marshalls who live upstairs..... The dad, Steve..... Polly, who is in high school..... Dylan and Savannah. Inside the house, we don't keep the doors locked between the two places, so it's almost like we are all living together. In fact, the dads got a sign for the front door that reads:

Welcome to the ZOO

I hope that Dad stays here. He's made so many changes.... when he left our house, when he left the country, when he came back.

He promised me that he's not going to leave again.

He didn't promise me, though, that he would stay here forever.

It's not always easy being a shared-custody kid.

Dylan looks under the Christmas tree. "Where did I put my new computer game?"

He keeps searching, picks up a package and throws it to Savannah. "Catch."

It hits her on the foot.

"Ow." She glares at him.

It's the present that I gave her, a soap-making kit called Gross Soap.

"Amber," she says, "let's make soap today."

I was hoping that she would make the soap soon, but my dad said that I should wait to see what she wanted to do, because it was her present..... not mine.

I really wanted it for me, but my dad said that I had enough presents already. I gave it to Savannah so that maybe I could make the gross soap anyway.

"There's nothing else to do. So this is your lucky day. I'm going to make soap too," Dylan says. "But first, I am going to get a snack."

He leaves the room.

Polly looks up from her book. "Does anyone in this room want to play a joke on Dylan?"

Savannah and I raise our hands.

Chapter Two

Savannah and I go over and sit on the couch in front of Polly.

She smiles at us. "That boy is driving me crazy."

"Me too," Savannah and I, Amber Brown, say at exactly the same time.

We link pinkies.

Polly says, "We have to talk quickly before Dylan gets back. Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to tell a joke that makes absolutely no sense..... no sense at all ... but when I get to the punch line, which is 'No soap. Radio,' you two are going to laugh a lot, and so will I. That will confuse Dylan."

I like that!

Savannah says, "I don't get it."

"Exactly," Polly explains. "The joke doesn't make any sense. Dylan will see us laugh and feel stupid that he doesn't get it. Or he will laugh, and then he'll feel stupid when we make fun of him for laughing at a joke that makes no sense."

She whispers, "When he hears the three of us laughing, he's going to think that he's missing something, and that will bother him. He's such a know-it-all."

We all smile at each other.

"Amber, when he comes in, tell a short joke. That way it will look like that's what we've been doing while he was gone." Polly looks at the doorway to see if he's on his way. "Okay, now."

Dylan rushes in. "I made popcorn, but it's just for me."

Sitting down, he shoves a huge handful of it in his mouth and goes, "Yum."

At least I think it's "Yum," because with the wad of popcorn in his mouth and the wet pieces spraying out, I'm not sure of the exact word.

I turn back to Savannah and Polly.

"What's the longest word in the English language?" I ask, and then yell out loudly, "Smiles! Because there is a MILE between each S.... sMILEs."

"I EW AT." More popcorn falls out of his mouth.

"I have a great joke." Polly leans forward.

Savannah and I pretend to be excited.

She leans down. "Two polar bears are sitting in a bathtub. The first one says, 'Pass the soap.' The second one says, 'No soap. Radio.'"

Immediately Savannah and I look at each other and laugh..... and laugh..... and laugh.

I start rolling around on the floor. "No soap. Radio."

Savannah rolls also. "No soap. Radio. That is so funny."

Polly says, "It's the best joke I've heard in years."

I sneak a look at Dylan.

He's stopped guzzling popcorn into his mouth.

He looks confused.

Polly looks at him and then talks to him in that older-sister voice. "Dylan. Don't you get it?"

He just looks at her.

She looks at him. "Dylan. Two polar bears. Bathtub. No soap. Radio. Savannah and Amber are younger than you..... and they get it."

I roll around some more. "No soap. Radio."

I sit up and try to catch my breath. "Dylan. Do you want me to explain it to you?"

"No." He looks annoyed. "You don't have to. I get it. I just had too much popcorn in my mouth before. I get it. It's very funny. No soap. Radio."

He laughs in a phony way.

Polly, Savannah and I look at each other, clap our hands and laugh even more.

"Sucker," Savannah yells. "We fooled you. Fool. Fool. Fool."

Dylan looks at Savannah.

Dylan looks at me.

Then he looks at Polly and says, "What's so funny?"

"You are." She smiles at him. "We got you. That really wasn't a joke. We pretended it was, and you believed us."

"Funny. Funny. Funny." Savannah rolls around the floor again.

"Noooooooooooo soap. Radio," I tease.

"Girls," he yells. "I hate girls. It was bad enough when I just had my two sisters here..... and now, you too, Amber Brown. It's like I have three sisters. Ugh. Yug. Barf."

He stomps out of the room.

We sit there quietly for a minute.

"There's nothing to do" Savannah says. "That was fun. Now I'm bored."

"Maybe we should turn on some music," Polly says.

I shake my head. "No radio. Soap."

It is time to make soap.

I just hope that Dylan doesn't do something to get even.

Chapter Three

We're in the kitchen. It's Soap-Making-Time.

I wonder if the pioneers made soap the same way we will be making it.

We've got everything out..... the Gross Soap kit, the molds and extra supplies that my dad and Steve bought for Savannah.

Polly reads the instructions. "This looks simple enough. First melt the wax in a container."

I, Amber Brown, hold up a plastic measuring cup. "Container ready."

Polly continues. "Once it's melted in the microwave, the wax is to go into the molds."

"Molds." Savannah holds up some of the plastic molds.

"Choose objects to put into the hot wax once it is in the molds."

"Gross stuff." Savannah and I both hold up some of the creepy crawly things that came with the kit.

She's got a worm and a spider in her hands.

I've got a beetle and a cockroach in mine.

I'm glad that they are plastic.

Polly laughs. "I'm putting in some of the other things that the dads bought." She picks up a little rubber ducky and a mini mermaid.

Somehow I don't think that the pioneers made soap the way that we are.


Excerpted from Amber Brown Is Green with Envy by Paula Danziger Copyright © 2004 by Paula Danziger. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher
The enormously popular heroine once again brings insightful verbalization to what life is like for kids today. (School Library Journal)

Meet the Author

Anne Mazer grew up in a family of writers in upstate New York. Intending to be an artist, she studied at the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. She then went to Paris for three years, where she studied French and French literature and where she began to write. She is the author of over thirty-five books, including the picture books THE SALAMANDER ROOM and THE NO-NOTHINGS AND THEIR BABY, as well as several novels. Her series include The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes and Sister Magic. She lives in Ithaca, NY with her husband. Visit her at amazingmazer.com.

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Amber Brown Is Green With Envy (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Would rate one if Icould
Lovin_him More than 1 year ago
Amber Brown is green with Envy is a book by Paula. This book is about a girl named Amber. Amber's parents are divorced which makes it really hard for her to fit in because everyone elses parents are together happily.Every other weekend Amber goes her dads house to spend the week. She went to her dads house and her mom called her and told her that she was going on vacation without her. They are going to Disneyland. Amber got very upset but she didn't tell anyone.Her mom has a boyfriend and her dad goes on tons of dates on his free time when Amber ain't at his house. Amber doesn't really care for Max. Her dad shares an apartment with one of his friends and his kids. One of his daughters are the same age as Amber, her name is Savannah. They basically do everything together as if they were actually sisters. They get along really well together. Amber's mom and dad don't really get along very well so when he goes to drop off Amber he always wants to go in their house and make sure everything is okay. One day when Amber was at her dads house they all made soap. Amber made soap for her mother for when she went back to her house. Amber's parents don't always agree on everthing so Amber has some clothes at her dads and some clothes at her moms, she marks the clothes that stays at her dads. Amber's mom is thinking about moving out of the house that her and her ex husband lived in, she was even thinking about moving out of town, but then Amber would be further away from her dad.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is about a girl named Amber Brown whose parents are divorced. Amber is spending her time with her dad. When she is done she goes back to her mom's house. Mom has a boyfriend named Max. Amber finds out that her mom is moving and she doesn't like it because she might have to move away from her friends. Will Amber have to move out of town? Find out when you read this book.