Ambient Lounge, Vol. 4

Ambient Lounge, Vol. 4


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Globe Uk


Disc 1

  1. Love Story  -  Layo & Bushwacka!
  2. Hayling  -  Kahuna
  3. Meer Sehn @@DJMDG
  4. Lavish  -  Veba
  5. Summer Sun  -  Koop
  6. Harmony  -  Atjazz
  7. Born to Be Mild  - Sven Van Hees
  8. Cry Baby  -  Spiller
  9. Talking With Myself  -  Electribe 101
  10. Balafia  -  Cantoma
  11. Erinner Dich  -  Klee
  12. Lazy  -  X-Press 2
  13. My Love Is Real @@Vila
  14. What's My Number  - Ian Pooley

Disc 2

  1. Trans Fatty Acid  -  Lamb
  2. Two Months Off  -  Underworld
  3. 1 Inch Deep  - DJ Stephane DeLucia
  4. What Do People Do All Day?  -  Aim UK
  5. I Am the Black Gold of the Sun  -  Nuyorican Soul
  6. Sneakin'  -  Jaffa
  7. Change the World  - Duquee Braun
  8. Saturn Return  -  Funky Lowlives
  9. Mars  -  Tiefschwarz
  10. Chocolate  -  Syrup
  11. Fear in Flight  -  Alexkid
  12. Go Back Home  -  Strike Boys
  13. Rish Rish  - DJ Nob Tee

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Byrne   Vocals
Gota Yashiki   Sampling
Pete Z.   Keyboards
Everton Nelson   Violin
Andy Nice   Cello
Catherine Browning   Violin
Peter Hoff   Keyboards
Yukimi Nagano   Vocals
Sophie Sarota   Viola
Percy Duke   Vocals

Technical Credits

Lalo Schifrin   Composer
David Byrne   Arranger,Composer
Richard Rudolph   Composer
Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart   Composer
Larry Troutman   Composer
Roger   Composer
Billie Ray Martin   Composer
Ian Pooley   Composer
X-Press 2   Composer
Richard Dorfmeister   Producer,Remixing
Ursula Rucker   Composer,Producer
Mark Rae   Composer
Kenny Dope   Producer
Peter Kruder   Producer,Remixing
Louise Rhodes   Composer
Matthew Benjamin   Composer,Producer
Tommy Yamaha   Composer,Producer
B.T. Green   Composer,Producer
Electribe 101   Producer
Jan Krause   Composer
Tiefschwarz   Arranger,Producer
Sven Van Hees   Composer,Producer
Andy Barlow   Composer,Programming
Charles Stephney   Composer
Layo Paskin   Composer,Producer
Peter Hoff   Composer
Phil Mison   Composer,Producer
Gary Danks   Composer,Producer
Martin Iveson   Composer,Producer
Max Weissenfeldt   Composer
J.K. Whitehouse   Composer,Producer
Roberto Cimarosti   Composer
Alexis Mauri   Composer,Producer
John Collyer   Composer,Producer
Cristiano Spiller   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Aim UK   Composer
Hafdís Huld   Composer
Martin Kaiser   Composer,Producer
Oscar Simonsson   Composer,Producer
Magnus Zingmark   Composer,Producer
DJ Nob Tee   Composer
Sten Servaes   Composer,Producer
Tom Deininger   Producer
Peter Waltenberger   Composer,Producer
Basti Schwarz   Composer
David Kakon   Composer,Producer
Jörg Müller   Producer
Ali Schwarz   Composer
William "Harley" Cataldo   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Stephan Ley   Composer
Percy Duke   Composer
Suzie Kerstgens   Composer
Jan Weissenfeldt   Composer
Flavio "Muscle" Romaniello   Composer

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