Ambulatory Assessment: Computer-Assisted Psychological and Psychophysiological Methods in Monitoring and Field Studies / Edition 1

Ambulatory Assessment: Computer-Assisted Psychological and Psychophysiological Methods in Monitoring and Field Studies / Edition 1

by Jochen Fahrenberg

ISBN-10: 0889371679

ISBN-13: 9780889371675

Pub. Date: 01/28/1996

Publisher: Hogrefe Publishing

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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Ambulatory Assessment: Issues and perspectives3
Ch. 2Contributions to differential psychology from ambulatory assessment: A researcher's plaidoyer21
Ch. 3Ambulatory behavioral assessment and in-field performance testing29
Ch. 4A computer-assisted self-monitoring procedure for assessing stress-related behavior under real life conditions51
Ch. 5Computer-assisted interaction diary on social networks, social support and interpersonal stress69
Ch. 6Computer-assisted versus paper-and-pencil-based self-monitoring: An analysis of experiential and psychometric equivalence85
Ch. 7Temporal analysis of speech patterns in the real world using the LOGOPORT101
Ch. 8Interactive monitoring and contingency analysis of emotionally induced ECG changes: Methodology and applications115
Ch. 9Improving control and psychological event detection during ambulatory cardiovascular recording129
Ch. 10Ambulatory assessment of parasympathetic/sympathetic balance by impedance cardiography141
Ch. 11Concurrent assessment of blood pressure, heart rate, physical activity, and emotional state in natural settings165
Ch. 12Continuous assessment of finger blood pressure and other hemodynamic and behavioral variables in everyday life189
Ch. 13Towards a comprehensive technology for recording and analysis of multiple physiological parameters within their behavioral and environmental context215
Ch. 14Laboratory and field studies for improvement of ambulatory monitoring methodology237
Ch. 15Strategies and designs in ambulatory assessment257
Ch. 16Psychophysiological analysis of strain in real life work situations271
Ch. 17Validation studies of emotional, mental, and physical workload components in the field287
Ch. 18Multivariate psychophysiological analysis of stress-strain processes under different break schedules during computer work305
Ch. 19Ambulatory assessment of clinical anxiety317
Ch. 20Psychophysiological monitoring of transient ischemic states in patients with coronary heart disease347
Ch. 21Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring: Promises and limitations in behavioral medicine365
Ch. 22Ambulatory monitoring of sleep apnea375
Ch. 23Ambulatory assessment of self-monitored subjective and objective symptoms of diabetic patients393
Ch. 24A signal-contingent computer diary for the assessment of psychological precedents of the migraine attack403
Subject Index415
List of Contributors421

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