by Boston Pops Orchestra

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Artemis Classics


  1. The Pledge of Allegiance (United States)
  2. The Star-Spangled Banner (National Anthem, USA), for orchestra & voice/chor  -  Tanglewood Festival Chorus
  3. Liberty Fanfare, for orchestra
  4. America, for voice & guitar
  5. This Is My Country  -  Tanglewood Festival Chorus
  6. City of New Orleans
  7. Doodletown Fifers
  8. God Bless America, song  -  Tanglewood Festival Chorus
  9. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (from Buck Privates)
  10. This Land Is Your Land  -  Tanglewood Festival Chorus
  11. The Gettysburg Address  - David McCullough
  12. America, We're Proud to Serve
  13. America the Beautiful (original title "Materna")  -  Tanglewood Festival Chorus
  14. 1812 -- Festival Overture, for orchestra in E flat major, Op. 49
  15. The Stars and Stripes Forever, march for band

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Boston Pops Orchestra   Primary Artist,Performing Ensemble
Arlo Guthrie   Guitar,Vocals
Yolanda Adams   Vocals
Laura Ahlbeck   Oboe
Robert "Bootsie" Barnes   Viola
James "Curly" Cooke   Violin
Joel Evans   Bass (Vocal)
Brad Hatfield   Piano,Celeste
Pat Hollenbeck   Percussion
Tony Kadleck   Trumpet,Soloist
David McCullough   Narrator
Jennifer Walker   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Mickey Katz   Cello
Benjamin F. Wright   Trumpet
Ed Boyer   Tenor (Vocal)
Anthony Kadleck   Trumpet
Fenwick Smith   Flute
Clayton Hoener   Violin
Elita Kang   Violin
Lucia Lin   Violin
Kurt Walker   Tenor (Vocal)
Norman Bolter   Trombone
Frank Epstein   Percussion
Jonathan Miller   Cello
Fred Buda   Percussion
Timothy Genis   Timpani
Si Jing Huang   Violin
Ronald Knudsen   Violin
Ronan Lefkowitz   Violin
Henry Lussier   Tenor (Vocal)
Joel Moerschel   Cello
Elizabeth Ostling   Flute
Alexander Romanul   Violin
Johanna Schlegel   Soprano (Vocal)
Vyacheslav Uritsky   Violin
Jay Wadenpfuhl   Horn
Chester Schmitz   Tuba
Stephen E. Smith   Tenor (Vocal)
James Orleans   Bass
Richard Ranti   Bassoon
Bob Winter   Piano,Celeste
Lawrence Wolfe   Bass
Andrew Pearce   Cello
Keith Lockhart   Conductor
Darren Acosta   Trombone
Scott Andrews   Clarinet
Andrew Gladstone   Tenor (Vocal)
Amnon Levy   Violin
Ann Hobson Pilot   Harp
Aza Raykhtsaum   Violin
Kieran Murray   Soprano (Vocal)
Brian Anderson   Tenor (Vocal)
Douglas Yeo   Bass Trombone
Tanglewood Festival Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Michael Zaretsky   Viola
Warren Ziegler   Bass (Vocal)
David Buda   Electric Bass
Suzanne Nelson   Bassoon
Mark Henry   Electric Bass
Ronald Wilkison   Viola
Tamara Smirnova   Violin
Rachel Fagerburg   Viola
Edward Gazouleas   Viola
Gregg Henegar   Contrabassoon
Marc Jeanneret   Viola
Luis Leguia   Cello
Kazuko Matsusaka   Viola
John Salkowski   Bass
Robert Sheena   English Horn
Linda Toote   Piccolo
Kevin Owen   Horn
Michael Monaghan   Saxophone
Martha Babcock   Cello
Keisuke Wakao   Oboe
Kelly Barr   Violin
Bonnie Bewick   Violin
Nancy Bracken   Violin
Tatiana Dimitriades   Violin
Jennifer Elowitch   Violin
Sheila Fiekowsky   Violin
Burton Fine   Viola
Thomas Gauger   Percussion
Roland Small   Bassoon
Bruce Hall   Trumpet
Carol Amaya   Soprano (Vocal)
Annie B. Andrews   Soprano (Vocal)
John C. Barr   Tenor (Vocal)
Barbara Berry   Soprano (Vocal)
Betty B. Blume   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Sarah S. Brannen   Soprano (Vocal)
Ondine Brent   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Jennifer Wehr Brosky   Soprano (Vocal)
Susan Cavalieri   Soprano (Vocal)
Danielle Champoux   Soprano (Vocal)
Dominador F. Coloyan   Tenor (Vocal)
Kelly Corcoran   Soprano (Vocal)
Susan Culpo   Viola
Xin Ding   Violin
Christine P. Duquette   Soprano (Vocal)
Ann M. Dwelley   Soprano (Vocal)
Jonathan Finn   Banjo,Guitar
Maura Finn   Soprano (Vocal)
Catherine French   Violin
Kevin Galie   Organ
Irene Gilbride   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Elliott Gyger   Bass (Vocal)
Shannon OConnor   Soprano (Vocal)
Jeramie Hammond   Bass (Vocal)
Jennifer Harney   Soprano (Vocal)
Kathy Ho   Soprano (Vocal)
John Holland   Violin
Joseph Holt   Bass
J. William Hudgins   Percussion
Stanley Hudson   Tenor (Vocal)
Daniel Katzen   Horn
Marc J. Kaufman   Bass (Vocal)
Youngmoo Kim   Bass (Vocal)
Sato Knudsen   Cello
Annie Lee   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
David Lin   Tenor (Vocal)
Suzanne D. Link   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Leo Lipis   Bass (Vocal)
Mark Ludwig   Viola
Andrew Mark   Cello
Thomas Martin   Clarinet
Haldan Martinson   Violin
David Mazzotta   Bass (Vocal)
Mark McEwen   Oboe
Joseph McGauley   Violin
David Hale Mooney   Tenor (Vocal)
Akiko Fujimoto   Soprano (Vocal)
Meredith Malone Armbrust   Soprano (Vocal)
Nurit Bar Josef   Violin
James F. Barnswell   Tenor (Vocal)
Sarah J. Bartolome   Soprano (Vocal)
Cathy Basrak   Viola
David P. Bergers   Tenor (Vocal)
Michele M. Bergonzi   Soprano (Vocal)
Stephen Bloom   Bass (Vocal)
Lauren A. Boice   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Peter Chapman   Trumpet
Margaret Phillips   Contrabassoon
John Oliver   Choir Director
Seven Hills Charter School Children   Spoken Word
Thomas Rolfs   Trumpet
Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes and Drums   Band
Linda Toote   Piccolo
David McCullough   Spoken Word
Lawrence Wolfe   Double Bass
Ronald knudsen   Violin
Joseph McGauley   Violin
Robert Barnes   Viola
Dennis Roy   Double Bass
Amnon Levy   Violin
Ann Bobo   Flute
Richard Mackey   Horn
Jonathan Miller   Cello

Technical Credits

John Philip Sousa   Composer,Lyricist,Contributor
Steve Goodman   Lyricist
Woody Guthrie   Composer,Lyricist
Irving Berlin   Composer,Lyricist
Paul Simon   Composer
Richard Hayman   Arranger
James Burton   Arranger,Orchestration
Randy Edelman   Composer
Robert Russell Bennett   Arranger,Orchestration
Pat Hollenbeck   Arranger,Orchestration
Richard King   Engineer
Dave Marquette   Engineer
Rob Mathes   Arranger,Orchestration
Shawn Murphy   Producer,Engineer,Audio Production
Glenn Osser   Arranger
Hughie Prince   Composer,Lyricist
Don Raye   Composer
Todd Whitelock   Engineer
Angela Morley   Arranger,Orchestration
Randol Alan Bass   Arranger,Orchestration
Samuel A. Ward   Composer
John Stafford Smith   Composer
Francis Scott Key   Composer,Lyricist
Katherine Lee Bates   Composer,Lyricist
Abraham Lincoln   Composer,Text
Traditional   Composer
Jacobs   Composer,Lyricist
Tony Beadle   Executive Producer
Felicia A. Burrey   Choir Manager
David Marquette   Engineer

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