America: A Concise History, Combined Volume / Edition 5

America: A Concise History, Combined Volume / Edition 5

by James A. Henretta

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ISBN-10: 0312643276

ISBN-13: 2900312643279

Pub. Date: 01/09/2012

Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's

Known for its interpretive voice, balanced analysis, and brief-yet-comprehensive narrative, America: A Concise History helps students to make sense of it all while modeling the kind of thinking and writing they need to be successful. Offering more value than other brief books, America is competitively priced to save your students money, and


Known for its interpretive voice, balanced analysis, and brief-yet-comprehensive narrative, America: A Concise History helps students to make sense of it all while modeling the kind of thinking and writing they need to be successful. Offering more value than other brief books, America is competitively priced to save your students money, and features built-in primary sources and new ways of mastering the content so your students can get the most out of lecture and come to class prepared. The sixth edition rolls out Bedford/St. Martin’s new digital history tools, including LearningCurve, an adaptive quizzing engine that garners over a 90% student satisfaction rate, and LaunchPad, the all new interactive e-book and course space that puts high quality easy-to-use assessment at your fingertips. Easy to integrate into your campus LMS, and featuring video, additional primary sources, a wealth of adaptive and summative quizzing, and more, LaunchPad cements student understanding of the text while helping them make progress toward learning outcomes. It’s the best content joined up with the best technology. What's in the LaunchPad

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Bedford/St. Martin's
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Fifth Edition

Table of Contents

PART 1: The Creation of American Society, 1450-1763 

Chapter 1 The New Global World, 1450-1620 
The Native American Experience
Tradition-Bound Europe
Europeans Create a Global World, 1450-1600
The Rise of Protestant England, 1500-1620 
Reading American Pictures: Maize for Blankets: Indian Trading on the Great Plains 
Voices from Abroad: Hernán de Soto: De Soto's March of Destruction 
American Voices: Cortés and Moctezuma Meet 
Chapter 2 The Invasion and Settlement of North America, 1550-1700 
Rival Imperial Models: Spain, France, and Holland 
The English Arrive in the Chesapeake 
Puritan New England 
The Eastern Indians' New World 
Voices from Abroad: Samuel de Champlain: Going to War with the Hurons
American Voices: Mary Rowlandson: A Captivity Narrative
Chapter 3 Creating a British Empire in America, 1660-1750 
The Politics of Empire, 1660-1713 
The Imperial Slave Economy 
The New Politics of Empire, 1713-1750 
Voices from Abroad: Olaudah Equiano: The Brutal “Middle Passage”
American Voices: Alexander Spotswood: Confronting the House of Burgess
Chapter 4 Growth and Crisis in Colonial Society, 1720-1765 
New England's Freehold Society 
Toward a New Society: The Middle Colonies, 1720-1765 
The Enlightenment and the Great Awakening, 1720-1765 
The Midcentury Challenge: War, Trade, and Social Conflict, 1750-1765 
Voices from Abroad: Henry Melchior Muhlenberg: Cultural Conflict in Pennsylvania
American Voices: Sarah Osborne: A Quest for Assurance
PART 2: The New Republic, 1763-1820 

Chapter 5 Toward Independence: Years of Decision, 1763-1776 
Imperial Reform, 1763-1765 
The Dynamics of Rebellion, 1765-1770 
The Road to Independence, 1771-1776 
American Voices: Samuel Adams: An American View of the Stamp At
Voices from Abroad: Thomas Paine: Common Sense
Chapter 6 Making War and Republican Governments, 1776-1789 
The Trials of War, 1776-1778 
The Path to Victory, 1778-1783 
Creating Republican Institutions, 1776-1787 
The Constitution of 1787 
Voices from Abroad: Baroness Von Riedesel: The Surrender of Burgoyne, 1777
American Voices: Robert Yates and John Lansing: A Protest against the Philadelphia Convention
Chapter 7 Politics and Society in the New Republic, 1787-1820 
The Political Crisis of the 1790s 
The Westward Movement and the Jeffersonian Revolution 
The War of 1812 and the Transformation of Politics 
Voices from Abroad: William Cobbett: Peter Porcupine Attacks Pro-French Americans
American Voices: Federalists and Republicans Debate “Mr. Madison's War”
Chapter 8 Creating a Republican Culture, 1790-1820
The Capitalist Commonwealth 
Toward a Democratic Republican Culture 
Aristocratic Republicanism and Slavery 
Protestant Christianity as a Social Force 
American Voices: Emma Hart Williard and Elizabeth Scott Neblett: The Trials of Married Life
Voices from Abroad: Frances Trollope: A Camp Meeting in Indiana
PART 3: Overlapping Revolutions, 1820-1860 

Chapter 9 Economic Transformation, 1820-1860 
The American Industrial Revolution 
The Market Revolution 
New Social Classes and Cultures 
Voices from Abroad: Ernst Stille: German Immigrants in the Midwest
American Voices: Lyman Beecher: Catholicism Is Incompatible with Republicanism
Chapter 10 A Democratic Revolution, 1820-1844 
The Rise of Popular Politics, 1820-1828 
The Jacksonian Presidency, 1829-1837 
Class, Culture, and the Second Party System 
Voices from Abroad: Alexis de Tocqueville: Parties in the United States
American Voices: Elias Boudinot: Removal: “The Only Practicable Remedy” (1837)
Chapter 11 Religion and Reform, 1820-1860 
Individualism: The Ethic of the Middle Class 
Rural Communalism and Urban Popular Culture 
The Women's Rights Movement 
Voices from Abroad: Charles Dickens: Slavery and Social Brutality
American Voices: Keziah Kendall: A Farm Woman Defends the Grimké Sisters
Chapter 12 The South Expands: Slavery and Society, 1800-1860 
Creating the Cotton South 
The African American World 
Voices from Abroad: Bernhard, Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach: The Racial Complexities of Southern Society
American Voices: Mollie Dawson: Memories of Slavery
PART 4: Creating and Preserving a Continental Nation, 1844-1877

Chapter 13 Expansion, War, and Sectional Crisis, 1844-1860 
Manifest Destiny: South and North 
War, Expansion, and Slavery, 1846-1850 
The End of the Second Party System, 1850-1858 
Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Triumph, 1858-1860 
American Voices: James Buchanan and Charles Sumner: Expansionism: The Mexican War
Voices from Abroad: Norman Assing (Yuan Sheng): Equality for Chinese Immigrants
Chapter 14 Two Societies at War, 1861-1865 
Secession and Military Stalemate, 1861-1862 
Toward Total War 
The Turning Point: 1863 
The Union Victorious, 1864-1865 
Voices from Abroad: Ernest Duvergier de Hauranne: Germans and the War in Missouri
American Voices: Dolly Sumner Lunt: Sherman's March through Georgia
Chapter 15 Reconstruction, 1865-1877 
The Struggle for National Reconstruction 
The Meaning of Freedom 
The Undoing of Reconstruction 
Voices from Abroad: David Macrae: The Devastated South
American Voices: Jourdon Anderson: Relishing Freedom
Chapter 16 Conquering a Continent, 1861-1877 
The Republican Vision 
Incorporating the West 
A Harvest of Blood: Native Peoples Dispossessed 
Voices from Abroad: Baron Joseph Alexander von Hübner: A Western Boom Town
American Voices: Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin): Becoming White
PART 5:  Bold Experiments in an Era of Industrialization, 1877-1929 

Chapter 17 The Busy Hive: Industrial America at Work, 1877-1911 
Business Gets Bigger 
Immigrants, East and West 
Labor Gets Organized 
American Voices: Suey Hin: Sold into Sexual Slavery
Voices from Abroad: Count Vay de Vaya und Luskod: Pittsburgh Inferno
Chapter 18 The Victorians Meet the Modern, 1880-1917
Women, Men, and the Solitude of Self 
Women in the Public Sphere 
Science and Faith 
Voices from Abroad: Kinzo Hirai: A Japanese View of American Christianity
American Voices: Theodore Dreiser: Social Darwinism
Chapter 19 “Civilization's Inferno”: The Rise and Reform of Industrial Cities, 1880-1917 
The New Metropolis 
Governing the Great City 
Cities as Crucibles of Reform 
Voices from Abroad: Jose Marti: Coney Island, 1881
American Voices: Dr. Alice Hamilton: Tracking Down Lead Poisoning
Chapter 20 Whose Government? Politics, Populists, and Progressives, 1880-1917 
Reform Visions, 1880-1892 
The Political Earthquakes of the 1890s  
Reform Reshaped, 1901-1917 
American Voices: Ida B. Wells: The Cause of Lynching
Voices from Abroad: Henry Demarest Lloyd: A Progressive Reports from New Zealand
Chapter 21 An Emerging World Power, 1877-1918 
From Expansion to Imperialism 
A Power among Powers 
The United States in World War I 
The Treaty of Versailles 
American Voices: General Arthur MacArthur: Making the Philippines Safe for Democracy
Voices from Abroad: German Propaganda and Black Soldiers
Chapter 22 Wrestling with Modernity, 1918-1929 
Conflicted Legacies of World War I 
Politics in the 1920s 
Intellectual Modernism 
From Boom to Bust 
Voices from Abroad: Patrick “Spike” Hughes and Leo Vauchant: Europeans Encounter Jazz
American Voices: Hiram Wesley Evans: The Fight for Americanism
PART 6: The Modern State and the Age of Liberalism, 1929-1973 

Chapter 23 The Great Depression and the New Deal, 1929-1939  
The Early Years of the Depression, 1929-1932 
The New Deal Arrives, 1933-1935 
The Second New Deal and the Redefining of Liberalism, 1935-1938
The New Deal's Impact on Society 
Voices from Abroad: Denis W. Brogan: A British Historian Looks at the Great Depression
American Voices: Ordinary People Respond to the New Deal
Chapter 24 The World at War, 1937-1945 
The Road to War 
Organizing for Victory 
Life on the Home Front 
Fighting and Winning the War 
American Voices: Women in the Wartime Workplace
Voices from Abroad: Monica Itoi Sone: Japanese Relocation
Chapter 25 Cold War America, 1945-1963 
Containment in a Divided World 
Cold War Liberalism 
Containment in the Postcolonial World 
Voices from Abroad: Jean Monnet: Truman's Generous Proposal
Comparing American Voices: The Kitchen Debate
Chapter 26 Triumph of the Middle Class, 1945-1963 
Economy: From Recovery to Dominance 
A Suburban Nation 
Gender, Sex, and Family in the Era of Containment 
Voices from Abroad: Hanoch Bartov: Everyone Has a Car 
American Voices: Coming of Age in the Postwar Years
Chapter 27 Walking into Freedom Land: The Civil Rights Movement, 1941-1973 
The Emerging Civil Rights Struggle, 1941-1957 
Forging a Protest Movement, 1955-1965 
Beyond Civil Rights, 1966-1973 
Voices from Abroad: Hailou Wolde-Giorghis: African Encounters with U.S. Racism
American Voices: Franklin McCain: Desegregating Lunch Counters
Chapter 28 Uncivil Wars: Liberal Crisis and Conservative Rebirth, 1964-1972 
The Great Society: Liberalism at High Tide 
The War in Vietnam, 1963-1968 
Days of Rage, 1968-1972 
Richard Nixon and the Politics of the Silent Majority 
American Voices: Letters to Dr. Spock
Voices from Abroad: Che Guevara: Vietnam and the World Freedom Struggle
PART 7: Global Capitalism and the End of the American Century, 1973-2011 

Chapter 29 The Search for Order in an Era of Limits, 1973-1980 
An Era of Limits 
Reform and Reaction in the 1970s 
The American Family on Trial 
Voices from Abroad: Fei Xiaotong: America's Crisis of Faith
American Voices: Debating the Equal Rights Amendment
Chapter 30 Conservative America Ascendant, 1973-1991 
The Rise of the New Right 
The Dawning of the Conservative Age 
The End of the Cold War 
American Voices: Christianity and Public Life
Voices from Abroad: Yoichi Funabashi: Japan and America: Global Partners
Chapter 31 National Dilemmas in a Global Society, 1989-2011 
America in the Global Economy 
Politics and Partisanship in a New Era 
Into a New Century 
American Voices: Cheap Labor: Immigration and Globalization
Voices from Abroad: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: A Strategy for the Iraq Insurgency

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