America: A Concise History, Combined Volume / Edition 5

America: A Concise History, Combined Volume / Edition 5

by James A. Henretta, Rebecca Edwards, Robert O. Self

ISBN-10: 0312643276

ISBN-13: 9780312643270

Pub. Date: 01/09/2012

Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's

With fresh interpretations from two new authors, wholly reconceived themes, and a wealth of cutting-edge scholarship, the Fifth Edition of America: A Concise History is designed to work perfectly with the way you teach the survey today. Building on the book’s hallmark strengths — balance, explanatory power, and a brief-yet-comprehensive

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With fresh interpretations from two new authors, wholly reconceived themes, and a wealth of cutting-edge scholarship, the Fifth Edition of America: A Concise History is designed to work perfectly with the way you teach the survey today. Building on the book’s hallmark strengths — balance, explanatory power, and a brief-yet-comprehensive narrative — as well as its outstanding full-color visuals and built-in primary sources, authors James Henretta, Rebecca Edwards, and Robert Self have shaped America into the ideal brief book for the modern survey course, at a value that can’t be beat. Read the preface.

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Fifth Edition
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Table of Contents

PART 1: The Creation of American Society, 1450-1763 

Chapter 1 The New Global World, 1450-1620 
The Native American Experience
Tradition-Bound Europe
Europeans Create a Global World, 1450-1600
The Rise of Protestant England, 1500-1620 
Reading American Pictures: Maize for Blankets: Indian Trading on the Great Plains 
Voices from Abroad: Hernán de Soto: De Soto's March of Destruction 
American Voices: Cortés and Moctezuma Meet 
Chapter 2 The Invasion and Settlement of North America, 1550-1700 
Rival Imperial Models: Spain, France, and Holland 
The English Arrive in the Chesapeake 
Puritan New England 
The Eastern Indians' New World 
Voices from Abroad: Samuel de Champlain: Going to War with the Hurons
American Voices: Mary Rowlandson: A Captivity Narrative
Chapter 3 Creating a British Empire in America, 1660-1750 
The Politics of Empire, 1660-1713 
The Imperial Slave Economy 
The New Politics of Empire, 1713-1750 
Voices from Abroad: Olaudah Equiano: The Brutal “Middle Passage”
American Voices: Alexander Spotswood: Confronting the House of Burgess
Chapter 4 Growth and Crisis in Colonial Society, 1720-1765 
New England's Freehold Society 
Toward a New Society: The Middle Colonies, 1720-1765 
The Enlightenment and the Great Awakening, 1720-1765 
The Midcentury Challenge: War, Trade, and Social Conflict, 1750-1765 
Voices from Abroad: Henry Melchior Muhlenberg: Cultural Conflict in Pennsylvania
American Voices: Sarah Osborne: A Quest for Assurance
PART 2: The New Republic, 1763-1820 

Chapter 5 Toward Independence: Years of Decision, 1763-1776 
Imperial Reform, 1763-1765 
The Dynamics of Rebellion, 1765-1770 
The Road to Independence, 1771-1776 
American Voices: Samuel Adams: An American View of the Stamp At
Voices from Abroad: Thomas Paine: Common Sense
Chapter 6 Making War and Republican Governments, 1776-1789 
The Trials of War, 1776-1778 
The Path to Victory, 1778-1783 
Creating Republican Institutions, 1776-1787 
The Constitution of 1787 
Voices from Abroad: Baroness Von Riedesel: The Surrender of Burgoyne, 1777
American Voices: Robert Yates and John Lansing: A Protest against the Philadelphia Convention
Chapter 7 Politics and Society in the New Republic, 1787-1820 
The Political Crisis of the 1790s 
The Westward Movement and the Jeffersonian Revolution 
The War of 1812 and the Transformation of Politics 
Voices from Abroad: William Cobbett: Peter Porcupine Attacks Pro-French Americans
American Voices: Federalists and Republicans Debate “Mr. Madison's War”
Chapter 8 Creating a Republican Culture, 1790-1820
The Capitalist Commonwealth 
Toward a Democratic Republican Culture 
Aristocratic Republicanism and Slavery 
Protestant Christianity as a Social Force 
American Voices: Emma Hart Williard and Elizabeth Scott Neblett: The Trials of Married Life
Voices from Abroad: Frances Trollope: A Camp Meeting in Indiana
PART 3: Overlapping Revolutions, 1820-1860 

Chapter 9 Economic Transformation, 1820-1860 
The American Industrial Revolution 
The Market Revolution 
New Social Classes and Cultures 
Voices from Abroad: Ernst Stille: German Immigrants in the Midwest
American Voices: Lyman Beecher: Catholicism Is Incompatible with Republicanism
Chapter 10 A Democratic Revolution, 1820-1844 
The Rise of Popular Politics, 1820-1828 
The Jacksonian Presidency, 1829-1837 
Class, Culture, and the Second Party System 
Voices from Abroad: Alexis de Tocqueville: Parties in the United States
American Voices: Elias Boudinot: Removal: “The Only Practicable Remedy” (1837)
Chapter 11 Religion and Reform, 1820-1860 
Individualism: The Ethic of the Middle Class 
Rural Communalism and Urban Popular Culture 
The Women's Rights Movement 
Voices from Abroad: Charles Dickens: Slavery and Social Brutality
American Voices: Keziah Kendall: A Farm Woman Defends the Grimké Sisters
Chapter 12 The South Expands: Slavery and Society, 1800-1860 
Creating the Cotton South 
The African American World 
Voices from Abroad: Bernhard, Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach: The Racial Complexities of Southern Society
American Voices: Mollie Dawson: Memories of Slavery
PART 4: Creating and Preserving a Continental Nation, 1844-1877

Chapter 13 Expansion, War, and Sectional Crisis, 1844-1860 
Manifest Destiny: South and North 
War, Expansion, and Slavery, 1846-1850 
The End of the Second Party System, 1850-1858 
Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Triumph, 1858-1860 
American Voices: James Buchanan and Charles Sumner: Expansionism: The Mexican War
Voices from Abroad: Norman Assing (Yuan Sheng): Equality for Chinese Immigrants
Chapter 14 Two Societies at War, 1861-1865 
Secession and Military Stalemate, 1861-1862 
Toward Total War 
The Turning Point: 1863 
The Union Victorious, 1864-1865 
Voices from Abroad: Ernest Duvergier de Hauranne: Germans and the War in Missouri
American Voices: Dolly Sumner Lunt: Sherman's March through Georgia
Chapter 15 Reconstruction, 1865-1877 
The Struggle for National Reconstruction 
The Meaning of Freedom 
The Undoing of Reconstruction 
Voices from Abroad: David Macrae: The Devastated South
American Voices: Jourdon Anderson: Relishing Freedom
Chapter 16 Conquering a Continent, 1861-1877 
The Republican Vision 
Incorporating the West 
A Harvest of Blood: Native Peoples Dispossessed 
Voices from Abroad: Baron Joseph Alexander von Hübner: A Western Boom Town
American Voices: Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin): Becoming White
PART 5:  Bold Experiments in an Era of Industrialization, 1877-1929 

Chapter 17 The Busy Hive: Industrial America at Work, 1877-1911 
Business Gets Bigger 
Immigrants, East and West 
Labor Gets Organized 
American Voices: Suey Hin: Sold into Sexual Slavery
Voices from Abroad: Count Vay de Vaya und Luskod: Pittsburgh Inferno
Chapter 18 The Victorians Meet the Modern, 1880-1917
Women, Men, and the Solitude of Self 
Women in the Public Sphere 
Science and Faith 
Voices from Abroad: Kinzo Hirai: A Japanese View of American Christianity
American Voices: Theodore Dreiser: Social Darwinism
Chapter 19 “Civilization's Inferno”: The Rise and Reform of Industrial Cities, 1880-1917 
The New Metropolis 
Governing the Great City 
Cities as Crucibles of Reform 
Voices from Abroad: Jose Marti: Coney Island, 1881
American Voices: Dr. Alice Hamilton: Tracking Down Lead Poisoning
Chapter 20 Whose Government? Politics, Populists, and Progressives, 1880-1917 
Reform Visions, 1880-1892 
The Political Earthquakes of the 1890s  
Reform Reshaped, 1901-1917 
American Voices: Ida B. Wells: The Cause of Lynching
Voices from Abroad: Henry Demarest Lloyd: A Progressive Reports from New Zealand
Chapter 21 An Emerging World Power, 1877-1918 
From Expansion to Imperialism 
A Power among Powers 
The United States in World War I 
The Treaty of Versailles 
American Voices: General Arthur MacArthur: Making the Philippines Safe for Democracy
Voices from Abroad: German Propaganda and Black Soldiers
Chapter 22 Wrestling with Modernity, 1918-1929 
Conflicted Legacies of World War I 
Politics in the 1920s 
Intellectual Modernism 
From Boom to Bust 
Voices from Abroad: Patrick “Spike” Hughes and Leo Vauchant: Europeans Encounter Jazz
American Voices: Hiram Wesley Evans: The Fight for Americanism
PART 6: The Modern State and the Age of Liberalism, 1929-1973 

Chapter 23 The Great Depression and the New Deal, 1929-1939  
The Early Years of the Depression, 1929-1932 
The New Deal Arrives, 1933-1935 
The Second New Deal and the Redefining of Liberalism, 1935-1938
The New Deal's Impact on Society 
Voices from Abroad: Denis W. Brogan: A British Historian Looks at the Great Depression
American Voices: Ordinary People Respond to the New Deal
Chapter 24 The World at War, 1937-1945 
The Road to War 
Organizing for Victory 
Life on the Home Front 
Fighting and Winning the War 
American Voices: Women in the Wartime Workplace
Voices from Abroad: Monica Itoi Sone: Japanese Relocation
Chapter 25 Cold War America, 1945-1963 
Containment in a Divided World 
Cold War Liberalism 
Containment in the Postcolonial World 
Voices from Abroad: Jean Monnet: Truman's Generous Proposal
Comparing American Voices: The Kitchen Debate
Chapter 26 Triumph of the Middle Class, 1945-1963 
Economy: From Recovery to Dominance 
A Suburban Nation 
Gender, Sex, and Family in the Era of Containment 
Voices from Abroad: Hanoch Bartov: Everyone Has a Car 
American Voices: Coming of Age in the Postwar Years
Chapter 27 Walking into Freedom Land: The Civil Rights Movement, 1941-1973 
The Emerging Civil Rights Struggle, 1941-1957 
Forging a Protest Movement, 1955-1965 
Beyond Civil Rights, 1966-1973 
Voices from Abroad: Hailou Wolde-Giorghis: African Encounters with U.S. Racism
American Voices: Franklin McCain: Desegregating Lunch Counters
Chapter 28 Uncivil Wars: Liberal Crisis and Conservative Rebirth, 1964-1972 
The Great Society: Liberalism at High Tide 
The War in Vietnam, 1963-1968 
Days of Rage, 1968-1972 
Richard Nixon and the Politics of the Silent Majority 
American Voices: Letters to Dr. Spock
Voices from Abroad: Che Guevara: Vietnam and the World Freedom Struggle
PART 7: Global Capitalism and the End of the American Century, 1973-2011 

Chapter 29 The Search for Order in an Era of Limits, 1973-1980 
An Era of Limits 
Reform and Reaction in the 1970s 
The American Family on Trial 
Voices from Abroad: Fei Xiaotong: America's Crisis of Faith
American Voices: Debating the Equal Rights Amendment
Chapter 30 Conservative America Ascendant, 1973-1991 
The Rise of the New Right 
The Dawning of the Conservative Age 
The End of the Cold War 
American Voices: Christianity and Public Life
Voices from Abroad: Yoichi Funabashi: Japan and America: Global Partners
Chapter 31 National Dilemmas in a Global Society, 1989-2011 
America in the Global Economy 
Politics and Partisanship in a New Era 
Into a New Century 
American Voices: Cheap Labor: Immigration and Globalization
Voices from Abroad: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: A Strategy for the Iraq Insurgency

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