America on the World Stage: A Global Approach to U.S. History

America on the World Stage: A Global Approach to U.S. History

by Gary Reichard

ISBN-10: 0252033450

ISBN-13: 9780252033452

Pub. Date: 04/02/2008

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

A fresh perspective on United States history, emphasizing a global context  See more details below


A fresh perspective on United States history, emphasizing a global context

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University of Illinois Press
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Table of Contents

Preface     ix
Introduction: The Revolt against Enclosure: U.S. History Opens Out to the World   Thomas Bender     xiii
America, the Atlantic, and Global Consumer Demand, 1500-1800   Carole Shammas     1
Imagining a World without Tea and Sugar: Teaching Strategies for America, the Atlantic, and Global Consumer Demand, 1500-1800   Jonathan Chu     12
The Declaration of Independence in World Context   David Armitage     17
Strategies for Teaching the Declaration of Independence in a Global Context   Ted Dickson     29
Origins of American Slavery   Philip D. Morgan     35
Reflections on "Origins of American Slavery"   Gloria Sesso     50
Nineteenth-Century Religion in World Context   Mark A. Noll     55
Teaching Nineteenth-Century American Religion in a Global Context   J. D. Bowers     72
Returning the West to the World   Stephen Aron     85
Strategies for Teaching the American West in a Global Context   Omar Valerio-Jimenez     99
Driven to the City: Urbanization and Industrialization in the Nineteenth Century   Stuart M. Blumin     107
American Industrialization, 1870-1920: Teaching from Local, National, and International Perspectives   Betty A. Dessants     119
The American Civil War, Emancipation, and Reconstruction on the World Stage   Edward L. Ayers     125
Teaching the Civil War from a Global Perspective   Ted Dickson     138
Worlds of Reform   Daniel T. Rodgers     147
Teaching American Reform in a World Context   Kathleen Dalton     158
Crossing National Borders: Locating the United States in Migration History   Suzanne M. Sinke     169
Strategies for Teaching the History of Migration to the United States in a Global Context   Louisa Bond Moffitt   Ted Dickson     181
The Civil Rights Movement in World Perspective   Kevin Gaines     189
The Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War Culture in Perspective   Pingchao Zhu     208
Race and Citizenship   Patrick Wolfe     217
Teaching Citizenship and Race   Orville Vernon Burton     229
Globalizing Popular Culture in the "American Century" and Beyond   Penny M. Von Eschen     237
Teaching the Globalization of American Popular Culture in the Twentieth Century   Lawrence Charap     253
From Rosie the Riveter to the Global Assembly Line: American Women on the World Stage   Leila J. Rupp      261
American Women in a Global Context   Brenda Santos     270
Cold War and Global Hegemony, 1945-1991   Melvyn P. Leffler     277
Teaching the Cold War   Frederick W. Jordan     292
Contributors     305
Index     313

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