America: The Golden Dream

America: The Golden Dream

by St. John's Cathedral Choir and Orchestra

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Delos Records


  1. Golden Dream
  2. America the Beautiful (original title "Materna")
  3. Simple Gifts
  4. Shenandoah, folk song
  5. Down by the Riverside, song
  6. The Battle Hymn of the Republic ("Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory," words by
  7. America ("My Country 'Tis of Thee"), song (from Thesaurus Musicus)
  8. Ain't that good news!
  9. Deep River, spiritual
  10. Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow
  11. God Bless America, song
  12. I Will Arise
  13. When the Saints Go Marching In
  14. At the River, song for voice & piano (Old American Songs II)
  15. Amazing Grace
  16. Amazing Grace
  17. Amazing Grace
  18. The Star-Spangled Banner (National Anthem, USA), for orchestra & voice/chor

Album Credits

Performance Credits

St. John's Cathedral Choir and Orchestra   Primary Artist
Ann Jones   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
St. John's Episcopal Cathedral Choir   Choir, Chorus
Denver Brass   Track Performer
Rebecca Burchfield   Violin
Joe Francis   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Joe Martin   Trombone
Steve Nye   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Steve Simpson   Horn
Kathy Thompson   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
John Thomson   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Nancy Headlee   Viola
Michael Miller   Oboe
Ashley Mitchell   Choir, Chorus
Laura Newman   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Thomas A. Blomster   Percussion
Linda Hargrave   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Holly Hoxeng   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Ilene Johnson   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Norman Lane   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Glen McGrath   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Cynthia Templin Moe   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Sandra Montgomery   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Donald Pearson   Conductor
Dana Plastino   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Stacy Pope   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Pat Roth   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Marion Steward   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Patricia Tawnelle   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Shawn Yeoman   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Chuck Bair   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Mark Berge   Clarinet
Kathy Aylsworth Brantigan   Tuba
Jennifer Courtney-Keyse   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Whitnie Crown   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
F. Joseph Docksey   Trumpet
Loralee Fryer   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Heather Gourdon   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Cynthia Henning   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Don Hilsberg   Harp
Mary Jungerman   Clarinet
Meske Kaufmann   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Tom Keyse   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Janet Kiblinger   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Maeve Klusmire   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Michael Knudsen   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
Steven Lehn   Trumpet
John McCartney   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Chris Michelsen   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Rob Olds   Trombone
Kim Peoria   Bassoon
Frances Piazza   Flute
John Repulski   Organ,Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Victoria Rickard   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Hank Troy   Piano
Maria Vancamp   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Rose Vancamp   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Jon-Marc Wigent   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Barbara R. Belina   Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
James Newman   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Joyce Paul   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Jennifer Rickard   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Eric Wilson   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Robert Meier   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Ruth Ann Olson   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Haley Andrews   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Chrystyna Banks   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Denver   Track Performer
Mark Foster   Percussion
Alice Douglas   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
Ann Jesse   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
Ann Marie McCartney   Choir, Chorus,Soprano (Vocal)
James McCartney   Choir, Chorus,Children's Chorus
David Thomson   Bass (Vocal)
Lynne Glaeske   Violin
Darryl White   Trumpet
Richard von Foerster   Cello
Aries Brass Quintet   Brass Ensemble
St. John's Episcopal Cathedral Festival Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
St. John's Episcopal Cathedral Boys' and Girls' Choir   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Aaron Copland   Adaptation
John Rutter   Arranger
Gerre Hancock   Arranger
Mark Hayes   Arranger
John Eargle   Liner Notes
Amelia S. Haygood   Executive Producer
John Newton   Composer,Lyricist
John Stafford Smith   Composer
Bob Chilcott   Arranger
Stephen Basili   Engineer
Ramiro Belgardt   Producer,Recording Producer
Donald Pearson   Arranger,Producer
Bruce Dizon   Graphic Design
James Erb   Arranger
Bill Holcombe   Arranger
Martin Kierszenbaum   Arranger,Instrument Arrangement
Timothy J. Krueger   Liner Notes
Harry Pack   Art Direction
Roy Ringwald   Arranger
R. Wilding-White   Arranger,Choir Arrangement
Francis Scott Key   Composer,Text
Katherine Lee Bates   Text
Mark Evans   Artwork
Julia Ward Howe   Text

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