American Educational 207 Planet Plaque

American Educational 207 Planet Plaque


American Educational Products LLC has been supplying the highest quality classroom materials domestically and internationally for more than 70 years. With our creative in-house product development team, we are able to introduce new products on a yearly basis. Our products have helped teachers bring the joy of discovery, through hands-on and investigative learning styles, to generations of students. We are sincerely proud of our legacy and we promise to strive to meet the needs of present and future students as they prepare to become knowledgeable and successful world citizens. This eye-catching 3D wall plaque is a great way to generate interest in the solar system. All eight planets are to scale, respectively, and it even displays Saturn's rings. Approximate size is 30" x 36". An Informative guide is also included. American Educational Products have a lead ship time of 21 days.

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