American Favorite Ballads, Vols. 1-5

American Favorite Ballads, Vols. 1-5

by Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger’s life, music, and legacy encapsulate nearly a century of American history and culture. Seeger is fresh from performing with Bruce Springsteen at the ‘We Are One’ Inauguration concert, and on the eve of his 90th birthday and high-profile New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival appearance. In his career, Seeger has immersed himself in folk music and used it,… See more details below


Pete Seeger’s life, music, and legacy encapsulate nearly a century of American history and culture. Seeger is fresh from performing with Bruce Springsteen at the ‘We Are One’ Inauguration concert, and on the eve of his 90th birthday and high-profile New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival appearance. In his career, Seeger has immersed himself in folk music and used it, like Johnny Appleseed, to “plant the seeds of a better tomorrow in the homes across our land.” The songs in this collection of 139 American Favorite Ballads narrate tales of ordinary people and their extraordinary deeds, and show Pete at the crossroads of the past and the future putting his own stamp on America’s folk song heritage while bequeathing it to generations to come. 5 CDs, each with its own booklet of exten¬sive notes, nearly six hours of music! From the Label

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Smithsonian Folkways


Disc 1

  1. John Henry  - Pete Seeger
  2. Shenandoah  - Pete Seeger
  3. Blue-Tailed Fly (Jimmie Crack Corn)  - Pete Seeger
  4. Black Girl  - Pete Seeger
  5. Skip to My Lou  - Pete Seeger
  6. The Big Rock Candy Mountain  - Pete Seeger
  7. Clementine [Oh, My Darling  - Pete Seeger
  8. Yankee Doodle  - Pete Seeger
  9. Home on the Range  - Pete Seeger
  10. John Brown's Body  - Pete Seeger
  11. Goodnight, Irene  - Pete Seeger
  12. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot  - Pete Seeger
  13. Oh, Susanna  - Pete Seeger
  14. Wayfaring Stranger [I'm a Poor Wayfaring Strang  - Pete Seeger
  15. Oh, Mary, Don't You Weep  - Pete Seeger
  16. Down in the Valley  - Pete Seeger
  17. The Wabash Cannon Ball  - Pete Seeger
  18. On Top of Old Smoky  - Pete Seeger
  19. Frankie and Johnny [Litt  - Pete Seeger
  20. I Ride an Old Paint  - Pete Seeger
  21. The Wreck of the Old 97  - Pete Seeger
  22. Wagoner's Lad  - Pete Seeger
  23. Old Dan Tucker  - Pete Seeger
  24. I've Been Working on the Railroad  - Pete Seeger
  25. Cielito Lindo  - Pete Seeger
  26. So Long, It's Been Good to Know You (Dusty Old Dust)  - Pete Seeger
  27. America the Beautiful  - Pete Seeger
  28. This Land Is Your Land  - Pete Seeger

Disc 2

  1. Barbara Allen  - Pete Seeger
  2. Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn [the You  - Pete Seeger
  3. Midnight Special  - Pete Seeger
  4. House of the Rising Sun  - Pete Seeger
  5. Careless Love  - Pete Seeger
  6. Oh, What a Beautiful City  - Pete Seeger
  7. Poor Boy [Green V  - Pete Seeger
  8. Sally Ann  - Pete Seeger
  9. The Riddle Song  - Pete Seeger
  10. Go Tell Aunt Rhody [G  - Pete Seeger
  11. The Water Is Wide  - Pete Seeger
  12. The Fox [Old Miss Flipp  - Pete Seeger
  13. The Keeper and the Doe  - Pete Seeger
  14. Pretty Polly [the Sh  - Pete Seeger
  15. Jesse James [the Life and Death of Jesse Jam  - Pete Seeger
  16. Stagolee  - Pete Seeger
  17. Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair  - Pete Seeger
  18. Camptown Races  - Pete Seeger
  19. Blow the Man Down  - Pete Seeger
  20. Froggie Went a Courtin' [the Frog He Would a Wooin  - Pete Seeger
  21. I Had a Rooster (Barnyard Song)  - Pete Seeger
  22. Putting on the Style  - Pete Seeger
  23. The Farmer's Curst Wife [the Devil and the Farmer's  - Pete Seeger
  24. Hard Travelin'  - Pete Seeger
  25. Alabama Bound  - Pete Seeger
  26. Wimoweh  - Pete Seeger
  27. Dink's Song  - Pete Seeger

Disc 3

  1. Gypsy Davy  - Pete Seeger
  2. Deep Blue Sea  - Pete Seeger
  3. New River Train [Green Riv  - Pete Seeger
  4. St. James Hospital [Streets of  - Pete Seeger
  5. E-Ri-E Canal  - Pete Seeger
  6. St. Louis Blues  - Pete Seeger
  7. Boll Weevil [Mississippi Boweavi  - Pete Seeger
  8. The Girl I Left Behind [Regimental Song of the 7th Infantry  - Pete Seeger
  9. When I First Came to This Land  - Pete Seeger
  10. The Titanic [  - Pete Seeger
  11. El-A-Noy [S  - Pete Seeger
  12. Lady of Carlysle  - Pete Seeger
  13. My Good Man  - Pete Seeger
  14. Golden Vanity [the Sweet T  - Pete Seeger
  15. Ain't It a Shame  - Pete Seeger
  16. Swanee River  - Pete Seeger
  17. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child  - Pete Seeger
  18. The Boys from County Mayo  - Pete Seeger
  19. No Irish Need Apply  - Pete Seeger
  20. Paddy Works on the Railroad  - Pete Seeger
  21. Arkansas Traveler  - Pete Seeger
  22. When I Was Single [I Wish  - Pete Seeger
  23. Wond'rous Love  - Pete Seeger
  24. Ground Hog  - Pete Seeger
  25. Old Blue  - Pete Seeger
  26. She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain  - Pete Seeger
  27. Erie Canal [Fifteen Miles on  - Pete Seeger

Disc 4

  1. Banks of the Ohio [D  - Pete Seeger
  2. You Are My Sunshine  - Pete Seeger
  3. Hallelujah, I'm a Bum  - Pete Seeger
  4. The Foggy Dew  - Pete Seeger
  5. Molly Malone  - Pete Seeger
  6. Old Maid's Song [t  - Pete Seeger
  7. Oh, How He Lied [the Villain  - Pete Seeger
  8. Where the Old Allegheny and the Monongahela Flow  - Pete Seeger
  9. Leatherwing Bat [the Birds'  - Pete Seeger
  10. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier [Buttermilk H  - Pete Seeger
  11. Farther Along  - Pete Seeger
  12. Go Down, Moses  - Pete Seeger
  13. All My Trials  - Pete Seeger
  14. Monsieur Banjo [Mister Banjo - Look at th  - Pete Seeger
  15. No More Auction Block  - Pete Seeger
  16. Hole in the Bucket [Leiwer Hei  - Pete Seeger
  17. What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor (Early in  - Pete Seeger
  18. Army Life  - Pete Seeger
  19. Blue Mountain Lake  - Pete Seeger
  20. Lady Margaret [Fair Margaret and Swee  - Pete Seeger
  21. John Hardy [Johnn  - Pete Seeger
  22. Johnson  - Pete Seeger
  23. John Riley [as I Walked out Some  - Pete Seeger
  24. Washer Lad  - Pete Seeger
  25. Talking Blues  - Pete Seeger
  26. Lolly Too Dum [I Must and I Will Get Married  - Pete Seeger
  27. T. B. Blues  - Pete Seeger
  28. Summertime  - Pete Seeger

Disc 5

  1. Trail to Mexico  - Pete Seeger
  2. Red River Valley  - Pete Seeger
  3. Old Joe Clark  - Pete Seeger
  4. St. James Infirmary [Gamble  - Pete Seeger
  5. Green County Bachelor [Lane  - Pete Seeger
  6. Ox Driver's Song  - Pete Seeger
  7. Buffalo Gals  - Pete Seeger
  8. Joe Bowers  - Pete Seeger
  9. Texian Boys  - Pete Seeger
  10. My Sweetheart Is a Mule in the Mines  - Pete Seeger
  11. Johnny Gray [Blow Ye Winds of Morni  - Pete Seeger
  12. Cowboy Yodel  - Pete Seeger
  13. Sioux Indians  - Pete Seeger
  14. Ida Red  - Pete Seeger
  15. Holler  - Pete Seeger
  16. Cumberland Gap  - Pete Seeger
  17. Wake Up, Jacob  - Pete Seeger
  18. Sweet Betsy from Pike  - Pete Seeger
  19. Buffalo Skinners [Boggy  - Pete Seeger
  20. Whiskey, Rye Whiskey  - Pete Seeger
  21. Stewball  - Pete Seeger
  22. Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo, Get Along, Little Dogies  - Pete Seeger
  23. Strawberry Roan  - Pete Seeger
  24. Jay Gould's Daughter  - Pete Seeger
  25. Play-Party  - Pete Seeger
  26. I Never Will Marry [One D  - Pete Seeger
  27. Riflemen of Bennington  - Pete Seeger
  28. Kingdom Coming (Year of Jubilo) [Lincoln'  - Pete Seeger
  29. Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase  - Pete Seeger

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Pete Seeger   Primary Artist,Banjo,Guitar,Vocals,12-string Guitar

Technical Credits

Stephen Foster   Composer
George Gershwin   Composer
Jimmie Davis   Composer
Uncle Dave Macon   Composer
Oscar Brand   Composer,translation
Woody Guthrie   Composer
John Jacob Niles   Arranger
Pete Seeger   Composer,Liner Notes
W.C. Handy   Composer
George Wright   Composer
Daniel Decatur Emmett   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Ronnie Gilbert   Composer
Lee Hays   Composer
Fred Hellerman   Composer
Huddie Ledbetter   Arranger,Composer
John A. Lomax   Arranger,Adaptation
Jeff Place   Liner Notes,Introduction,Annotation
Henry Clay Work   Composer
Jean-Jacques Rousseau   Arranger
Guy Logsdon   Liner Notes,Introduction,Annotation
Pete Reiniger   Mastering
Henry Whitter   Composer
David Gahr   Cover Photo
DuBose Heyward   Composer
Solomon Linda   Composer
Gitz Rice   Composer
Katherine Lee Bates   Composer
Curley Fletcher   Composer
Marion Hicks   Arranger
Traditional   Composer
Texas Gladden   Arranger
Cortez   Composer
Julia Ward Howe   Composer
Brewster M. Higley   Composer
Charles W. Noell   Composer
W. Willis   Composer
S. a. Ward   Composer
P. Montrose   Composer
M. Willis   Composer
John F. Poole   Composer
H. McClintock   Composer
G. Rice   Composer
F. J. Lewey   Composer
D. E. Kelley   Composer
C. Bouchillion   Composer
B. Higley   Composer
Alexander Means   Composer
K. L. Bates   Composer
John Allison   Composer
Thomas S. Allen   Composer
C. Mitchell   Composer
Q. Mendoza   Composer
S. Foster   Composer
John Stone   Composer
J. Rodgers   Composer

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