American Foreign Policy; Theoretical Essays / Edition 3

American Foreign Policy; Theoretical Essays / Edition 3

by G. John Ikenberry, Ikenberry

ISBN-10: 0321005074

ISBN-13: 9780321005076

Pub. Date: 10/13/1998

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

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Table of Contents

Pt. 1The Problem of Explanation13
A Widening Gyre: The Logic of American Weapons Procurement14
Models of International Relations and Foreign Policy37
Pt. 2International Sources of Foreign Policy65
Anarchic Orders and Balances of Power67
Toward a Realist Theory of State Action90
The American Conception of National Security and the Beginnings of the Cold War, 1945-1948111
Pt. 3Capitalism, Class, and Foreign Policy139
The Political Consequences of the Product Cycle: Industrial History and Political Outcomes141
Sectoral Conflict and U.S. Foreign Economic Policy, 1914-1940171
Economic Instability and Military Strength: The Paradoxes of the 1950 Rearmament Decision200
Pt. 4National Values, Democratic Institutions, and Foreign Policy219
American Ideals versus American Institutions221
Policy Making in a Weak State254
The United States Political System and International Leadership: A "Decidedly Inferior" Form of Government?279
Democracy and the National Interest299
Pt. 5Public Opinion, Policy Legitimacy, and Sectional Conflict313
From Pearl Harbor to Vietnam: Shifting Generational Paradigms and Foreign Policy315
Domestic Constraints on Regime Change in U.S. Foreign Policy: The Need for Policy Legitimacy336
Public Opinion and Foreign Policy: Challenges to the Almond-Lippmann Consensus361
Political Conflict and Foreign Policy in the United States: A Geographical Interpretation393
Pt. 6Bureaucratic Politics and Organizational Culture411
Conceptual Models and the Cuban Missile Crisis413
Are Bureaucracies Important? (Or Allison Wonderland)458
How Could Vietnam Happen? An Autopsy471
Pt. 7Perceptions, Personality, and Social Psychology481
Hypotheses on Misperception483
Cognitive Perspectives on Foreign Policy504
Seduction by Analogy in Vietnam: The Malaya and Korea Analogies523
Escalation of the Vietnam War: How Could It Happen533
Pt. 8American Foreign Policy after the Cold War561
From Preponderance to Offshore Balancing: America's Future Grand Strategy563
"Bismarck" or "Britain"? Toward an American Grand Strategy after Bipolarity596
The Myth of Post-Cold War Chaos615

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