American Government and Politics Today: The Essentials, 2002-2003 / Edition 10

American Government and Politics Today: The Essentials, 2002-2003 / Edition 10

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by Barbara A. Bardes, Steffen W. Schmidt, Mack C. Shelley

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Table of Contents

Pt. 1The American System1
Ch. 1American Democracy and Political Culture3
What If...We Had No Government?4
Getting Involved: Seeing Democracy in Action21
Ch. 2The Constitution23
What If...We Had a Constitutional Convention in 1994?24
Getting Involved: How Can You Affect the U.S. Constitution51
Ch. 3Federalism55
What If...There Were No Census?56
Getting Involved: Expressing Your Views: Writing Letters to the Editor80
Pt. 2Civil Rights and Liberties83
Ch. 4Civil Liberties85
What If...the Miranda Rules Were Eliminated?86
Getting Involved: Your Civil Liberties: Searches and Seizures113
Ch. 5The Rights of Minorities and Women117
What If...We Had Unrestricted Immigration?118
Getting Involved: What to Do About Discrimination160
Pt. 3People and Politics163
Ch. 6Public Opinion165
What If...Exit Polls and Early Calls Were Banned?166
Getting Involved: How to Read a Public Opinion Poll223
Ch. 7Interest Groups195
What If...Interest Groups' Campaign Spending Were Limited to $1 Per Member?196
Getting Involved: The Gun Control Issue216
Ch. 8Political Parties219
What If...We Had a Multiparty Political System in the United States?220
Getting Involved: Electing Convention Delegates245
Ch. 9Campaigns, Elections, and the Media247
What If...Voting Were Compulsory?248
Getting Involved: Voting298
Pt. 4Political Institutions301
Ch. 10The Congress303
What If...Members of Congress Were Limited to Two Terms?304
Getting Involved: How to Be an Intern in Washington, D.C.340
Ch. 11The Presidency343
What If...the President Could Be Recalled?344
Getting Involved: Influencing the Presidency376
Ch. 12The Bureaucracy379
What If...Independent Agencies Had to a Profit?380
Getting Involved: What Does the Government Know About You?401
Ch. 13The Judiciary403
What If...Federal Judges Were Elected?404
Getting Involved: Changing the Legal System427
Pt. 5Public Policy431
Ch. 14Politics of Economic and Domestic Policy Making433
What If...the U.S. Defaulted on the National Debt?434
Getting Involved: Working for a Clean Environment462
Ch. 15Foreign and Defense Policy467
What If...the United States and the Soviet Union Became Allies?468
Getting Involved: Working for Human Rights499
Appendix A: Declaration of Independence503
Appendix B: Constitution of the United States of America505
Appendix C: Presidents of the United States516
Appendix D: Federalist Papers #10 and #51519
Appendix E: How to Do Research in Political Science525

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