American Government in a Changed World : The Effects of September 11, 2001 / Edition 1

American Government in a Changed World : The Effects of September 11, 2001 / Edition 1

by Dennis L. Dresang, Greenberg, Hershey, Edwards

ISBN-10: 0321116224

ISBN-13: 9780321116222

Pub. Date: 04/22/2002

Publisher: Pearson

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Table of Contents

While America Slept, by Paul E. Peterson.
Politics and Governance as Usual.
The Good News.
The Problems.
Government Responds to Crisis.
Congressional Authorization.
Redefining Strategy.
Military Success.
Sources of Success.
Rebuilding the Pentagon.
A Return to Politics as Usual?

Will Things Ever Be the Same? The “War on Terrorism” and the Transformation of American Government, by Edward S. Greenberg.
War and Governmental Change.
Increased Federal Government Power.
Increased Presidential Power.
An Expanded Bureaucracy.
Restricted Civil Liberties.
Expanded Social Reform.
Why the War on Terrorism Has Its Own Unique Pattern of Effects.

September 11 and the Federal-State-Local Partisanship, by Dennis L. Dresang.
Nature of the Intergovernmental Partnership.
The Politics of the Partnership.

The Presidency: Has It Really Changed?, by George C. Edwards III.
Leading the Public.
Before September 11.
After September 11.
Legislative Leadership.
Implementing Policy.
Government Staff.
A Changed President?

Public Opinion About September 11th and the War in Afghanistan, by Martin P. Wattenberg.
The Kennedy Assassination.
What to Do: The Nation Comes Together on Swift Retaliatory Action.
Support for American Political Institutions.
Vote or Liberty Is History?

The More Things Change...Did Partisanship Decline as a Result of September 11?, by Marjorie Randon Hershey.
The Great Wall in Congress.
The Impact ofthe Terrorist Attacks.
Bipartisanship After September 11.
...But Not for Long.
The Substance of the Party Difference.
What's the Matter with Partisanship?
In Defense of Partisan Disagreement.

Electoral Politics in the Wake of 9/11, by Morris P. Fiorina.
The Ups and Downs of Party Fortunes.
The Here and Now.

Sobering Up: The Media World Remade, by Larry J. Sabato.
Costly Coverage But Positive Evaluations.
Press Shortcomings.
The Media, the Government, and the Public.
The Press and the War on Terrorism.

Public Policy After September 11 by, Robert L. Lineberry.
Homeland Security and Civil Liberties.
Targeting Targets.
Targeting Tactics.
Targeting Terrorists: The Civil Liberties Challenge.
Government and the Economy: Wrestling with Recession and Enron.
Social Policy.

For Better or Worse? Women and Women's Rights in the Post 9/11 Climate, by Karen O'Connor.
Women and the U.S. Constitution.
Women and Congress.
Women, the President, and the Executive Branch.
Women and Public Opinion.
Women and the Media.
Women as an Organized Interest.
Women and Campaigns, Elections, and Voting.
Women and Public Policy.
Women and Foreign Policy.
The Cumulative Impact of September 11 on Women: Concluding Comments.

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