American Indian Contributions to the World

American Indian Contributions to the World

by Emory Dean Keoke, Kay Marie Porterfield

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Although there is already a wealth of readily available information about various American Indian tribes, this set fills a unique niche in classroom nonfiction because it focuses on the many significant contributions that members of North, Central, and South American tribes have made to both United States and world culture. Written for junior and senior high school students, the volumes can be used independently of one another, depending on the student's specific area of interest or research, or as a whole to provide a panoramic perspective. Individual titles emphasize Buildings, Clothing, and Art; Food, Farming, and Hunting; Medicine and Health; Science and Technology; and Trade, Transportation, and Warfare. The appendixes are well organized, and the section detailing tribes by culture area (e.g., Arctic Culture, Great Plains, and Plateau) is especially helpful as is the extensive map appendix. Plentiful black-and-white photographs, many of them reproductions of historic old originals and therefore of variable quality, as well as drawings and additional maps, supplement the text. Boxed features liberally sprinkled throughout each chapter highlight specific individuals, events, activities, or inventions. Filled with facts about the inventiveness of indigenous peoples, the set highlights a fascinating diversity of discoveries ranging from igloos to sign language and blowguns to popcorn poppers. Each title includes suggestions for further reading as well as other resources. This set would be an excellent addition to any school media center's collection. 2005, Facts on File, 160p/vol.; Glossary. Index. Illus. Photos. Maps. Further Reading. Chronology. Appendix., PLB $175/5 vol. set.. Ages12 to 18.
—Cindy Lombardo

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American Indian Contributions to the World Series
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