The American South in a Global World / Edition 1

The American South in a Global World / Edition 1

by James L. Peacock

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American South in a Global World

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Table of Contents

Introduction : globalization with a southern face1
Latino migration to Miami and Houston : transnationalism at work in two southern cities9
The world on time : flexible labor, new immigrants, and global logistics23
Media and racialization among young, working-class, Latina immigrants39
Federally sponsored Mexican migrants in the transnational south59
Entrepreneurial governance in the transnational south : the case of Durham, North Carolina83
Global forces, local worlds : mountaintop removal and Appalachian communities99
Nonlocal forces in the historical evolution and current transformation of North Carolina's furniture industry113
Voices of southern mill workers : responses to border crossers in American factories and jobs crossing borders138
We're all Mexicans here : poultry processing, Latino migration, and the transformation of class in the south152
Gatokaca Drive : global relations between souths in Mobile, Alabama166
The South meets the East : Japanese professionals in North Carolina's research triangle175
North Carolina's Indians : erasing race to make the citizen192
Monolingualism and racialism as curable diseases : Nuestra America in the transnational south205
The Latinization of Rome, Georgia : undergraduate research and community activism223
Civil rights, immigration, and the prospects for social justice collaboration235
Critique : creating the transnational south247
The south and grounded globalism265
Southern history, southern future : some reflections and a cautious forecast277

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