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American Talk

American Talk

by Robert Hendrickson

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal
An entertaining romp through some of the major and minor dialects of American English, from Haavaad to Honolulu, with lots of examples of unusual words and phrases. Pronunciations are also given, but the phonetic system used is not always clear. Hendrickson is not himself a linguist and has sometimes misunderstood his sources, or else been simply careless in transcribing his notes. Vaquero does not mean ``white man'' but ``cow man.'' If hillbillies say ``hurd'' for the past of hear , so does everyone else. He also perpetuates some hoary misconceptions, such as the ``reversal'' of the oi and er sounds in Brooklynese. For public and perhaps high school libraries. Catherine von Schon, SUNY Stony Brook Lib.

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