America's Century: Perspectives on Twentieth-Century American History

America's Century: Perspectives on Twentieth-Century American History

by Iwan W. Morgan

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In compiling this book of essays--six of which are authored by the editors--British historians Morgan and Wynn have relied on their fellow English academics. The first seven chapters follow U.S. history chronologically from 1900 to the present; the remaining deal with specific issues. Morgan is a gifted writer, though his choice of subjects is sometimes curious. His chapters on the 1960s and 1970s contain only one paragraph on Watergate and one sentence on the oil embargoes--events most people living through the time found to be of considerable significance. Jay Kleinber's chapter on women states that women and men do the same work in only a limited number of jobs, disregarding the explosion of the service sector. Neil Wynn's chapters on the 1940s and on African Americans are particularly pedantic and cumbersome. Not recommended as a general library acquisition.-- C. Christopher Pavek, Putnam, Hayes & Bartlett, Inc., Information Ctr., Washington, D.C.
Margaret Flanagan
Morgan and Wynn have compiled a series of in-depth essays that reflect the evolution of twentieth-century American history. The first seven chapters offer a sequential panorama of pivotal political, cultural, and economic events. Commencing with the Progressive Era, other entries focus on the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, and contemporary U.S. society. This chronology is followed by four topical contributions concerning American women, black Americans, constitutional changes, and foreign policy. Absorbed individually or as a cohesive unit, these articles provide a comprehensive overview of twentieth-century America and contain a wealth of valuable information and research material.

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