America's Greatest Hits, Vol. 8: 1957

America's Greatest Hits, Vol. 8: 1957

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America's Greatest Hits, Vol. 8: 1957 spotlights original hits from a specific year by the artists who made them famous. This volume samples 28 tracks from 1957, including the original versions "That'll Be the Day" (Buddy Holly), "Chances Are" (JohnnySee more details below


America's Greatest Hits, Vol. 8: 1957 spotlights original hits from a specific year by the artists who made them famous. This volume samples 28 tracks from 1957, including the original versions "That'll Be the Day" (Buddy Holly), "Chances Are" (Johnny Mathis), and "All the Way" (Frank Sinatra), in addition to classic tracks by Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, and Sam Cooke.

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Disc 1

  1. Singing the Blues  - Guy Mitchell
  2. The Green Door  -  High Fives
  3. Love Me Tender  - Elvis Presley
  4. Blueberry Hill  - Fats Domino
  5. Just Walking In the Rain  -  Ray Conniff & His Orchestra
  6. True Love  - Grace Kelly
  7. Love Me  - Elvis Presley
  8. The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)  -  Terriers
  9. A Rose and a Baby Ruth  - George Hamilton
  10. Rock a Bye Your Baby  - Jerry Lewis
  11. Hey Jealous Lover  - Frank Sinatra
  12. Honky Tonk, Pt. 1  - Bill Doggett
  13. Don't Be Cruel  - Elvis Presley
  14. Hound Dog  - Elvis Presley
  15. Cindy, Oh Cindy  - Hugo Winterhalter
  16. Don't Forbid Me  -  Billy Vaughn's Orchestra
  17. Moonlight Gambler  -  Ray Conniff & His Orchestra
  18. Young Love  - Sonny James
  19. The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)  -  Tony Scott Orchestra & Chorus
  20. Young Love  -  Billy Vaughn's Orchestra
  21. Too Much  - Elvis Presley
  22. Playing For Keeps  - Elvis Presley
  23. Blue Monday  - Fats Domino
  24. I Dreamed  -  Lew Davies & His Orchestra
  25. Love is Strange  -  Mickey & Sylvia
  26. You Don't Owe Me a Thing  - Johnnie Ray
  27. Marianne
  28. Teenage Crush  - Tommy Sands
  29. Butterfly  - Charlie Gracie

Disc 2

  1. Marianne  - Jimmy Sacca
  2. Butterfly  - Andy Williams
  3. Who Needs You  - Ray Ellis
  4. Round and Round  -  Mitchell Ayres & His Orchestra
  5. Party Doll  -  Rhythm Orchids
  6. I'm Walkin'  - Fats Domino
  7. Little Darlin'  -  Diamonds
  8. Why Baby Why  - Pat Boone
  9. Come Go With Me  -  Del Vikings
  10. All Shook Up  - Elvis Presley
  11. Gone  -  Ferlin Husky & His Hush Puppies
  12. Party Doll  - Steve Lawrence
  13. Mama Look a Boo Boo (Shut You Mouth - Go Away)  - Bob Corwin
  14. School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell)  - Chuck Berry
  15. So Rare  - Jimmy Dorsey
  16. Love is a Golden Ring  -  Easy Riders
  17. Rock-a-Billy  - Jimmy Carroll
  18. A White Sport Coat (and a Pink Carnation)  - Ray Conniff
  19. I'm Walkin'  - Rick Nelson
  20. A Teenager's Romance  - Rick Nelson
  21. Love Letters In the Sand  - Pat Boone
  22. Bernadine  - Pat Boone
  23. Mangos  - Frank Comstock
  24. Dark Moon  - Gale Storm
  25. Start Movin'  - Sal Mineo
  26. Dark Moon  - Bonnie Guitar
  27. Four Walls  - Jim Reeves
  28. Bye Bye Love  -  Everly Brothers
  29. Searchin'  -  Coasters
  30. Young Blood  -  Coasters
  31. Freight Train  - Carl Stevens

Disc 3

  1. Shish Kebab  -  Ralph Marterie & His Orchestra
  2. It's Not For Me To Say  - Johnny Mathis
  3. Old Cape Cod  -  Vic Schoen & His Orchestra
  4. Wondering  -  Vic Schoen & His Orchestra
  5. I Like Your Kind of Love  - Peggy Powers
  6. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear  - Elvis Presley
  7. Loving You  - Elvis Presley
  8. Valley of Tears  - Fats Domino
  9. It's You I Love  - Fats Domino
  10. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter  - Billy Williams
  11. Jenny Jenny  - Little Richard
  12. Send For Me  - Nat King Cole
  13. Over the Mountain, Across the Sea  -  Rex Garvin & His Orchestra
  14. Short Fat Fannie  - Larry Williams
  15. Around the World  - Victor Young
  16. Whispering Bells  - Krips Johnson
  17. Tammy  - Debbie Reynolds
  18. White Silver Sands  - Ron Rondo
  19. Tammy  -  Joe Reisman & His Orchestra & Chorus
  20. Diana  - Paul Anka
  21. Rainbow  - Russ Hamilton
  22. That'll Be the Day  -  Crickets
  23. Honeycomb  - Hugo Peretti
  24. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  25. Mr Lee  -  Reggie Obrecht Orchestra
  26. In the Middle of an Island/I Am  -  Ray Ellis & His Orchestra
  27. Remember You're Mine  - Pat Boone
  28. Chances Are  -  Ray Conniff & His Orchestra
  29. The Twelfth of Never  -  Ray Conniff & His Orchestra
  30. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby  -  Frank Paul Orchestra

Disc 4

  1. Just Between You and Me  -  Chordettes
  2. Wake Up Little Susie  -  Everly Brothers
  3. Hula Love  -  Rhythm Orchids
  4. My Heart Reminds Me  - Kay Starr
  5. Jailhouse Rock  - Elvis Presley
  6. Treat Me Nice  - Elvis Presley
  7. Keep a' Knockin'  - Little Richard
  8. Fascination  -  Jane Morgan & the Troubadors
  9. Bebop Baby  - Rick Nelson
  10. Silhouettes  -  Rays
  11. You Send Me  - Bumps Blackwell
  12. Melodie D'amour  - Hugo Winterhalter
  13. My Special Angel  -  Anita Kerr Singers
  14. Little Bitty Pretty One  - Thurston Harris
  15. April Love  - Pat Boone
  16. Just Born (To Be Your Baby)  -  Mitchell Ayres & His Orchestra
  17. Ivy Rose  -  Mitchell Ayres & His Orchestra
  18. Silhouettes  -  Diamonds
  19. Raunchy  -  Bill Justis & His Orchestra
  20. You Send Me  - Teresa Brewer
  21. All the Way  - Frank Sinatra
  22. Bony Moronie  - Larry Williams
  23. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine  - Hugo Peretti
  24. Peggy Sue  - Buddy Holly
  25. Rock and Roll Music  - Chuck Berry
  26. At the Hop  -  Danny & the Juniors
  27. Great Balls of Fire  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  28. Raunchy  - Ernie Freeman
  29. I'm Available  - Margie Rayburn
  30. Raunchy  - Billy Vaughn

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Billy May   Conductor
Billy Vaughn   Conductor
Archie Bleyer   Conductor
Frantz Casseus   Guitar
Don Costa   Conductor
Johnny Green   Conductor
Nelson Riddle   Conductor
Millard Thomas   Guitar
Victor Young   Conductor
Pete King   Conductor
Artie Singer   Conductor
Richard Dehr   Vocals
Victor Messer   Guitar
David Carroll   Conductor

Technical Credits

Marty Robbins   Composer
Elizabeth Cotten   Composer
Melody   Composer
Paul Anka   Composer
Chuck Berry   Composer
Ray Charles   Arranger
Sam Cooke   Composer
Bill Doggett   Composer
Buddy Holly   Composer
Buddy Knox   Composer
Elvis Presley   Composer
Larry Williams   Composer
Maurice Williams   Composer
Billy Butler   Composer
Buddy Bregman   Director
Clifford Scott   Composer
Robert Allen   Composer
Mickey Baker   Composer
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Bill Justis   Composer
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