America's Top Doctors / Edition 3

America's Top Doctors / Edition 3

by Castle Connolly Staff

ISBN-10: 1883769388

ISBN-13: 9781883769383

Pub. Date: 04/28/2003

Publisher: Castle Connolly Medical, Limited

When the nature of a disease or medical condition warrants identifying the top doctor in the nation for diagnosis or treatment of that particular problem, you need America's Top Doctors -- the national guide designed to assist you in just these circumstances.  See more details below


When the nature of a disease or medical condition warrants identifying the top doctor in the nation for diagnosis or treatment of that particular problem, you need America's Top Doctors -- the national guide designed to assist you in just these circumstances.

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Castle Connolly Medical, Limited
Publication date:
Edition description:
Third Edition
Product dimensions:
6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 2.50(d)

Table of Contents

Hippocratic Oathix
About the Publishersxi
Medical Advisory Boardxiii
Using this guide to find top specialists6
Maximizing your first appointment with a top doctor25
What to do if you can't get an appointment29
Utilizing special resources30
Learning about the National Institutes of Health (NIH)40
Geographic Regions and States45
Locating a Specialist48
Hospital Information Program49
The Training of a Specialist83
Preface to Medical Specialties87
Adolescent Medicine89
Physician Listings90
Allergy & Immunology95
Physician Listings96
Barnes-Jewish Hospital108
Cleveland Clinic109
Continuum Health Partners110
Duke University Health System111
Lenox Hill Hospital112
Maimonides Medical Center113
Montefiore Medical Center114
Mount Sinai Medical Center115
New York-Presbyterian116
NYU Medical Center117
Ohio State University Medical Center118
Rhode Island Hospital119
Shands Healthcare120
St. Francis Hospital - The Heart Center121
University of North Carolina Health Care System122
University of Pennsylvania Health System123
Vanderbilt University Medical Center124
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center125
Physician Listings126
Cardiac Electrophysiology127
Interventional Cardiology162
Child Neurology169
Physician Listings170
Clinical Genetics179
Mount Sinai Medical Center180
Physician Listings182
Colon & Rectal Surgery193
NYU Medical Center194
Physician Listings196
NYU Medical Center208
Physician Listings210
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism229
Physician Listings230
Mount Sinai Medical Center250
New York-Presbyterian251
NYU Medical Center252
Physician Listings254
Geriatric Medicine279
Mount Sinai Medical Center280
NYU Medical Center281
Physician Listings282
Gynecologic Oncology293
NYU Medical Center294
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center295
Physician Listings296
Hand Surgery309
NYU Medical Center310
Physician Listings312
Hematology & Medical Oncology325
Siteman Cancer Center326
Continuum Health Partners327
Duke University Health System328
Montefiore Medical Center329
Mount Sinai Medical Center330
New York-Presbyterian331
NYU Medical Center332
Ohio State University Medical Center333
Shands Healthcare334
University of North Carolina Health Care System335
University of Pennsylvania Health System336
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center337
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center338
Physician Listings340
Medical Oncology351
Infectious Disease385
NYU Medical Center386
Physician Listings388
Internal Medicine405
Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System406
NYU Medical Center407
Physician Listings408
Maternal & Fetal Medicine415
Maimonides Medical Center416
NYU Medical Center417
Physician Listings418
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine429
NYU Medical Center430
Physician Listings432
Physician Listings442
Neurological Surgery457
NYU Medical Center458
Physician Listings460
Barnes-Jewish Hospital486
Continuum Health Partners487
Duke University Health System488
Mount Sinai Medical Center489
New York-Presbyterian490
NYU Medical Center491
Shands Healthcare492
Physician Listings494
Nuclear Medicine529
NYU Medical Center530
Physician Listings532
NYU Medical Center540
University of North Carolina Health Care System541
Physician Listings542
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute554
New York Eye & Ear Infirmary555
Physician Listings556
Orthopaedic Surgery591
Barnes-Jewish Hospital592
Duke University Health System593
Hospital for Special Surgery594
Maimonides Medical Center595
NYU Medical Center596
University of North Carolina Health Care System597
Physician Listings598
Mount Sinai Medical Center630
New York Eye & Ear Infirmary631
NYU Medical Center632
Vanderbilt University Medical Center633
Physician Listings634
Pain Management663
Physician Listings664
Physician Listings674
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles690
Riley Hospital for Children691
Maimonides Medical Center692
Children's Hospital at Montefiore693
Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian694
NYU Medical Center Pediatrics695
NYU Medical Center Pediatric Allergy & Immunology696
NYU Medical Center Pediatric Cardiology697
NYU Medical Center Pediatric Critical Care Medicine698
NYU Medical Center Pediatric Gastroenterology699
NYU Medical Center Pediatric Hematology-Oncology700
NYU Medical Center Pediatric Infectious Diseases701
NYU Medical Center Pediatric Nephrology702
NYU Medical Center Pediatric Pulmonology703
NYU Medical Center Pediatric Rheumatology704
NYU Medical Center Pediatric Surgery705
Hasbro Children's Hospital706
Bristol-Myers Squibb Children's Hospital707
University of North Carolina Health Care System708
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center709
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center710
Physician Listings712
Pediatric Allergy & Immunology720
Pediatric Cardiology726
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine735
Pediatric Endocrinology738
Pediatric Gastroenterology745
Pediatric Hematology-Oncology751
Pediatric Infectious Disease760
Pediatric Nephrology766
Pediatric Otolaryngology772
Pediatric Pulmonology778
Pediatric Rheumatology783
Pediatric Surgery786
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation795
Mount Sinai Medical Center796
Ohio State University Medical Center797
Physician Listings798
Plastic Surgery811
Vanderbilt University Medical Center812
Physician Listings814
Preventive & Occupational Medicine843
Mount Sinai Medical Center844
Physician Listings846
Preventive Medicine847
Occupational Medicine849
New York-Presbyterian852
NYU Medical Center853
Physician Listings854
Addiction Psychiatry855
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry858
Geriatric Psychiatry868
NYU Medical Center890
Physician Listings892
Radiation Oncology921
NYU Medical Center922
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center923
Physician Listings924
NYU Medical Center942
Physician Listings944
Diagnostic Radiology945
Vascular & Interventional Radiology959
Reproductive Endocrinology967
NYU Medical Center968
Physician Listings970
Hospital for Special Surgery986
NYU Medical Center987
Physician Listings988
Sports Medicine1005
NYU Medical Center1006
Physician Listings1008
Maimonides Medical Center1014
Mount Sinai Medical Center Minimally Invasive Surgery1015
Mount Sinai Medical Center Transplantation1016
NYU Medical Center1017
Shands Healthcare1018
Physician Listings1020
Thoracic Surgery1055
Barnes-Jewish Hospital1056
Mount Sinai Medical Center Cardiothoracic Surgery1057
Mount Sinai Medical Center Thoracic Surgery1058
NYU Medical Center1059
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center1060
Physician Listings1062
Cleveland Clinic1094
Mount Sinai Medical Center1095
NYU Medical Center1096
Vanderbilt University Medical Center1097
Physician Listings1098
Vascular Surgery (General)1129
Maimonides Medical Center1130
NYU Medical Center1131
Physician Listings1132
Appendix AAmerican Board of Medical Specialties1149
Appendix BOsteopathic Boards1155
Appendix CSelf-designated Medical Specialties1159
Appendix DPatient Rights1163
Appendix EHospital Listings (alphabetically with abbreviations)1165
Appendix FMedical Schools (alphabetically by state with abbreviations)1217
Appendix GSelected Resources1225
Appendix HAdditional Medical Specialties and Subspecialties Recognized by the ABMS1231
Subject Index1242
Special Expertise Index1245
Alphabetical Listing of Doctors1327
Book Order Form1373
Customer Feedback Offer1375
Donation Statement1376
Doctor-Patient Advisor Service1376

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