Amethyst Dreams

Amethyst Dreams

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by Phyllis A. Whitney

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Shining with intrigue, allure, and passionate suspense, Amethyst Dreams is Phyllis Whitney at her most spectacular—a story bejeweled with hypnotic prose and spellbinding secrets. . . .

Seeking shelter from her own broken dreams, Hallie Knight answers a cryptic plea for help from Nicholas Trench, the grandfather of her dearest friend. Susan


Shining with intrigue, allure, and passionate suspense, Amethyst Dreams is Phyllis Whitney at her most spectacular—a story bejeweled with hypnotic prose and spellbinding secrets. . . .

Seeking shelter from her own broken dreams, Hallie Knight answers a cryptic plea for help from Nicholas Trench, the grandfather of her dearest friend. Susan mysteriously disappeared from home one night off North Carolina's historical Topsail Island—and Hallie is Nick's last hope of finding her.

But surrounding Nick is a family as headstrong as they are suspicious—for at the heart of the matter is a vast inheritance. And as Hallie is lured deeper into a mystery nestled in a quagmire of bitterness, dark betrayal, and subtle menace, she becomes certain of one thing: this sunny, seaside paradise harbors dangerous and profoundly shattering secrets. . . .

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Romantic suspense warhorse Whitney's (Daughter of the Stars) latest is a psychological drama of a deeply troubled family set on historic Topsail Island off the North Carolina coast. The Trenches are presided over by the wealthy patriarch called "the Captain." The disappearance of his granddaughter, Susan, motivates the Captain to beg Susan's former college roommate, Hallie Knight, to search for her. Hallie leaps at the excuse to leave California (not to mention her philandering husband, Paul). But renewing the search for Susan, who has been gone two years, is only part of the Captain's agenda. Feeling that Susan has been murdered, he is determined to leave Hallie the bulk of his considerable fortune, originally meant for his granddaughter. If Susan's killer is near, this could mean danger for Hallie, who wants no part of the money. Before any clues turn up, several subplots distract both characters and the reader: the Captain's ex-wife appears on the scene, and Paul comes after Hallie in an attempt to reconcile their marriage. Unfortunately, the Knights and Trenches are 100% cardboard (and, with only a few chaste kisses between them, sexless to boot). As the plot unravels, ridiculous coincidences and highly incredible secrets proliferate. The final revelations concerning Susan's disappearance seem less important than whether Hallie and Paul will get back together. The lack of passion and of heat produce tepid fiction. Paperback rights to Fawcett. (July)
Library Journal
The best-selling author of romantic suspense has a magical way with words, whether with a book's title, location, or colorful blend of character names. In her newest work, a missing granddaughter named Susan is the only shadow on a canvas of vibrant personalities like Mrs. Orion and Captain Nicholas. Susan's ailing grandfather has summoned former college roommate Hallie to their historic seaport town to help find his granddaughter, who has disappeared mysteriously from her bedroom. As Hallie puzzles over her friend's fate, at the same time contending with suspicious relatives, it feels as if Whitney is carefully putting into place all the loose threads of a handstitch tapestry. What matters here are the characters' wonderfully wrought temperatmentsno sinners, no saints, but ultimately lots of forgivenessand the subtle, little glimpses of fear that keep readers looking for answers right up to the satisfying conclusion. Suitable reading for any library. [Previewed in Prepub Alert, LJ 3/1/97.]M.E. Chitty, Narragansett, R.I.
Kirkus Reviews
Whitney's 39th novel (Daughter of the Stars, 1994, etc.) is a confusing mishmash of plot and character, but the author's usual enthusiasm for setting and historical background will continue to please her fans.

It's been two years since Susan Trench disappeared, and her wealthy, dying grandfather Nicholas can't bear to meet his maker without learning what happened to her. It's possible that the pretty, tempestuous, self-dramatizing Susan deliberately absented herself from the family manse on Topsail Island off the coast of North Carolina, but her gloomy father, her grandfather's housekeeper, and Susan's former lover, the housekeeper's son, are all convinced she's dead. When Nicholas sends for Susan's best friend from college, Hallie Knight, to reminisce about Susan, his family panics over rumors that Nicholas plans to leave to Hallie the fortune he'd intended for Susan. Hallie, a sensible young California native eager for a vacation from her troubled marriage, accepts the invitation, unaware of the hornet's nest she's stepping into. Once she arrives on Topsail Island, her sympathy for Susan's grandfather—and her own need to know what happened—prompts her to investigate the family's many secrets in the hope of solving the longstanding mystery. Meanwhile, a high-security missile project, a secret underground room, a pool of quicksand, a beautiful former circus performer, and a pair of amethyst geodes that invoke strange visions are stuffed willy-nilly into the mystery, Nancy Drew style. The characters' abrupt shifts in attitude and behavior, as well as the arbitrary unveiling of new clues, also make for a very bumpy ride. And the solution to the mystery is a disappointment.

Still, Whitney's loving descriptions of (fictitious) historic homes provide more entertainment than Hallie's vague ruminations over what happened to her unfortunate friend. Not this eightysomething author's best, then, but her obvious relish for the romantic suspense genre is charming.

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Phyllis A. Whitney is one of the best-known writers of classic suspense in the world. Ms. Whitney has been named Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America and has received the Agatha Award from Malice Domestic. Both awards are for lifetime achievement. Ms. Whitney’s books have been published in more than thirty foreign countries.

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Amethyst Dreams 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bmamca36 More than 1 year ago
This book revolves around Susan who loves Amethyst and believes in the power they have to affect your dreams. Susan disappears and that is the major focus of the book. It also explores different aspects of relationships. For the most part I found this to be enjoyable but there was a few parts which could have been condensed. Not bad but not great.