Among the Bloodpeople: Politics and Flesh

Among the Bloodpeople: Politics and Flesh

by Thomas Glave

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Concerns with human rights, political oppression, sexuality, race, and Jamaican culture thematically connect these essays.See more details below


Concerns with human rights, political oppression, sexuality, race, and Jamaican culture thematically connect these essays.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Noting how important it is to recall “where one has come from,” O. Henry Award–winning author Glave (The Torturer’s Wife) wastes no time identifying himself as gay, black, and from Jamaica. A profound compassion for racial and sexual minorities, the oppressed, and the colonized, informs his searing, beautifully evocative collection of essays. Glave’s work spans a variety of topics, including an open letter to Jamaica’s prime minister protesting the country’s abhorrent violence toward gays; a meditation on his Jamaican ancestry (“the bloodpeople”); a tribute to the writers who inspired him, such as Toni Morrison; a reflection on the allure of “outlaw” sex; a warning against preciousness; and a lesson from a student-led protest at Cambridge University, where he was a visiting fellow in 2012. He captures the languor and seductiveness of Jamaica, likening himself to an octopus as he swims “sentence by sentence” toward a language that represents the person he wishes to be: “writer/artist, political activist, ‘intellectual.’” A graceful and original stylist, Glave highlights the marginalized—calling on the descendants of people who toiled for the Empire as slaves and colonial subjects to never forget their past, and, in effect, to those who profit from that past to acknowledge their complicity. Ultimately, his work is critical, yet filled with generosity and compassion. (July)
From the Publisher

"A sensitive, sharp set of intelligences--intellectual, to be sure, but prevailingly emotional, too--reside in the makeup of these essays...these pieces are moulded in resistance, bolstered by history, suffused in poetry: each of them is a delight."
--Paper Based Bookshop blog

"Glave's prose is a thing of poetry, passion, beauty, and clarity in its compelling appeal for the space of human love and tolerance. A joy to read."
--Ngugi wa Thiong'o, author of Dreams in a Time of War

"Glave's voice resonates in the plucked string holding each sentence together, an echo of James Baldwin and Jean Genet; his language carries the full freight of witness...His language is seductive and regenerative, critical and humanizing, almost mathematically gauged and encompassing, and it never fails to hold us accountable. But alongside the terror we witness, moments of sheer beauty seethe out of the landscape--not as a balm, but as needful epistles of reflection...Glave has done a heroic deed."
--Yusef Komunyakaa, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Neon Vernacular

"Glave is a gifted stylist...blessed with ambition, his own voice, and an impressive willingness to dissect how individuals actually think and behave."
--New York Times Book Review

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