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Amy Dunn Quits School

Amy Dunn Quits School

by Susan Richards Shreve, Diane deGroat

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Shreve ( The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates ) chronicles the day-long rebellion of an 11-year-old protagonist, who, through her mother's pressures, has always seemed perfect: she gets A's in school, plays on the soccer team, and takes ballet, acting and piano lessons--even though, we soon learn, she hates them all. On Halloween, Amy ``resigns from the world'' to avoid having to wear the Halloween costume her mother made for her in the school parade; none of the kids Amy's age are going in costume. In this tenderly told story of a girl's loving yet guilt-ridden relationship with her single mother, Shreve portrays a familiar and believable psychological situation: each character is scared of hurting the other's feelings with an admission of their differences. While some readers will find the ending pat (``You have been too good for too long,'' Amy's mother says; ``And you have been trying so hard to do the best thing,'' says Amy), many, especially girls, will appreciate the realistic, indirect form Amy's rebellion against her mother takes. Actual spots in New York City, such as Washington Square Park and the Upper West Side, form a distinctive narrative backdrop. Ages 8-up. (Oct.)
Stephanie Zvirin
Nicole Dunn is the prototypical supermom who manages her home and her job with flawless precision and makes up for being a single parent by spending all her free time with her daughter. Unfortunately, she also runs 11-year-old Amy's life. For her part, Amy manages to stay a top student and suffers through myriad abhorrent activities to avoid disappointing the well-meaning Nicole. When Nicole sews Amy a gorgeous costume for the school Halloween parade, an outfit that Amy feels she is too grown-up to wear, Amy finally rebels--by cutting school and doing exactly what she wants for a change. What she doesn't know is that Nicole has paid a surprise visit to school to see her in her costume. The windup is too neat (though Amy does get an inkling that freedom has a price), the story a bit too purposive, and readers will naturally be more interested in Amy's portion of the alternating narrative than in Nicole's. But Shreve invests her characters with an appealing warmth and gives us a credible glimpse of what it can be like to live in a single-parent household and how easily affection can be dulled by "good intentions."

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