An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

by Keith Harrell

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In this upbeat, breezy memoir, motivational speaker Harrell (Attitude Is Everything) recounts how he overcame early insecurities to become an outstanding IBM training instructor. He details the lessons he learned along the way and shares the positive attitude he always maintains. Harrell credits his achievements to his strong Christian faith and the mentors who helped him develop. As a child, the author stuttered, to his great embarrassment. He explains how he overcame his speech impairment with the help of a good speech therapist, his little league coach and a teacher who built his confidence. Harrell gave up his first dream of playing professional basketball to shift his considerable energies to a career in business. Although IBM was not hiring at the time, rigorous coaching from a cousin got him an appointment with the company and a job offer. He describes here how he overcame setbacks such as being stereotyped by some managers as a seller of illegal drugs because he is African-American. The lessons he learned that helped him move up at IBM include promoting a personal resume, turning challenges into opportunities and doing whatever hard work it took to achieve his goals. After 14 years, he left IBM to form his own professional speaking company. Continued success has deepened his religious convictions, and Harrell stresses the importance of God in his daily life throughout this recollection. (Sept.) Forecast: A 50-city author tour will help put this self-help book on the map, especially in Atlanta, Ga., where Harrell will be appearing on PBS. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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