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An Ill Wind Blows

An Ill Wind Blows

5.0 2
by Lori R. Lopez

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An unusual nonstop adventure of thrills and laughs in search of a magic stone while lost in a stormworld.

The unique adventure AN ILL WIND BLOWS depicts one night when an ordinary person lacking confidence must battle a wicked wind. The stakes are high as she, along with friends and foes, travels through a magical storm world that culminates in a ghost town


An unusual nonstop adventure of thrills and laughs in search of a magic stone while lost in a stormworld.

The unique adventure AN ILL WIND BLOWS depicts one night when an ordinary person lacking confidence must battle a wicked wind. The stakes are high as she, along with friends and foes, travels through a magical storm world that culminates in a ghost town populated by more than just spirits. This is a story that keeps delivering action and fun throughout. It is more than a single tale in a single genre. The book blends Humor, Horror, and Fantasy.

From the time the characters are sucked into the storm, the reader is transported with them on a strange chaotic trek. Meezly finds herself tangled in a web of chills and intrigue as she attempts to search for a mysterious gem called The Cursed Eye, which her missing father entrusted her to safeguard. The stone was used by a Sumerian king to transform an evil jinn from a wind spirit to a vainglorious force.

This fable is as imaginative and unconventional in style as it is in plot. A vulnerable individual struggling to overcome debilitating losses, Meezly stumbles through a gauntlet of thirteen macabre tribulations down a forest highway. Twists and madness abound during her eclectic hectic journey of the soul. It is a lighthearted yet touching trek that readers will want to take again.

Facing fears and the power of friendship are important themes. Chapters alternate from First Person to multiple Third Person perspectives. The supporting characters, a mixed and quirky bunch of allies or villains, each have their own insightful stories.

This novel is for most ages. There is no explicit content.

Editorial Reviews

Amazon.com - Malina Roos
A beautifully written story that reminded me of The Wizard of Oz and A Wrinkle in Time. Loved these kinds of sci-fi journeys when I was a kid. The kind of story where you were swept up with the heroine and walked beside her as she battles the ogres, elves, demons and other monsters as she is looking for a magical stone to help her explain the death of her parents.

Very nicely done Lori. Will read this one again and again.
Amazon.com - Rebecca Treadway
"I truly enjoyed the wit presented in this tale - my favorite and as example to those thinking about picking up this book, and a nod at the author's note that certain forms of spelling in this book are intentional:

The rash myth-creant slavered in anticipation...

So! If you are a fan of bizarro fiction flavored with horror, humor, and that "feeling" you picked up reading through the Eternal Champion series - I think you'll enjoy this one!"
Amazon.com - Jennifer Thomas
"Lori R. Lopez writes this adventure with so heartfelt compassion that this is a book to love. There are so many characters that you get to know throughout this book that it is amazing that she is able to give each one a personality and background. I was brought to tears by so many of their memories and the sadness that they have been through it makes them so real that they seem to jump from the pages right into you mind."
Amazon.com - Karen Doering
"Similar in flavor, but uniquely its own story, An Ill Wind Blows will remind you of many of the great children's stories. The Dorothy Chronicles in Wizard of Oz come to mind. But don't be mistaken this story stands on its own. Filled with magical characters, perilous situations and narrow escapes it is an adventure for all ages.

As always Ms. Lopez brings her knowledge of the craft of writing to the forefront, as she charms with her twists of plot and turns of language."
Smashwords.com - Linda Adams
"All I can say is WOW. Lori R. Lopez had my head spinning from the beginning to the end of this fantastic story. Her unusual use of words and phrases conjured images of hope, courage, despair, and so many more emotions all within the space of a few short sentences. ... Ms. Lopez never ceases to amaze me with her style and unconventional way of writing. I know I am always in for a treat and some mind bending reading experiences when I read her books."

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Meet the Author

Lori R. Lopez is the author of works spanning multiple categories, from Nonfiction to Fiction; novel to story to verse collection, children's fiction and storybooks and more, usually with a blend of genres including Humor, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural, Nature Adventure, and so on. She is a songwriter, poet, artist, musician, actress, conservationist, wildlife and abuse advocate.

She writes a humorous and darkly horrific column titled "Poetic Reflections" at www.trilllogicinnoventions.com. She unapologetically takes pride in creatively bending and reshaping the rules of writing when it suits her style.

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An Ill Wind Blows 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
justsaranoh More than 1 year ago
If you’ve never read Ms. Lopez’s work, AN ILL WIND BLOWS would be an excellent first choice. You will get a taste of her creative word-crafting, wherein she fashions new words to suit her needs. I greatly enjoy this aspect of her writing, as it showcases her love of language. Not to worry – when you see a strange word, you will know exactly what it means. You may even think, “That’s a great word! Why isn’t it in Webster’s?” An additional aspect to Lori’s writing is her unique ability to combine mystery, fantasy, a healthy dose of humor, and a little light horror, resulting in a spellbinding story. Arletta “Meezly” Trimble is a young woman who believes she is quite alone in the world, with few friends and having recently lost her parents. The discovery of a letter from her missing father sends her on a quest that she has no idea how to begin. Just as she’s about to take the first step, she is sucked into a vortex that also picks up her friends, as well as a number of her foes. Her quest has now become two – to escape the malevolent jinn who holds them all within its windy walls, and to find The Evil Eye. Meezly’s journey takes her through thirteen trials, during which her intelligence, mental and physical reserves, and resolution are tested to their limits. Along the way, she learns much about herself and the strengths she didn’t know she had, and finds out that sometimes it’s ok to trust. I received AN ILL WIND BLOWS as a review copy, and I am very happy to say that it Is yet another wonderful addition to my Lopez library.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite An Ill Wind Blows by Lori R. Lopez is a combination of horror, fantasy, and adventure where Arletta Trimble, called Meezly, is an orphan who gets caught up in a whirlwind. While battling with the wretched wind, she loses the mysterious gem, The Cursed Eye, which her father entrusted her to safeguard.  The author has created a highly imaginative story with a unique concept of being caught in the wind which is unconventional. Some of the incidents narrated in the story are bizarre which adds to the uniqueness of the story. The twists and turns in the plot are gripping and keep the reader glued to the book. The sequences leave you with a feeling of watching a movie. The greedy aunt Camille, with whom Meezly lives after her parents' death, is another interesting character. All the characters who follow Meezly in search of the magical stone find themselves sucked into the world of the demoniac storm. It is only this stone that can protect them from the wretched storm. The book has a lot of action. I liked how the author has given the wind a personality and identity of its own. Never before have I read a story where one of the four elements is the main protagonist of the story. It actually overpowers all the characters in the book. Will Meezly be able to get out of the clutches of the wind and will she get back The Cursed Eye?