An Introduction to Rights / Edition 1

An Introduction to Rights / Edition 1

by William A. Edmundson

The only accessible and readable introduction to rights.See more details below


The only accessible and readable introduction to rights.

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Cambridge University Press
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Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy and Law Series
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Older Edition
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5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.55(d)

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Part I. The First Expansionary Era: 1. The prehistory of rights; 2. The rights of man: The Enlightenment; 3. 'Mischievous nonsense'?; 4. The nineteenth century: Consolidation and retrenchment; 5. The conceptual neighborhood of rights: Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld; Part II. The Second Expansionary Era: 6. The universal declaration and a revolt against utilitarianism; 7. The nature of rights: 'choice' theory and 'interest' theory; 8. A right to do wrong? Two conceptions of moral rights; 9. The pressure of consequentialism; 10. What is interference?; 11. The future of rights; 12. Conclusion.

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