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4.3 6
by Chris Abouzeid

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Princess Anatopsis Solomon wants to be a knight-errant. But hermother, chairwoman of Amalgamated Witchcraft Corporation, plans for her immortal daughter to take over the family business. The Queen has even hired a new tutor: a demigod named Mr. Pound. But Mr. Pound’s plans go far beyond completing Ana’s education. He is searching for the mysterious and


Princess Anatopsis Solomon wants to be a knight-errant. But hermother, chairwoman of Amalgamated Witchcraft Corporation, plans for her immortal daughter to take over the family business. The Queen has even hired a new tutor: a demigod named Mr. Pound. But Mr. Pound’s plans go far beyond completing Ana’s education. He is searching for the mysterious and powerful Os Divinitas. And if he finds it, nothing will survive. A shocking and powerful gift will catapult the Princess into an unlikely quest through the rich worlds of Anatopsis, inhabited by magic immortals, a rebel army, and the last dog in the Universe.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Witches and warlocks and ancient Greek gods make appearances in this thoroughly enjoyable fantasy set on future Earth. Princess Anatopsis, known as Ana, is a typical soon-to-be-13-year-old witch who doesn't want the life her mother is molding for her: that of a future queen. Ana would rather be a knight-errant, like her father, the best in the Guild. As her Bacchanalian exams draw near, Ana gets a new tutor, Mr. Pound. The Queen tells Ana, "I think you will find him quite... unique." Abouzeid's tightly crafted fantasy boasts a clever cast of characters. For example, readers meet Barnaby Georges, Ana's classmate, the dim-witted yet loveable prince (and warlock) from the neighboring castle, as well as his faithful companion, Uno, a glib, wisecracking St. Bernard. As Ana and Barnaby prepare for their exams, exciting things happen, such as a field trip to Mount Olympus, but horrible things occur, too-such as what begins to happen to the prisoners in the dungeon. Is the creepy Mr. Pound, who claims to be a demigod, behind it all? The two heroes race to find the meaning of the "Os Divinitas," part of a Greek prophecy involving the god Prometheus-which they believe holds the key to the mystery-before their exams. Another thread in this fast-paced tale involves a rebel army of mortal resistance fighters who hope Ana and Barnaby will help them end the senseless cruelty the Immortals have inflicted on them for centuries. A fresh and entertaining story. Ages 10-up. (Mar.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Princess Anatopsis Solomon's immortal heritage proves a burden-she longs to quest as a knight errant like her father, but her mother, chair of Amalgamated Witchcraft Corporation, decrees that Ana must lead the charge to overthrow their archrival, King Georges, chair of Consolidated Necromantic Industries. So Ana begins lessons with the cold, mysterious Mr. Pound, lessons shared by Prince Barnaby Georges, the inept but good-hearted scion of the rival royal house. They are soon involved in intrigue, as Mr. Pound searches for the powerful artifact Os Divinitas that will fulfill an ancient prophecy, reuniting Immortals and Mortals divided by the treachery of Prometheus. This novel is a fun blend of fantasy, mythology, adventure, and intrigue in a wholly imagined world whose survival depends on two intrepid young people-and Uno, the last dog in the Universe. VOYA CODES: 3Q 3P M J (Readable without serious defects; Will appeal with pushing; Middle School, defined as grades 6 to 8; Junior High, defined as grades 7 to 9). 2006, Dutton, 280p., Ages 11 to 15.
—Mary Arnold
Children's Literature
For those who have not had enough of witches and warlocks, here is yet another story of spell casting. Anatopsis, called Ana, and Barnaby are members of rival families whose members have been brought together over the years to be tutored by the spooky Mr. Pound. Ana's father opposes Mr. Pound's appointment at the castle, so Queen Solomon sends her husband away. This fact, along with the whole acrimonious relationship between Ana's parents, is just one of many distracting and unexplained circumstances. The plot twists and turns and twists and turns without ever really moving forward. There are mortals who live in the "ghetto," knight-errants, the Amalgamated Witchcraft Corporation, and athen, the metallic by-product of every spell cast. Magical details like these are creative, but they do not make the story. Ana and Barnaby are tossed about in a plot to save the ghetto and its inhabitant, while they are also caught up (for a time, unknowingly) in a search for the "Os Divinitas"--what Mr. Pound is truly after. Then the two students find out they have to fight each other for their final exam, only Barnaby can't, so Ana must fight his father, knowing that defeat means losing all one's power. This quest may very well leave readers more confused than entertained. 2006, Dutton, Ages 12 to 14.
—Mary Loftus
School Library Journal
Gr 5 Up-Anatopsis, daughter of Queen Solomon, the chairwoman of Amalgamated Witchcraft Corporation, is a witch and an immortal. She wants to use her magical talents to become a knight-errant like her father, instead of following in her mother's footsteps. In preparation for her Bacchanalian examinations, which come on her 14th birthday, two new figures enter her life-Mr. Pound, who has tutored generations of Ana's family, and Prince Barnaby Georges, the son of King Georges, the Queen's main competitor. Ana soon becomes aware of mysteries connected to Mr. Pound and his search for the Os Divinitas, a wishbone-shaped magical artifact, and the answer to a mysterious riddle. As Ana, Barnaby, and her human companion, Clarissa, try to understand Mr. Pound's quest, they travel through slums, factories, and dungeons, learning about the inequities in the immortal and mortal worlds. Ana comes to understand both her own power and the world around her, leading her to make a choice that will affect the future. Characters are clearly drawn, with their own roles to play in the story's development. Readers will laugh-and maybe even cry-along with Anatopsis, while learning along with her about wishes and what it means to be human. A smooth progression from beginning to startling conclusion will draw even reluctant readers into this unusual fantasy and its fully realized world.-Beth L. Meister, Pleasant View Elementary School, Franklin, WI Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Poet and literary short-story writer Abouzeid introduces middle-grade readers to a dystopian world in which mortals live to serve immortals and immortals live in deadly competition-all while the earth falls apart. Twelve-year-olds Princess Anatopsis and Prince Barnaby are coerced into learning the magic of curses to equip them for an ordeal when they turn 13. Little do they know that their unpleasant teacher, demigod Mr. Pound, has ulterior motives that will end the world as they know it. Initially, the plot progresses slowly, but things speed up in the second section, rushing headlong to a gratifying ending. Abouzeid's mixing of Greek myth, Latin term, medieval fable and modern magic tropes produces an inconsistent and sometimes confusing universe. Despite this, the characters-a quirky group of immortals, mortals and talking animals-detailed descriptions of daily life and the compelling plot will keep young people caught up in the story. Readers will enjoy meeting the acerbic talking dog Uno, visiting the mortals' ghetto and, at long last, discovering the importance of the Os Divinitas. (Fiction. 11-13)

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Chris Abouzeid lives in Massachusetts with his wife and three children.

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Anatopsis 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Booklover010 More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a fabulous read. I couldn't get my nose out of it! I can really relate to Anatopsis. This book spins a beautiful, mind engaging web that all should get tangled up in.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Anatopsis' is one of those fantasy novels that creates a realistic world like the one we live in. I normally am not interested in fantasy, but by the time I got to page 5 of 'Anatopsis' it felt like I lived in her world. The characters were realistic. The plot was realistic. And the pains and sufferings that some of the characters went through were realistic. This book is different from other magical, fantasy novels because it didn't only show the good side of magic, but also the effect magic has on others.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I picked up this book for my daughter but I started reading it on the train home and I couldn't stop!! This the best fantasy I've read in ages. It's got lots of humor but the bad guy is seriously creepy. The main characters are the kind you wish would come home with you. my daughter's reading the book now and she's hooked too.