Ancient Legacy

Ancient Legacy

4.8 6
by Mitchell Graham

The long–awaited conclusion to the epic tale of Mathew Lewin, a young man who is chosen for a remarkable destiny, in this final exciting installment from Mitchell Graham.

It has been three years since we've last seen Mathew Lewin, who has been hiding incognito for the past few years in his long quest to infiltrate Teanna's palace and retrieve the ring. Now


The long–awaited conclusion to the epic tale of Mathew Lewin, a young man who is chosen for a remarkable destiny, in this final exciting installment from Mitchell Graham.

It has been three years since we've last seen Mathew Lewin, who has been hiding incognito for the past few years in his long quest to infiltrate Teanna's palace and retrieve the ring. Now Mat finally has a chance to get close to Teanna and the ring, as an opportunity to become a fencing instructor in the Nyngary Royal Guard presents itself. But there is much danger in the world. The Orlocks are a rising threat –– now living above ground in total control of a third of Elgaria, they plan to divide between themselves the surviving countries in their quest to annihiliate all of humanity.

Even with her ring Teanna knows she can't fight the coming battle alone and a strange alliance forms between her and Mathew as they team up with their allies, the Zargoth and Coribar, in the ultimate battle between humans and Orlocks.

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HarperCollins Publishers
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Fifth Ring Trilogy , #3
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4.18(w) x 6.75(h) x 1.05(d)

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The Ancient Legacy

By Graham, Mitchell


ISBN: 0060506768

Chapter One


Halfway up the hill to the Temple of Coribar, Thaddeus Lane, second officer of the Felizian merchant warrior ship Daedalus, raised his hand, bringing the squad of sailors with him to a halt. The sound of an explosion reached his ears a split second before a blast of hot air roared down the hill.

"Down!" he screamed.

The sailors behind him dove for the ground and ducked behind trees and rocks ... anything that would give them cover as the blast rushed toward them. One man, slower to react than his companions, was hit in the head by a piece of masonry traveling at a phenomenal rate and died instantly.

Lane checked to see where his men were and if any others were injured, then motioned to his coxswain, a heavily muscled man named Brown.

"We're too easy a target," he said. "Take half of the men and circle around to the back of the temple. I'll lead the others directly up the -- "

A second series of explosions cut off the lieutenant's words in mid-sentence. He raised his eyes and stared at the top of the hill.

"What the devil are they doing up there?"

"No idea, sir," Brown replied, following his lieutenant's gaze. "It sounds like the whole place is coming down. One of the balls must have hit something."

Lane considered that for a moment. He was a tall, gan-gly looking young man in his early twenties, with intelligent blue eyes and thick,dark hair that came to the middle of his neck.

Brown was ten years his senior and had seen men come and go in the Felizian navy. This one was different. Lane had a confidence about him that inspired trust. Despite his age and a disturbing tendency to get seasick at the beginning of a voyage, he had proven himself in battle enough times to earn the crew's respect. Ship's navigator for the last four years, he made the right choices under pressure, and Brown was content to follow where he led.

Lane reached his decision. "I saw the temple from the ship. We don't have anything that could produce that kind of damage."

"Coribar folk are a strange lot, Lieutenant," a grizzled seaman spoke up from behind them. "That goes double for the priests. I was here ten years back. None of 'em are like regular priests. Like as not, they blew the building up themselves."

Lane frowned and looked up the hill again. "All right. I suppose there's only one way to find out. The rest of you men, look alive. I don't want any more casualties. No prisoners are to be harmed. Do I make myself clear?"

"Aye, sir," Brown replied.

Similar acknowledgments came from the other sailors. Satisfied, Lane rose to a crouch and drew his sword. Keeping low to the ground, he started up the hill with half the men. Brown and the remaining half angled toward the rear of the building. They numbered thirty in all.

When Lane reached the crest, he straightened and slowly put his sword back in the scabbard. Expressions of shock and disbelief came from all around him. The temple with its gleaming gold dome was now little more than a colossal wreck. From where he stood, he could see a number of white-robed figures partially buried amidst the rubble. It was a gruesome sight.

"Mr. Warrenton," he called out.

A red-haired youth of about fourteen years stepped forward. "Yes, sir."

"Aye, sir, in the navy, Mr. Warrenton," Lane corrected.

"Aye, sir," the boy stammered. He was staring at a man's leg sticking out from under a block of marble.

"Be so kind as to signal the ship and let them know that the temple is taken. Tell the captain there appear to be no survivors. We will search the area for anything valuable and return by midday."

"Aye, sir," the boy said. He saluted and began trotting toward the edge of the hill, carrying a boxlike contraption that was suspended around his neck by a leather strap.

"Walk, Mr. Warrenton. You are an officer and the men will be observing you."

Warrenton immediately slowed. "Aye, sir." He kept his eyes averted from the bodies.

Brown and his squad rejoined them a few minutes later. "Nothing to report, sir. Hell of a mess, isn't it?"

"Any sign of Mr. Fikes and his party yet?" Lane asked.

"No, sir. Shall I send someone to look for them?"

"That won't be necessary. I'm sure they'll be here directly."

Lane turned and looked at the Daedalus, whose tall masts were moving gently in the waters of the bay. Everything there appeared secure. He scanned the plateau for his first officer.

Elton Fikes was fifty-four and a man who wanted nothing more than to serve out his remaining few years and retire to a farm in his home province. Like most professional seamen in Felize's merchant marine, his personal fortunes had taken a substantial upturn when the Felizian government had rediscovered the cannon. Now, instead of merchant traders, Felize had a fleet of seagoing pirates.

In truth, Lane was stunned by what had happened. His stomach had nearly revolted at the death and destruction, but he kept his face neutral and moved methodically from body to body, checking for survivors. After making sure that no one was alive, he instructed Brown to take a party of men and give the priests decent burials. Next, he told Warrenton, who had returned from sending his heliograph message to the ship, to take the remainder of the men and begin combing the wreckage for any signs of treasure. The prospect of robbing the dead sickened him, but it was a role he had learned to play.

Lane picked his way across a pile of rubble and sat on the edge of a broken wall. He had signed on with the Daedalus when the ship visited Sennia ... Continues...

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Meet the Author

Mitchell Graham was born in New York City and is an attorney in the State of Florida. A former member of the U.S. National Fencing Squad, he represented the U.S. in a number of competitions around the world and won more than thirty-five individual titles in the sport, placing in the top five more than one hundred times over the course of his career. In addition, he holds a doctorate in neuropsychology from the University of Miami. Mr. Graham lives in Miami with his fiancée and is currently at work on his second fantasy novel.

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Ancient Legacy 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a great series ending book. I was literally on the edge of my seat at all the climax moments, reading as fast as I could to see what would happen next. An absolutely amazing third book to end a great trilogy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
without going into detail, this is by far an amazing ending to this amazing trilogy... the first book of the series, The Fifth Ring, is utterly incredible, and each book gets better and better. its a must read for any fantasy/sci-fi lover. it has some nice and interesting twists to it that you're gunna love :)
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was a great read, as were both of author Mitchell Graham's other books. It continues the story begun in THE FIFTH RING and brings the trilogy to a conclusion. It's always a little sad to me when a fine story like this comes to an end. You want more and the characters feel like old friends. To the world Mathew Lewin is dead. Four years earlier he lost the famous rose gold ring, but now an opportunity has arisen to force him out of hiding. It places him on a collision course with Teanna d'Elso and the Orlock nation and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. The writing is uniformly excellent. Without question this is a book you can get lost in at bedtime, on the subway, or sitting on a beach somewhere. What more can you ask from a novel? The pacing is wonderful and the plot moves along well dragging the reader with it. Underlying all the action and harrowing escapes are the questions of whether Mathew and Lara will be reunited; Father Thomas will find Ceta; Gawl will be freed from his prison; and how the mysterious Teanna d'Elso will react when her own kingdom is attacked by the Orlocks. Yes, they're back, along with a door with no lock set into the face of a sheer cliff. And behind it . . . Sorry, I don't want to spoil this for you. Hands down, The Ancient Legacy is a winner. My recommendation is to start with book one and work your way through to end. You won't be sorry you did.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was by far the best in the series. It had all of the esentials, involved in forming a great fantasy novel. Mystery, action, humor, and above all love, and the main character is a delight to read. The Fifth Ring was great, The Emerald Cavern was good, but this book was fantastic...Praise for Mitchell Graham
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading an advance copy of this book and all I can say is Graham was just winding up in the first two. This was an excellent story in every respect and high fantasy at its best. In my opinion, Mitchell Graham can now take his place wiht the best the field has to offer. He pulls everything together deftly and he does it in a big way. The answer to the secret of who and what the Orlocks are is just going to knock you out and the battles scenes on board the Daedalus are first rate. I get the impression that Graham likes water or that maybe he was in the Navy at one time. I thought his handing of the relationships between Mathew, Lara, and Teanna was really well done, realistic, and a lot of fun. They embody qualities in us that we will all recognize. Because of the title of the first book (The Fifth Ring) there have been a number of comparisons to LOTR, but they are very much misplaced. This series is unique and easily stands on its own and they two touch at very few places. Graham's 'magic' comes from an ancient technology and a machine deep under the earth and it's unique to the person wearing the ring. I found the fight scenes superb and can say without reservation, the final battle will leave you weak in the knees and wanting for more. All of the humor and poignancy is still there which is sometimes a problem in a three book series. Not so here. This is a fun and enjoyable a book as I have read in a long time. I hated to put it down. There have been rumors that Graham is moving into mysteries and I hope this is not the case. He is just an amazing writer and I wouldn't want the genre to lose him. The entire Fifth Ring series is something you will come back to again and again. Let the author stand up and take a bow for a job well done.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago