The Ancient Near East: An Anthology of Texts and Pictures

The Ancient Near East: An Anthology of Texts and Pictures

by James B. Pritchard

ISBN-10: 0691147264

ISBN-13: 9780691147260

Pub. Date: 11/08/2010

Publisher: Princeton University Press

James Pritchard's classic anthologies of the ancient Near East have introduced generations of readers to texts essential for understanding the peoples and cultures of this important region. Now these two enduring works have been combined and integrated into one convenient and richly illustrated volume, with a new foreword that puts the translations in

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James Pritchard's classic anthologies of the ancient Near East have introduced generations of readers to texts essential for understanding the peoples and cultures of this important region. Now these two enduring works have been combined and integrated into one convenient and richly illustrated volume, with a new foreword that puts the translations in context.

With more than 130 reading selections and 300 photographs of ancient art, architecture, and artifacts, this volume provides a stimulating introduction to some of the most significant and widely studied texts of the ancient Near East, including the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Creation Epic (Enuma elish), the Code of Hammurabi, and the Baal Cycle. For students of history, religion, the Bible, archaeology, and anthropology, this anthology provides a wealth of material for understanding the ancient Near East.

  • Represents the diverse cultures and languages of the ancient Near East—Sumerian, Akkadian, Egyptian, Hittite, Ugaritic, Canaanite, and Aramaic—in a wide range of genres:

    • Historical texts
    • Legal texts and treaties
    • Inscriptions
    • Hymns
    • Didactic and wisdom literature
    • Oracles and prophecies
    • Love poetry and other literary texts
    • Letters

  • New foreword puts the classic translations in context
  • More than 300 photographs document ancient art, architecture, and artifacts related to the texts
  • Fully indexed

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations xi

Foreword Daniel E. Fleming xxiii

Preface to the 1975 Edition xxvii

Preface to the 1958 Edition xxix

Chapter I: Egyptian Myths and Tales by John A. Wilson

The Memphite Theology of Creation 1

Deliverance of Mankind from Destruction 3

The Story of Si-nuhe 5

The Story of Two Brothers 11

The Journey of Wen-Amon to Phoenicia 14

The Tradition of Seven Lean Years in Egypt 21

Chapter II: Myths and Epics from Mesopotamia

A Sumerian Myth by S. N. Kramer

The Deluge 25

Akkadian Myths and Epics

The Creation Epic (Enuma elish) E. A. Speiser 28

Additions to Tablet V by A. K. Grayson 36

The Epic of Gilgamesh by E. A. Speiser 39

A Cosmological Incantation: The Worm and the Toothache by E. A. Speiser 72

Adapa by E. A. Speiser 73

Descent of Ishtar to the Nether World by E. A. Speiser 77

The Legend of Sargon by E. A. Speiser 82

Nergal and Ereshkigal by A. K. Grayson 83

Pritchard. The Myth of Zu (Anzu) by A. K. Grayson 92

A Babylonian Theogony by A. K. Grayson 99

Chapter III: Hittite Myths by Albrecht Goetze

The Telepinus Myth 101

El, Ashertu, and the Storm-god (Elkunirsha and Ashertu) 105

Chapter IV: Ugaritic Myths and Epics by H. L. Ginsberg

Poems about Baal and Anath (The Baal Cycle) 107

The Tale of Aqhat 134

Chapter V: Legal Texts

Collections of Laws from Mesopotamia

The Laws of Eshnunna by Albrecht Goetze 150

The Code of Hammurabi by by Theophile J. Meek 155

The Laws of Ur-Nammu by by J. J. Finkelstein 179

Sumerian Laws by J. J. Finkelstein 182

The Edict of Ammisaduqa by J. J. Finkelstein 183

Documents from the Practice of Law

Mesopotamian Legal Documents by Theophile J. Meek, J. J. Finkelstein 187

Aramaic Papyri from Elephantine by H. L. Ginsberg 200

Chapter VI: Treaties

Hittite Treaty by Albrecht Goetze

Treaty of Suppiluliumas of Aziras of Amurru 205

Akkadian Treaties from Syria and Assyria by Erica Reiner

Treaty between Niqmepa of Alalakh and Ir-dim of Tunip 208

Treaty between Idrimi and Pilliya 210

Treaty between Ashurnirari V of Assyria and Mati'ilu of Arpad 210

Treaty of Esarhaddon with Baal of Tyre 212

The Vassal-Treaties of Esarhaddon 213

Chapter VII: Egyptian Historical Texts by John A. Wilson

The Expulsion of the Hyksos 226

The Asiatic Campaign of Thut-mose III 228

A Campaign of Seti I in Northern Palestine 234

The Report of a Frontier Official 235

A Syrian Interregnum 236

The War against the Peoples of the Sea 237

The Megiddo Ivories 239

The Campaign of Sheshonk I 239

Asiatics in Egyptian Household Service 240

The War against the Hyksos 242

Chapter VIII: Assyrian and Babylonian Historical Texts

A. Leo Oppenheim

The Dedication of the Shamash Temple by Yahdun-Lim 246

The Story of Idrimi, King of Alalakh 248

Ashurnasirpal II (883-859): Expedition to the Lebanon 250

The Banquet of Ashurnasirpal II 250

Shalmaneser III (858-824): The Fight against the Aramean Coalition 255

Adad-nirari III (810-783): Expedition to Palestine 258

The Assyrian King List 259

Tiglath-pileser III (744-727): Campaigns against Syria and Palestine 264

Sargon II (721-705): The Fall of Samaria 266

Sennacherib (704-681): The Siege of Jerusalem 269

Esarhaddon (680-669): The Syro-Palestinian Campaign 271

Receipt of Tribute from Palestine 272

The Fall of Nineveh 272

The Fall of Jerusalem 273

The Conquest of Jerusalem 273

Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562) 274

The Mother of Nabonidus 275

Nabonidus and His God 278

The Fall of Babylon 281

Cyrus (557-529) 282

The Uruk King List from Kandalanu to Seleucus II 284

A Seleucid King List 285

Chapter IX: Palestinian Inscriptions by W. F. Albright

The Gezer Calendar 287

The Moabite Stone 287

The Ostraca of Samaria 289

The Siloam Inscription 290

A Letter from the Time of Josiah (Mesad Hashavyahu Ostracon) 290

Three Ostraca from Arad 291

The Lachish Ostraca 292

Chapter X: Canaanite and Aramaic Inscriptions

Franz Rosenthal

Building Inscriptions

Yehimilk of Byblos 294

Azitawadda of Adan 294

Kilamuwa of Y'dy-Sam'al 296

Barrakab of Y'dy-Sam'al 297

Cultic Inscriptions

Ben-Hadad of Damascus 298

Kilamuwa of Y'dy-Sam'al 298

Zakir of Hamat and Lu'ath 298

Yehawmilk of Byblos 299

The Marseilles Tariff 300

The Carthage Tariff 302

Other Inscriptions

The King of Kedar 303

Punic Ex-voto Inscriptions 303

The Amulet from Arslan Tash 304

The Uruk Incantation 305

The Treaty between KTK and Arpad 305

Ahiram of Byblos 310

Agbar, Priest of the Moon-god in Nerab 310

Tabnit of Sidon 310

Eshmun'azar of Sidon 311

Chapter XI: South-Arabian Inscriptions by A. Jamme

Sabaean Inscriptions 313

Minaean Inscriptions 315

Qatabanian Inscriptions 318

Hadrami Inscriptions 320

Chapter XII: Egyptian Execration Texts by John A. Wilson

The Execration of Asiatic Princes 322

Chapter XIII: Egyptian Hymns by John A. Wilson

The Hymn to the Aton 324

Hymn of Victory of Mer-ne-Ptah ("The Israel Stela") 328

Chapter XIV: Mesopotamian Hymns

Sumerian Hymns by S. N. Kramer

Hymn to Ninurta as God of Vegetation 330

Hymn to Ninurta as God of Wrath 331

Hymnal Prayer of Enheduanna: The Adoration of Inanna of Ur 332

The King of the Road: A Self-Laudatory Shulgi Hymn 337

An Akkadian Hymn by Ferris J. Stephens

Hymn to Ishtar 341

Chapter XV: Didactic and Wisdom Literature

Egyptian Instructions by John A. Wilson

The Instruction of the Vizier Ptah-hotep 343

The Instruction of Amen-em-Opet 346

Sumerian Didactic and Wisdom Literature

Man and His God: A Sumerian Variation of the "Job" Motif by S. N. Kramer 352

Proverbs from Mesopotamia by Robert H. Pfeiffer 357

Akkadian Didactic and Wisdom Literature

Observations on Life: A Pessimistic Dialogue between Master and Servant by Robert H. Pfeiffer 358

An Akkadian Fable by Robert D. Biggs 360

Counsels of Wisdom by Robert D. Biggs 362

Ludlul Bel Nemeqi, "I Will Praise the Lord of Wisdom" by Robert D. Biggs 365

The Babylonian Theodicy by Robert D. Biggs 374

Aramaic Proverbs and Precepts

The Words of Ahiqar by H. L. Ginsberg 379

Chapter XVI: Oracles and Prophecies

The Egyptian Prophecy of Nefer-rohu by John A. Wilson 384

Akkadian Oracles and Prophecies

Divine Revelations in Letters from Mari and Ashur by William L. Moran 388

Oracles concerning Esarhaddon by Robert D. Biggs 398

A Letter to Ashurbanipal by Robert D. Biggs 399

An Oracular Dream concerning Ashurbanipal by Robert D. Biggs 400

Prophecies by Robert D. Biggs 400

Chapter XVII: Love Poetry

Egyptian Love Songs by John A. Wilson 403

Sumerian Love Poetry by S. N. Kramer

Dumuzi and Inanna: Love in the Gipar 404

Dumuzi and Inanna: The Ecstasy of Love 406

Inanna and the King: Blessing on the Wedding Night 408

"The Honey-man": Love-song to a King 410

"Set Me Free, My Sister": The Sated Lover 411

Chapter XVIII: Other Literary Texts

An Egyptian Poem

In Praise of the City Ramses by John A. Wilson 413

Sumerian Literature by S. N. Kramer

The Curse of Agade: The Ekur Avenged 414

Ua-aua: A Sumerian Lullaby 423

Chapter XIX: Letters

Akkadian Letters

The Mari Letters by W. F. Albright 427

The Amarna Letters by W. F. Albright 429

The Substitute King by William L. Moran 443

A Happy Reign by William L. Moran 444

A Royal Decree of Equity by William L. Moran 444

A Letter to a God by William L. Moran 445

Punishment by Fire by William L. Moran 445

Treaties and Coalitions by William L. Moran 445

"The God of My Father" by William L. Moran 446

A Loan between Gentlemen by William L. Moran 447

A Boy to His Mother by William L. Moran 447

Aramaic Letters by H. L. Ginsberg

Letters of the Jews in Elephantine 448

Assignment to a New Lessor of Land Abandoned in the Egyptian Rebellion of 410 B.C. 452

Illustration Credits 455

Index to Biblical References 457

Index 461

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