The Angel of Knowlton Park (Joe Burgess Series #2)

The Angel of Knowlton Park (Joe Burgess Series #2)

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by Kate Flora

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Portland, Maine, homicide detective Joe Burgess needs a vacation. But there's a dead child in Knowlton Park.

Rolling up on the scene with a canoe on the roof and fishing poles flapping, Burgess finds little Timmy Watts, viciously stabbed, and carefully wrapped in a new blue blanket.

Timmy's parents are life-long crooks, his brothers deal drugs and his sister turns


Portland, Maine, homicide detective Joe Burgess needs a vacation. But there's a dead child in Knowlton Park.

Rolling up on the scene with a canoe on the roof and fishing poles flapping, Burgess finds little Timmy Watts, viciously stabbed, and carefully wrapped in a new blue blanket.

Timmy's parents are life-long crooks, his brothers deal drugs and his sister turns tricks. The only one who seems to care is Timmy's hearing-impaired sister, Iris. But she's keeping her secrets.

Then Iris disappears, and Burgess is battling against time to keep more children from dying.

"Flora's thought-provoking second police-procedural marks her as one of the best in the genre." ~Library Journal Starred Review

"A thing of beauty... insights are woven deep... characters, scenes and dialogue boost this story to excellence " ~The Portland Press Herald

Playing God
The Angel of Knowlton Park

Kate Flora developed her fascination with people's criminal tendencies as a lawyer in the Maine attorney general's office. When Kate isn't writing, or teaching writing at Grub Street in Boston, she can be found in her garden, waging battle against critters, pests, and her husband's lawnmower.

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Library Journal

When the body of eight-year-old Timothy Watts is found wrapped in a blue blanket in a Portland, ME, park, homicide detective Joe Burgess (introduced in Playing God) vows to find the killer. Everyone in the neighborhood loved Timmy except his abusive family, but people are unwilling to talk. Even Iris, Timmy's deaf sister, will not share what she knows and soon goes missing. Then things get ugly when the press begins a personal attack on Burgess using information that could have come only from someone in the police department. Author of the Thea Kozak series and a true-crime writer (her Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine, cowritten with a career police officer, was nominated for an Edgar Award in 2007), Flora excels at portraying the police as real people with strengths and weaknesses who unite to bring some measure of justice to the dead and living alike. Flora's thought-provoking second police procedural marks her as one of the best in the genre.

—Jo Ann Vicarel
Kirkus Reviews
Det. Sgt. Joe Burgess, of the Portland Police Department, kisses off his summer vacation to catch whoever raped and murdered an unwanted little boy. After young Timothy Watts had been beaten, sodomized and stabbed, someone carefully washed his body, dressed him in a new pair of underpants, wrapped him in a clean blanket and dropped him off in a public park. The man who found his corpse refused to report it to the police, and his dog ran off with something-something blue, according to a second witness-he took from the scene. The case should be Terry Kyle's, but Terry's in such a funk about his ex-wife's legal schemes to get their kids away from him that he's drunk himself AWOL. So Joe (Playing God, 2006) gets the job of questioning witnesses like social worker Julie Gordon, who's sunk in guilt because she didn't rescue Timmy from the trash heap; accountant Regina McBride, who acts as if Timmy were trash; and Timmy's monstrous family, who act like trash themselves. As someone whose neglect by his relatives made him "everybody's child," Timmy has stirred deep passions. The ensuing complications will include arson, methamphetamines, pedophilia and physical attacks. Flora (Stalking Death, 2008, etc.) plots generously and gives her hero a heart as big as his sorely tried temper. But the characters' endlessly expressed opinions could have used pruning.

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Joe Burgess Series, #2
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The Angel of Knowlton Park: Joe Burgess Series, Book 2 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 in the Joe Burgess series. Read it in one sitting, much to the dismay of my poor family. This is an awesome series with a much loved detective! Now its on to #3. Highly reccommend to all who loved a good who done it!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an outstanding series. Very well written with engrossiing mysteries and thoroughly developed characters. The protagonist is a real hero cop, whike still having believable but not repulsive flaws. It's nice to find a writer who doesn't portray every cop as an alcoholic.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Really a great read
1dachsmom 8 months ago
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! She is being added to my list of favorite authors. Don't miss this one!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Going on to the next Detective Burgess story.
jawperky More than 1 year ago
Excellent read. A real page turner. I couldn't put this one down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the second book of the series, it cost $2.99 and has 335 pages, about fiveof the pages are an excerpt from, book three. This is a stand alone book and is well edited. I really enjoyedbook one and I enjoyed this one as well. Both are excellant reads. There was one mistake, around the fortieth page which made me giggle, Shauna, the 30 year old sister of the murdered 8 year old boy, has a baby son, named Ricky Martin, age 28. My, my, started early didn't she? The author meant had a brother, but that early in the book, this was not known. There is a huge cast of characters. This book is more violent and very gory, even compared to the first book. There is a bit of implied heterosexual sex and a budding romance, police on the take, profanity, hookers, rape, child murder, other abuse and sexual abuse, pedophilia, ( I hope I spelled this correctly, but it looks wrong.) Parents murdered, filthy, nasty homes, uncaring parents. Officers with drinking problems, drugs and many other crimes and vices. This is a very sad and gritty, police murder mystery. The series is the best I have read in the last two years. If you are wanting something light, fluffy and full of rainbows or chick lit, then you do not want to read this intense, action packed novel about an older detective and his team of hard hitting, caring, supportive crime solvers. They have a sense of humor and hearts as big as all outdoors. The details are graphic, but this make the books more realistic. I highly reckmmend this set of novels to all mystety lovers. For adults. Excellant read. AD
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent reading
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story as usual.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I completed all 3 books in this series. They were all great reads. Didn'tknow about Kate Flora until now. Can't wait for the next!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Portland, Maine Police Detective Sergeant Joe Burgess is about to leave on his summer vacation when the murdered corpse of preadolescent neglected child Timothy Watts is found. The case should belong to Joe¿s peer Terry Kyle, but the usually dedicated cop fails to show up for work so he delays his scheduled time off to take charge of the investigation.------------- Whoever killed the child battered and sodomized him before cleaning him up. The child¿s six-foot plus three hundred pound Mother Watts arrives hysterically and inadvertently hurts Joe¿s bad knee. Though limping, he, Officers Stan Perry and Chris Perlin continue to investigate asking neighbors and family who killed THE ANGEL OF KNOWLTON PARK that many adopted as everybody¿s child.------------- There is an incredible amount of crime for Joe to work besides the murder. Arson, meth sales, alcohol abuse, child neglect, pedophile and assaults would keep a much bigger department overwhelmed. Joe keeps on ticking so much so the Energizer Bunny would envy his energy. Although there is an overwhelming load of righteous indignant pontification re the felons, fans will enjoy this solid regional police procedural due to the hero cop.----------- Harriet Klausner