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Angel of Vengeance: The Novel that Inspired the TV Show Moonlight

Angel of Vengeance: The Novel that Inspired the TV Show Moonlight

4.5 18
by Trevor O Munson

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The novel that inspired the TV series Moonlight puts a twist on the classic Dracula vampire tale and blends it with Chandler hardboiled P.I. detective fiction.

LA-based P.I. and vampire Mick Angel has been hired by a beautiful red-headed burlesque dancer to find her missing sister. But the apparently simple case of a teenage runaway is soon complicated by


The novel that inspired the TV series Moonlight puts a twist on the classic Dracula vampire tale and blends it with Chandler hardboiled P.I. detective fiction.

LA-based P.I. and vampire Mick Angel has been hired by a beautiful red-headed burlesque dancer to find her missing sister. But the apparently simple case of a teenage runaway is soon complicated by drug dealers, persistent cops, murder, and Mick’s own past. Mick must learn the hard way what every vampire should know - nothing stays buried for ever, especially not the past.

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Meet the Author

Creator, writer and producer of the vampire TV series Moonlight, Trevor O. Munson is a screenwriter and novelist of both adult and young adult titles.

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Angel of Vengeance: The Novel that Inspired the TV Show Moonlight 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
JenM1965 More than 1 year ago
Even if I hadn't been a huge fan of Moonlight, I still would have given this book a read - I'm a lover of all things vampire and have been since I was a child. Munson's book doesn't disappoint. Trevor's twist on the vampire genre brings some new aspects to the mythology of vamps (sleeping in freezers to slow down the decay was a new one to me), plus is a refreshing change from the broody, young, romantic versions out there today. Munson's vampires are monsters, predators, and the only thing that keeps Mick Angel from being a "mindless killing machine", as he describes himself, are his rules - no women, no children, no innocents. Mick is dark with a capital "D" - a former smack junkie who injects his blood like an addict would. Being a lover of long flowing prose, Munson's rapid-fire writing and short, choppy sentences took a few pages to get used to, but as I read along, the more it fit the story, and the characters. What the reader soon sees is Trevor's ability to paint a vivid and clear picture with the fewest words possible. Mick Angel is a product of his time, and Munson's writing styles reflects that. If you're a fan of no-nonsense, dark vampires, this is definitely a must-read. It's also a quick read, so if you don't like it, you didn't waste a lot of your time reading it...but I think you're going to like it. I sure did.
Momtokayla More than 1 year ago
Big fan of the show, Moonlight. Book was different but still a great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unpoisonedheart More than 1 year ago
It was good but different from the show. I didn't expected it to be so dark.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Emerald72 More than 1 year ago
As a Moonlight fan, to say I was looking forward to reading this would be an understatement. My copy arrived two hours ago, and I've just finished it; I didn't so much read, as devour the pages. This isn't a novelisation of Moonlight, nor is it a Prequel, having said that, you can still see the basis for Mick St John in the character of Mick Angel. This Mick is a lot grittier, darker even, than the character of Mick on the show. Nonetheless it's easy to see Mick St John as Mick Angel of the past - before his redemption. The book itself is laugh out loud funny in parts; Mick Angel has a delightfully jaded wit about him. The writing itself was a little jarring at first - short sentences, straight to the point, a little choppy almost - however that was probably more due to the fact that I tend to read stuff that's a little more flowing in style. Once I'd become accustomed to it, I found that it actually suited the character of Mick Angel (the book is written in first person, from Mick's p.o.v). There's a wonderful noir-ish feel to it all, like a dime store detective novel from the 50's that's been transported into the modern age. The words have a confident swagger about them, full of bravado, and cutting wit - a bit like Mick Angel himself. There's nothing of Mick and Beth in this novel, except for a brief appearance of Beth (`Lizabeth) as a child. Mick Angel rescues her under slightly different circumstances, more akin to what Moonlight fans saw in the original pilot (before they reworked and recast the show). Now I know some of you are going to be cheering for this fact, so let me just break it to you- there's no Josef either. Coraline does make an appearance, and like the character of Mick Angel, she's also a lot darker than we saw on Moonlight itself. Angel of Vengeance's Coraline practically sashays off the page dripping with manipulation and psychopathy. Unlike the Coraline we were presented with on the show, it's difficult, if not damn near impossible to find anything remotely redeemable about the character; she's rotten to her blue-black pompadour haired, and red lipped core. In the book, Mick Angel is also a former junkie, who continues to mainline his `fix' of blood for the comforting ritual of it all. The descriptions of injecting, and the effects of Heroin addiction, aren't presented in any sort of detailed manner; however, if anyone is sensitive to these sorts of issues just be forewarned there were a couple of passages earlier on that set my veins on edge slightly. Overall I loved this book. At just under 290 pages it moves at a cracking pace, and doesn't get too bogged down in a lot of unnecessary exposition; at times it almost felt like I was reading a movie script in novel form. It's not Moonlight, but the elements are still there, and, like I said, you can still see elements of Mick St John in Mick Angel, and vice-versa. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Angel of Vengeance yourself, and give it a read - even if it is just to say thank you to the guy who gave us Moonlight.
Tamurile More than 1 year ago
Having read along with Trevor Munson on facebook for a while now, where he also posted official preview chapters of his work, it's been a long wait until his book was finally available on my continent. I took it out of my mailbox a few hours ago, and only put it down at its finish. I'm sure I should have savoured it and spread out the chapters to make them last...but I binge-read right through it, starved for more. Good things, as they say, never last. Many reviewers have already discussed just how this book isn't Moonlight as CBS aired it, and I can only agree. It isn't; it's not glossy, handsome and sexy in a Hollywood vampire way - and it certainly does not glitter. It's Moonlight for adults, and it's what the over-teenaged genre has been waiting for. Mick Angel's pov sounds like something between Sam Spade and Dexter Morgan. The vampire private detective is cynical, pessimistic, and just crude enough to tease a smile from more experienced readers, without sounding jaded enough to leave you numb to his old-school charms. Mick's world is black and white but for the occasional fleck of red in his vision; sometimes that's blood, other times it's one of the many small details he notices that make him good at his job. His hunger for blood is not, as many recent novels and series portray, a minor inconvenience easily solved by 'going vegetarian' or picking up a pint at the blood bank now and then - it is an addiction, a distraction, and a driving force. Living by his self-imposed rules is a daily battle (or better said- nightly), and it makes his character all the more interesting and real for it. Trevor Munson's novel is fresh and fun, if you don't mind adult language, bullets and needles. And the smell of decay - after all, Mick Angel is old enough to have banged your grandmother. And maybe he did.
ProphetessKell More than 1 year ago
The Angel of Vengeance Book is one of the best storybook that I have ever read compare to all the other relevant stuff that are out there because we all know having sense of humor and laughter is a wonderful thing and so from there I find that the stories in the book are filled with mostly of it cause laughter is good for your soul & spirit to uplift you,to motivate you and also most of all very inspiring I mean I never used to love reading at all till I have met Author: Trevor Munson to discover the book and the moonlight show that was briefly base from his book. For me as a first time reader since I met Trevor and discover his book I have fell in love with reading and or just found my first love in reading and beginning to love reading. So from there on I give it a 5***** or to the highest stars it could go. I Toast a Cheer to a Great Book and his hardwork! I myself just can't never get enough of him and his work. Proud of you brother! Love You Brother Trev & God Bless You! -Kellie
JJ117 More than 1 year ago
This book is a ton of fun, just as the reviews I read promised! Fast-paced, original, and dark, I love how it works both as a noir detective novel and a modern vampire tale. The book works for fans of "Moonlight" (the show this novel inspired) as well as for people who have never heard of the show and just want a good, bloody vampire read. If you want to get the taste of glittery vampires out of your mouth, take a shot of this!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MichaelC2B More than 1 year ago
So many of us still mourn the loss of our beloved TV show, Moonlight. I am an avid fan of Alex O'Loughlin so I am thrilled for his success on Hawaii Five-0 and will watch the show and all of the work this amazing actor does. But I still watch my DVD with the 16 precious episodes of Moonlight, and I always wish that it could have gone on forever. We all know now that CBS cancelled the show simply because they saw that people loved Alex so much - and they wanted more money than a "genre" show about vampires could bring in on a Friday night. If they had promoted the show properly and put it on a better night for a second season, Moonlight would still be going strong. Look at True Blood and Vampire Diaries. They just had Alex in mind for H5-0 for a long time. Moonlight's ratings were great for a Friday night, even during the writers strike - and it even won the PCA for best new drama. Then the DVD - which they put out with no extras - won the award for best DVD for a TV show. CBS just had bigger plans for Alex in a more "mainstream" show. Now - to the book. Trevor has been a friend of mine at MySpace for three years, and he put eight chapters of Angel of Vengeance on his site. I read them and was left wanting more. I have been waiting to read this book for almost three years, and I am so happy that it is almost here. I love Trevor's style - it reminds me of the really great detective novels of years ago. It has a bit of everything you could want in a story which makes it a great read for men and women alike. Once you start reading you feel like you have stepped into the world of Michael Angel (hence the character "Mick St. John" on Moonlight) - and that world is sometimes dark and edgy. I love that about it. Trevor's writing is so real it makes you feel like the characters could truly exist and you can feel the emotions as you follow the story, which takes you back and forth from the past to the present. I can't wait to finally read the entire story that started a beautiful little show called Moonlight. Thanks again to Trevor for bringing these wonderful characters to life. If you haven't already, buy this book and the Moonlight DVD - and be prepared to fall in love.
ViolettkaVi More than 1 year ago
I watched the show Moonlight and also read a few chapters from this book on the blog of Trevor. This is amazing! Vivid characters, stunning style of writing, an intriguing plot... Want to read more and more... I know, I'm sure the book will be very successful! For the sake of this book, I even learn English, although it is not my native language... Isn't that wonderful? This book should be in the home collection of anyone who loves vampires and detectives!
NANASAYZ More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Haven't vampires been done to death YET? And the whole Noir vampire thing has been done for years already by author PN Elrod, with her popular Vampire Files series. Munson's take on this certainly isn't new. The book just didn't grab me. Predictable characters. Trite dialogue. A real waste of money in a tight economy.