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Angel Thinking: A Guidebook into the World of Oneness and Love

Angel Thinking: A Guidebook into the World of Oneness and Love

by Lorelei A. Hill

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Who sounds the chimes?

Who sends warm-blanket hugs?

Where do happiness, bravery, and kindness come from?

What are those tiny, colored lights that pass before your eyes?

Look around! That perfect white feather in the grass is a sign!

That gentle butterfly fluttering freely in the sun whispers, “An angel is


Who sounds the chimes?

Who sends warm-blanket hugs?

Where do happiness, bravery, and kindness come from?

What are those tiny, colored lights that pass before your eyes?

Look around! That perfect white feather in the grass is a sign!

That gentle butterfly fluttering freely in the sun whispers, “An angel is near.”

Angels are everywhere! Taking many forms, they convey their divine love.

It’s up to you to decode their heavenly message.

As an angel in training, you are invited on a playful journey into the angelic realm.

Summon your divine spirit. Laugh, breathe, release; only then will you too know the value of Angel Thinking.

Drawing on life experiences, Lorelei introduces her young readers to a host of Archangels. Bringing gifts from the spirit world they guide us through life’s joys and setbacks. Archangel Gabriel provides strength and courage. Ariel bids us discover the gifts of Mother Earth. Raphael eases pain, and Sandaphlon reminds us to be loving.

Angel Thinking is a guide to finding our angels using all our senses and even a box of colored pencils. Lorelei reminds us that angels are always with us. Getting to know them helps us to better understand who we are and why we are here on earth.

This special book makes a lovely “read together” for a parent and child.

~ Margaret J. Anderson, Author of In the Keep of Time trilogy, now in ebook.

Angel Thinking is enchanting, and it has touched me deeply. I think it was written by an angel.

~ Robert Holden, Ph.D., author of Shift Happens, Happiness Now and Loveability

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Angel Thinking

A Guidebook into the World of Oneness and Love
By Lorelei A. Hill

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Lorelei A. Hill
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-6333-6

Chapter One

Do Angels Care about Us? And Why Are They So Important to Our Personal Lives?

Angels are with us every minute of every day. They bring us gifts from the spirit world. They are here to help us remember who we are and why we are on this earth. Just look around, and you will see a sign that an angel is near. It could be a butterfly fluttering past your nose, or a perfect bird's feather lying in the grass. An angel can ring a chime or cast a faintly colored light. An angel can even send you feelings of happiness or a warm blanket hug. Angels come to us in many ways. Our only job is to trust they are near.

This can sometimes be difficult since angels are heavenly beings not human beings. It may sound strange, but angels don't actually have human qualities. They are neither male nor female and are never afraid or angry. Angels are patient, kind, and loving. They show themselves to humans in many forms. When we feel there is an angel present but can't see one, it helps to think of the angel as having a human appearance. An angel that I might describe as a young lady could appear to you as a young boy or an older man. Yours might even look like a spark of light, a dragonfly, or a wild cat! A tiny black dog or a hummingbird! And guess what? We would both be right!

Those who play like the angels will begin to talk, act, and think like them. What better way for us to spot our heavenly guides? The truth is that angels are everywhere. So the next time you think an angel might be near, strap on your imagination and quiet the voice inside your head that says, "If you can't see it, it ain't there."

Come on! Let's go find your angels!

Chapter Two

Archangel Ariel

The Lion of God

Archangel Ariel whispers to you, "Grab your sketchbook and pencil. Come follow me! Walk lightly through the forest. What do you see? Notice the gifts Mother Earth hides in front of your eyes. Look with your heart. Listen with your soul!"

For the angel so closely connected to the natural world, Archangel Ariel came to me in a very strange place. During a hospital stay, I was asked to lie on a hard narrow bed. The hospital technicians pulled straps around me so I would be perfectly still while a large MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine took pictures of my heart and lungs. The bed moved, and I was pulled into a long noisy tube-like machine with a bright overhead light. I attempted to make myself comfortable by slowly counting my breaths.

Moving my eyes from the left to the right side of my body, I counted seven orbs of colored light. Shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet hovered around me. They lengthened and grew. As I looked at each of the colors, I knew at once that they were angels sent to guide me.

A deep green aura at my feet looked to be alive. As I watched it weave and swirl, the shape of the orb changed into a living, jungle-like web of leaves and vines. The noise of the MRI machine blended into the vines and echoed back to me. I felt as though I were in a lush green jungle filled with exotic birds and beautiful flowers. I knew an angel had to be creating this living, moving green aura, but the colors and sounds attracted so much of my attention that I hardly noticed the angel stepping out from behind the foliage. She smiled at me and told me to breathe. Birds flew all around her. Long, beautiful snakes and lizards camouflaged themselves in the hanging vines. A gentle lion sat beneath her right hand. I knew this woman had to be Archangel Ariel.

"Close your eyes and let me take you away from this," she whispered. Suggesting I lose myself in the sweet song of the birds, Archangel Ariel's presence calmed my senses. In that moment, the noise and any lasting fear I had vanished. I could relax! I could breathe.

In angel society, Archangel Ariel is the Lion/Lioness of God. Representing the side of God that is strong and courageous, she is connected to everything on this earth, including you and me.

Archangel Ariel is the overseer of sprites, fairies, and nymphs. So if you enjoy spending time outdoors, investigating the natural world, listening to the birds, watching the animals, or drawing the fairies, you'll love this archangel!

An Angel Is an Angel—No Matter How Small

This may sound like Dr. Seuss talking, but take care. Watch where you are walking! Ariel's presence is strongest in the sky, trees, water, and amongst the animals of the earth. Her helper angels are tending to every flower, creature, and blade of grass. Have you ever seen a brightly colored bug buzzing around a flowerbed or flowerpot only to have it fly away when you try to get a closer look?

"It was there just a second ago!" you tell yourself. So where could it have gone? Chances are you are one of the fortunate people to have just seen a fairy.

These tiny fairies and sprites are guardian angels. Caring for everything in nature, they can be a pinpoint of light darting past your eyes or a bit of dust drifting through the air. At least one guardian angel watches over you every single day and all through the night. So the next time you see something floating through the air, don't be surprised if it's your own personal fairy godmother!

Not only is Archangel Ariel the overseer of sprites, fairies, and nymphs, she also lends an angelic hand to assist the mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish! You can call on Archangel Ariel to help you care for your pets, watch over the flowers in your garden, and encourage your fruit trees and vegetable plants to grow. If you're interested in getting involved with environmental issues such as keeping our lakes and rivers clean or saving our rainforests, Archangel Ariel is the angel you'll want to call upon.

No matter the weather, Archangel Ariel will show you the wonders and beauty of our great earth. With Ariel by your side, you will discover a newfound appreciation for all of God's creatures. If you're not sure how to talk to Archangel Ariel, it's really quite simple. Just call her name! Simply ask her to help you to better see our world from her point of view. But remember, if you ask for Archangel Ariel's help, you must be prepared to receive all of the cheerful and loving thoughts she will send your way!

Ariel's Prayer for You

Archangel Ariel is always listening. Even now, she waits for your call. Simply begin by saying:

God, with Archangel Ariel by my side, please help me to see a world filled with blue skies, happy creatures, and pure love.

Call Ariel using these words any time—and as often as you like—until you are comfortable enough to call on her using your own words. Archangel Ariel never tires of hearing from her earth angels. That's you!

Meeting Archangel Ariel's Nature Angels

Now that you know a little about Archangel Ariel, grab a picnic lunch, and let's go outside to look for her and her choirs. Anywhere you are in nature, Ariel is there too! You can even start in your own backyard! If you don't have a backyard, ask Mom or Dad to plan a special time to take you to the park so you can be close to the trees and small animals. Once there, get ready to go on an Archangel Ariel scavenger hunt! Are you ready?

Besides your nourishing snack of fresh or dried fruit, cheese with bread or crackers, and cool fresh water, you may like to bring a clipboard and pencil, but it's not at all important for finding Ariel and her choir of angels. In fact, the only real tools you will need for this scavenger hunt already belong to you. I'm talking about your senses! Sight, touch, smell, hearing, and of course that invisible sense called intuition.

Begin by using your ability to listen well. Do you know that you can connect with angels quickly and easily by using your ears? This simple method of listening for the angel's messages is called Clear Hearing.

Get ready, get set, get comfortable outside on the grass, in a lawn chair, or in a tree. (Just don't climb too high. You'll be closing your eyes!) Take a slow, deep breath through your nose. This is the best way of filling your stomach with fresh, clean air.

Can you see your tummy growing? Good! Now close your eyes and gently blow the air out of your stomach in a long, slow stream through your mouth. Imagine you are blowing a huge pink bubble. Listen to the sounds around you.

Inhale slowly to fill your stomach once again.

Exhale slowly to let the air out.

Inhale. Place your hand on your tummy so that you can feel it growing.

Exhale. Keep your hand on your tummy so that you can feel it getting smaller.

Can you hear the sound of nature? It's all around you!

Make a mental checklist of the sounds you hear. Below is a list of some of the things you might hear. Feel free to add your own ideas if what you hear is not listed below:

Animals scampering Bees buzzing Birds calling Birds singing Butterflies fluttering Cars passing Cats mewing Cicadas droning Crickets chirping Ducks quacking Dogs barking Flies swarming Frogs croaking Leaves blowing Mosquitoes humming People laughing Squirrels chattering You Breathing Water running Wind chimes Wings flapping Wind whispering

Open your eyes. How many birds did you hear calling? How many squirrels did you hear chattering in the trees? How many dogs did you count barking?

Make a list of the sounds you heard. You can write them down or just call them out. When you are done, thank Archangel Ariel for revealing herself to you. Saying something like this helps:

Archangel Ariel, thank you for helping me to clearly hear all the sounds of nature.

Remember, when you listen this way, you are using your Clear Hearing. It's the best way to hear Archangel Ariel's nature songs. Now take a break. Have a nibble of your food or a cool drink of your water. Lie down in the grass and watch the clouds float by. Or you might want to ask Mom and Dad to take a walk with you. Perhaps you can teach them how to use their Clear Hearing!

More Ways to Connect with Archangel Ariel

The next time you wish to connect with Archangel Ariel, you may choose to use only your sense of sight to see all this angel of courage has to offer. This is the skill of Clear Seeing. To do this, you will need to put your fingers in your ears. Make sure they are plugged so you cannot hear the sounds around you. Now close your eyes!

Some people only use their eyes to see. Others can actually "see" clearer when they use their intuition. Archangel Ariel tells us it is quite natural for two people to look at one thing and see it in completely different ways. Now that you know this, practice Clear Seeing.

Breathe softly and count the number of birds you sense around you. Now open your eyes and look around. Unplug your ears and listen. How did you do? Do you see more birds in your mind or with your eyes? Does it help for you to hear the birds as well as see them?

Practice Clear Seeing with insects. How many insects can you sense around you? How many small animals do you sense foraging for nuts and playing in the trees? You can use your Clear Seeing to find dogs, cats, even lions if you like! Archangel Ariel loves lions!

There are two other clear senses you might like to try. These are Clear Feeling and Clear Knowing. With Clear Feeling, you can actually feel the presence of a creature before you see it. Intuition is the feeling you have that tells you one of Archangel Ariel's nature angels is near. That's why even those who are blind are usually able to see quite clearly in their mind's eye.

Clear Knowing is thinking of an animal and, all of a sudden, it is standing there in front of you! If you find it easier to use your clear senses while outside, Ariel suggests you thank the fairies and sprites for that!

Fairy aura can be any color, but rose, violet, green, yellow, and white tend to be their favorites. They can sometimes look like tiny hummingbirds or miniature humans with wings, but the truth is a fairy is so small that it may just appear to you as a part of nature. A fairy could look like a small particle of light, a tiny butterfly, or a seed floating in the air. So the next time a speck floats past your eye, take a quick look! It may, in fact, be a fairy telling you to stop, look, and listen to the sounds of the natural world around you. And when you do this, always remember to do so with kindness.

Archangel Ariel commonly shows herself surrounded by an aura of pink and earth tone colors. When I saw Ariel in the MRI lab, she was hidden in a brilliant green aura instead. These were her nature angels. Legions and legions of tiny sprite-like angels hovered in her hair, around her body, and in front of her face. There were so many of them that, when they came together, these speck-sized angels created a picture of a jungle just for me! Whispering to me to immerse myself in the sounds, smells, and feelings of nature, I was able to relax and even enjoy the long, painful test.

Archangel Ariel says, "When you think of the air, think of Ariel! My nature angels and I love to connect with most of you when you are outside. But we are not fussy about how we do it. We'll spend time with you just about anywhere you are most relaxed."

Now that you know that Archangel Ariel guides us through nature, let's meet some more archangels who guide us through life!

To remember Ariel, think about the first part of her name. Ari'el is an Air Angel.

This angel lion/lioness belongs to the Schemhamphoras (Schem/ ham/phor/as), a select group of angels who hold the name of God. Bold ruler over the sign of Leo, this blazing Archangel of Fire guides all who honor Mother Earth, including the fairies and sprites charged with caring for the animals of our world.

Chapter Three

Archangel Azrael

Whom God Helps

Azrael whispers to you, "I am with you always, dear child. You need not call my name to feel my loving presence by your side. When you are sad, frightened, ill, or lonely, I am with you.

It had been a long time since my parents last tucked me into bed. I was fifteen years old. Too old, I thought as they patted the blankets around me. They looked very worried as they said their goodnights. And why shouldn't they have been worried? This was the night before my first open heart surgery.

Once my parents were gone, I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. "You will never look like this again," I told myself.

Placing my hand on my chest, I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a thin scar running down the front of my smooth skin. Fighting back the tears, I crawled into bed and fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

It felt as though only a second had passed when I awoke. At first, I thought the early morning sunshine was beginning to peek through my hospital room window. The room was quiet and calm. Even though the doctors would be doing open heart surgery on me in a few hours, I felt calm and relaxed.

"That's impossible," I told myself when I heard the sound of the birds singing outside my window. Having spent most of my childhood in the hospital, I knew that the double-paned windows shut out the noises from outside. This included the sound of the birds chirping. Opening my eyes, I saw a shining yellow light fall across one half of my room. This light was so bright that I could not see into the other half of the room. The window had become completely covered with light.

I couldn't exactly hear any words, but the strange light seemed to say, "Set aside your fears, oh child of God. You are safe."

You might think I would have been scared, but I wasn't. I somehow knew it was one of God's messengers.

My parents arrived a few hours later with the same concerned look in their eyes. They held my hands and walked beside my stretcher as far as the elevators.

"Don't worry," I told them. "I'll be back before you know it!"

My mother praised me for being so calm, but I had no reason to be scared. I knew that Archangel Azrael and my guardian angels were with me. I was safe. I was ready. I knew something my parents did not. There was no doubt in my mind that I would come out of the surgery stronger and healthier.

It's hard not to be sad at the thought of someone you love dying. You feel as if you can't see them or talk to them or play with them anymore. You might even feel left behind when their spirit goes to heaven.

Imagine you are a turtle. Like a turtle, you carry your real self deep inside a protective outer shell. This shell is your body. Just like a turtle, your body is home to that hidden part of you called your spirit. At times, your spirit pokes out and shows itself to the world in much the same way that Mr. Turtle pokes his head out. Depending on the type of turtle he is, when his head pokes out, Mr. Turtle may move forward, have a look around, go back inside, or snap at the first thing it sees.

Our spirit acts in much the same way. Who we are shows up in our likes and dislikes. It comes through in our habits and the way we do things. It tells our mouths to smile and our eyes to cry. Like each turtle, our spirit is one of a kind, and at the same time a part of God's creation. So when the outer shell dies, your turtle inside—or your spirit—goes to a happy place where God and the angels will take care of you. Understanding this might help you to feel better about losing someone you love.


Excerpted from Angel Thinking by Lorelei A. Hill Copyright © 2012 by Lorelei A. Hill. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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