Angel Visions: True Stories of People Who Have Seen Angels, and How You Can See Angels Too!

Angel Visions: True Stories of People Who Have Seen Angels, and How You Can See Angels Too!

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by Doreen Virtue

Many people have seen angels, apparitions of deceased loved ones, and ascended masters, as you'll read in this ground-breaking new collection of true stories by best-selling author Doreen Virtue. You'll read beautiful descriptions of what they saw and learn about the vital messages imparted by these angels. You'll also read remarkable stories about people who received…  See more details below


Many people have seen angels, apparitions of deceased loved ones, and ascended masters, as you'll read in this ground-breaking new collection of true stories by best-selling author Doreen Virtue. You'll read beautiful descriptions of what they saw and learn about the vital messages imparted by these angels. You'll also read remarkable stories about people who received life-saving messages from their deceased loved ones during dreams, and about helpful strangers who appeared from out of nowhere during a crisis and then suddenly disappeared. In addition, you'll learn about fascinating scientific research that is verifying the reality of angel encounters. Doreen also gives you step-by-step instructions that she has successfully employed in her popular workshops to help YOU see and visually connect with your angels, too.

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Chapter One

Adults Who Have Seen Angels

The Gift of the Angel Feather
by Kate O'Rielly

    It was 1998, and I was in the emergency room with a diagnosis of pneumonia. All the drugs used to combat this illness were given to me, and I was sent home with strict instructions on the importance of bed rest and taking my many medications. When I left the hospital, I felt I should really be staying, but there were no available beds. It appeared that, because of my age and general health, I would recover quickly on a homebound regime.

    That evening, as I tossed and turned, being kept awake by the sound of the vaporizer, I finally fell into a very deep sleep. At 3:33 A.M. exactly, I was woken up by some presence in my room. At first I thought one of the other sick members in my family was up moving about. When I turned over in bed, my heart began racing. There in my room were two very large bodies. As I focused my eyes, my mind kept saying, How could something this large fit into my bedroom?

    The two figures quickly made me understand without words that they were protecting me as I slept. I knew that they were angels. One of the angels was a male who stood about ten feet tall. But how could a ten-foot-tall figure fit in my room (which only had an eight-foot-high ceiling)? His robe was a very lovely blue-gray, and he had a loving face that felt healing to me. The other angel was all white. Her energy was soft and nurturing. She reminded me of the angels I read about as a small child: half feathers andhalf human. I reached out to touch them, and they were gone. I fell back into a restless sleep.

    In the morning as I woke up, I became very excited about "the dream" I'd had about the angels. When my daughter and granddaughter came in to see how I was feeling, I told them about my visitation by the angels. My daughter was old enough to be skeptical, but my four-year-old granddaughter was awed and delighted by the story. After the excitement had passed, my daughter helped me out of bed to visit the rest room. At that moment, my granddaughter started screaming with excitement and glee. As I rose from the bed, a six-inch-long white feather came with me, stuck to my feverish leg! The three of us didn't know what to think. I was very confused because there are no feather products in our home due to allergies. My daughter was speechless, and my granddaughter was dancing with joy because the angel had left a gift. She said she knew the dream wasn't really a dream because angels visit people at night all the time. Of course it was an angel!

    I carefully removed the precious feather from my leg and put it on my bedroom altar.

    The next night, I felt that I was getting sicker, not better. I decided that if I didn't feel better soon, I would call my doctor. At 3:33 A.M., I was once again woken up by the feeling of a presence in my room. I turned over, and there were the angels again! As I watched them standing across from me, the male angel asked if I was ready to go with them to heaven. In many ways, I was overjoyed to hear them speak, and to invite me to join them.

    The angels said they were there to help me decide whether or not I would stay living in my body. I thought about the projects I was working on, and about the unfinished business in my life. None of those things seemed more important than going with the angels. The love and contentment that they emanated was so appealing, and I wanted more of it. All of a sudden, though, I thought of my seven young grandchildren. All of my friends had said to me that they were here for a reason, and I could be a part of that reason. If I left with the angels at that moment, I wouldn't have a chance to at least say good-bye to the children and receive a final kiss and hug. I told the angels that I wanted to stay on the Earth plane for now.

    The angels told me that if I were choosing to stay, the only way I could remain alive was if I went back to the emergency room quickly. They disappeared as suddenly as they had come to me. As soon as possible, my oldest daughter took me to the hospital. As it turned out, the pneumonia had gotten much worse, and the doctors said that I had made it to the hospital just in time.

    The next morning at 3:33 A.M., I woke up, hoping to see my angels, but they weren't there. I wondered if moving to the hospital had confused them. I was very sad to think that I might not see them again, and I wondered how I might bring them back to me. I realized I should have asked them more questions. I felt that I had missed an opportunity, and I questioned my decision not to go with them. I cried, feeling as if I were mourning friends I'd had for years.

    My daughter and granddaughter came to visit me later the same morning. I hadn't talked any more about the angels since the morning of the feather. I was too weak, just focusing my energy on getting better. My daughter also had a lot on her mind, and I didn't want to burden or worry her. As we talked about my hospital experience, my daughter remembered something from earlier in the morning. She said she had woken up at 3:33 A.M. and had gotten a strong feeling about an important decision she was trying to make. She was very puzzled by the fact that she had received such an insight in the middle of a sound sleep. But now her mind was made up—after many months of struggle, she finally knew what to do.

    I smiled. My angels hadn't left after all; they were still with me and my loved ones. To this day, I cherish the gift of the angel feather.

* * *

Embraced in Angels' Wings
by Joan Scott

    A few years ago, I was taking care of my mother as she lay dying of lung cancer. Each day was so very traumatic, since I didn't consider myself to be a nurse-type person. I would tell the home nurse, "I can't do this," to which she would reply, "Yes, you can."

    One night in bed, I kept repeating, "I need help." Almost immediately, I saw a huge gathering of angel wings totally surrounding and embracing me. The comfort and support I received, which let me know that I was no longer in this situation alone, gave me the courage and strength to complete my time with my mother.

    Ever since my mother's transition, when I have times of challenge, I know I can always be surrounded by angels' wings.

* * *

The Powerful Love of Our Angels
by Anonymous

    I was working as an assistant teacher. We were all sitting in a large circle on the first day of school, participating in an exercise designed to get to know each other. We would go around the circle, and everyone would tell something about themselves. I had already had my turn, and as it came to the turn of a woman who was just a little to the left of me, I saw two angels.

    As she began to speak, I saw at first what looked like heat waves rising above a blacktop on a sweltering day. The air above and around her seemed to move in this way, and then it turned into massive multiple colors, and then blue wings—two sets. I could then see the formation of beings attached. There were two of them coming down on both sides of her. If she would have raised her hand, her whole arm would have been inside them.

    This all happened in a split second, and I did sort of a double take, and of course as I brought my conscious awareness back to what was happening, I could no longer see them. But I was so stunned. It was like those old Bewitched episodes where everyone freezes, except it was me who was frozen as everyone else continued talking. I couldn't hear a word they were saying. It was like I was just suspended in time for a moment, trying to catch my breath, still in the same vibration as these miraculous, beautiful beings; and even though I couldn't see them anymore, I could feel the tremendous love that the angels had for this woman.

    I have only told this story to a few people, and the retelling of it does not do justice to the actual event. It is extremely difficult to re-create the feelings of this experience. In fact, as I sit here recalling it, I am moved to tears by the knowledge that we all have angels around us, and that they love us more than words can say.

* * *

Angelic Coaches
by Terri Walker

    My 11-year-old son, Steven, decided to play baseball over the summer, after playing soccer for several years. Most of the boys on his team had played baseball for years and were very good. Steven did pretty well, but he would freeze up at the plate and wouldn't swing at the ball. So needless to say, he would strike out a lot. We would take him to the batting cages, and he would do great, but during the game he would lose his nerve.

    I was sitting in the bleachers watching my son play one day. Steven had already struck out twice and was getting ready to go up to the plate again. I noticed how his self-esteem was hitting rock bottom, and I wanted him to hit the ball so much. I decided to pray to his angels to help him hit the ball and get to first base.

    Just at that moment, I saw an angelic being leaning over Steven's shoulder while he was standing at the plate. This angel looked right up at me and gave me a "thumb's up" and a beautiful smile. I couldn't believe what I had just seen! I looked around me to see if anyone else had noticed this angel, but no one seemed to.

    The next moment, I heard a WHACK! Steven had struck the ball, and it flew between first base and second, straight down into right field. He made it to second base, stole third, and then ran home. The look of joy on his face was priceless! He was so proud of himself.

    After the game, I told him about the angel, and he said, "I knew something wonderful happened because I felt that something was holding the bat, and I heard someone tell me to `Swing,' and I did!" It just goes to show that the angels really do want to help, and that all you need to do is ask. Now, Steven talks to his angels all the time.

* * *

Tara, My Healing Angel
by Robin Ann Powell

    It was sometime in late November 1998 when a dear friend sent me Doreen's audio program Healing with the Angels. I was excited, since my health was going downhill. It seemed like all the healing methods I tried would only last for about six months. Prior to receiving the tapes, angels were merely pretty objects to me. I had them all over the house, given to me as gifts, but I had never experienced actually seeing them or hearing them or receiving a healing from them.

    I remember when listening to Doreen's tape the first time that I fell asleep after about 30 minutes of listening, and nothing unusual happened. About three weeks later, my kidneys were hurting me. A year prior to this time, I had a bladder infection that I just couldn't shake. It turned into a serious kidney infection, and I had to finally turn to antibiotics to bring the fever down. The infection finally left my body. So, here it was December 12, 1998, and my kidneys were hurting me again.

    My husband and I were not getting along that morning, so I asked him to sit down on the couch with me before I went to work. We got peaceful, and I had my eyes closed. Within a few moments, I saw this beautiful being. She had long black hair and was wearing a long white dress. She told me that her name was Tara and that she was going to put the backs of her hands—palms and fingers extended—on my kidneys all day. This was going to happen while I was selling shoes at the department store where I worked. She also told me that I was an earth angel. I opened my eyes in great astonishment.

    I told my husband what had just occurred, and we sat there, stunned. Was this a real experience, or my imagination? I went to work with great anticipation, hopeful that Tara would heal my kidneys. Within a few hours, the pain was gone!

    It has been over a year now, the pain in my kidneys has never come back, and I know that it never will! I'm sure that listening to Doreen's tape helped me bring my angel to me.

* * *

Angel in the Delivery Room
by Jacqueline Regina

    I was with my daughter in the hospital while she was in labor. It was difficult to watch her endure so much pain, so I began praying really hard, asking for help and strength so that both of us could get through this. Just then, my daughter started to appear very sick and seemed to be looking at me for help. I didn't know what to do. I felt so helpless, so I prayed, "Dear God—help her!"

    At that moment, I saw a very large angel appear by my daughter's bedside! It was so large that it practically filled up the whole room. This angel was looking down at my daughter, and then a few moments later, the baby started to come out, but the cord was wrapped around his neck! He was turning purple and black from lack of oxygen and wasn't breathing. Somehow, the angel communicated to me that he would be all right. I felt this message very strongly.

    I shall never forget the beautiful angel who saved my grandson. I am so grateful that it was there to help us.

* * *

Comforted by an Angel
by Mary Rao

    When I was 24 years old, I was living with my brother in a two-bedroom apartment. I had left the family home due to physical and mental cruelty on my father's part. I grew up very frightened. One night in the apartment I shared with my brother, I was scared to be alone. My brother was staying overnight with his girlfriend at the time, and I was afraid to fall asleep. I didn't go to bed in my room, but fell asleep in the living room with the TV on. But before I fell asleep, I remember talking to God and asking Him to help me though the night so that nothing would happen to me.

    At about 3 A.M., I was awakened by a gentle touch on my forehead, and as I opened by eyes, I saw a beautiful spirit hovering in front of me. I could not make out the face, as it was not clear. Then it flew around the room and out the door. I was no longer afraid that night, and I believe that the spirit I saw was my angel.

* * *

Behold, I Bring You Glad Tidings!
by Jenifer Kennington

    I was taking a shower one day, and I turned around to see this large life-sized angel. She was about six feet tall, and I believe that she was a female. She was glowing, with a light yellow color surrounding her. She had large wings that extended in back. Her hair was long and flowing and golden in color, and her eyes were a crystal blue, full of love and sparkling with joy. She had a ring of flowers in her hair, and she wore a long flowing gown that was white, yet glowed with an iridescent pale yellow color that encompassed her. She was barefoot. She had her arms extended out toward me in greeting, as if she wished to hug me as she talked to me. She was very beautiful and lifelike, and being so large and bright, I felt awed to be in her presence.

    The angel spoke to me and said, "I give you glad tidings of great joy!" She then said, "You will have a baby boy!" This seemed impossible to me, so I assumed that it was a sign of a new beginning; however, six weeks later, I found out that I was nine weeks pregnant.

* * *

Angel on the Highway
by Perry Koob

    It was 1966, and I was 18, living in Los Angeles. I was out of school, as I had been kicked out for fighting the year before. I was pumping gas for work and had very few prospects. When my stepfather asked me to help my mother run a small farm in Missouri, I said I didn't have anything else to do, so sure, I would do it.

    I gave notice, and two weeks later, I set out on a trip halfway across the USA, driving a Corvair that my stepfather had bought me for the trip. It was equipped with a one-wheel trailer loaded with some things I was to take back to my mother.

    There wasn't a 55-mile-per-hour limit, and I was taking full advantage of that fact. I was doing 80 to 90. When I would put my foot on the brakes, the stop lights would make the tarp glow red. I was going down a very steep grade and had to keep my foot on the brakes. I looked in the rearview mirror, and I saw what seemed to be a woman sitting there on the trailer, smiling at me. I looked back to the road quickly. I then rolled down the window, thinking that the cold wind on my face would snap me back to my senses.

    I looked back in the mirror, put my foot on the brakes again. and there she was. I could see her clearly in the tail lights, although the light was red. She was dressed in a long flowing gown, and her head was covered with a shawl. She was still smiling at me, and then she waved. I thought to myself, Perry, you've finally gone off the deep end for sure now.

    I gathered as much of my courage as I could and pulled off to the side of the road just as it began a sharp curve. I put my head on the wheel, gritted my teeth, and got out of the car. As soon as my feet hit the ground, I fell down. It turned out that the road was all one big patch of ice! I got up, hanging onto the side of the car, and walked or slid my way back to the trailer. I lifted the tarp under the trailer, but there was nobody there. This shook me up, to say the least.

    Just then, the moon, which had been behind some clouds, broke through and shone down on the desert below. The moonlight allowed me to see about ten crosses all in a neat row, marking the places where people had gone off the road and been killed. To this day, I look for that beautiful lady. I used to feel her beside me, but I no longer do, and I miss her being there.

* * *

How an Angel Helped Me Find My True Name
by Uma Bacso

    I hadn't liked my name, Nancy Jane, my entire life—as far back as I remember. I tried Nan, NJ, Nancy, Nanny. Nothing felt like me.

    One day, I decided to meditate on the topic as I stood in front of my bedroom mirror. After some time meditating with my eyes closed, I opened my eyes to do an open-eyed meditation. I saw a beautiful woman with long dark hair standing before me in the mirror. I asked this woman, "What is your name? What is your name?"

    I heard her say, "Your name will have something to do with light." (At the time I had light hair.) I stayed seated for a short while after hearing that, then I proceeded to get dressed. One minute later, my body started moving over to my bookshelf, and I heard the voice say to me, "Your name will be in one of these books."

    I felt my arm raise up as I was walking over to the bookshelf. My arm was now fully extended, and I picked up the book right in front of my hand. It was Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda. I flipped through the book, and the name Uma seemed to stand out several times. I thought, What a strange name.

    A few hours later, I went to yoga class and asked the teacher, "What does Uma mean in Sanskrit?" He said that Uma was the "goddess of the rising sun." I was taken aback for a moment as I remembered that the woman in the mirror had told me that my new name would be related to light. At that moment, I fell in love with my new name: Uma.

* * *

A Great Healing During a Time of Grief
by Jennifer Helvey-Davis

    I was very close to my grandmother as I grew up. My mother was a single mom, so there were many times that I actually lived with my grandma while she helped my mom. You could definitely call her a stabilizing factor in my life, and she was always there for me. When I was 19, I moved back to live with her and my grandfather. One night, when I was 21, I had a horrible dream about a snake in my bed. It was so bad that I woke my grandmother up and made her come sit on my bed while I fell back to sleep. The next morning, I found her dead on the couch while reading a book. The event was extremely traumatic, and I was overwhelmed with grief.

    While on my grass-stained knees visiting my grandma's grave site, I looked up to the sky and cursed God. I told Him that I wanted my grandma back. The sky I was looking into was slightly cloudy, and my eyes stung painfully from all of the crying I had done.

    At that moment, this thing appeared in front of the clouds. It was like a starburst coming out from the center, yet it was gray, almost the same color as the clouds themselves. The starburst moved fast from inside itself and out again. I was certain that my eyes were playing tricks on me. Once on my feet, an image appeared out of the starburst, and it stole the breath from my chest. The being had long hair and a distinct heavy robe with a cord around the waist. The hands were stretched on the being's sides with the palms facing upward. I couldn't see a face, yet these majestic wings opened broadly from behind the back of the image I saw. They pointed straight up toward the heavens, and hands from the image were outstretched to its sides. From lack of breathing, I fell to my knees and whispered, "You are real ... you are here."

    This being had no face, yet it was the most powerful being I have ever seen. It was standing in the middle of the starburst and made me feel as if it had a lot of influence on my life. The wings were huge and pointed; they appeared solid and strong. The image was dressed in a long gown and had long hair parted in the middle. I was afraid, yet amazed at the same time. Although the being was hard to discern, I knew it was an angel. The wings and the hands made this fact very obvious to me. Now, I whispered, "You are an angel." As the tears spilled from my eyes, I could hardly believe what I saw. The angel acknowledged my presence and nodded its head toward me.

    With miraculous speed, the angel's wings snapped back to its sides. They were fast and strong and made a loud "Whoosh!" as they did this. The noise frightened me, but I didn't move an inch. If this angel had been on the ground, it would have been at least seven feel tall, and the wings would have been even more enormous than that.

    The situation was so overwhelmingly intense that I finally had to take my eyes off of the clouds. When I looked back, there was only the starburst shape, but no angel. I tried to look harder, but my eyes were so sore from all of my crying. I looked over at the place where my grandma was buried, and it seemed as if the grass on the plot made a shape. Some grass was darker in some places than others. When I looked really hard, I could see the shape of that angel in the grass.

    I dropped the silk rose that I had brought for my grandmother onto the image of the angel, knowing that my grandma was in the mystical place that the angel had come from. Completely stunned by what had happened, I walked back to the car and scrawled a picture of the angel on a piece of paper. I left the cemetery with a strange feeling of calm and peace that I had not experienced since before Grandma's death. I often doodle pictures of that angel when I am feeling stressed or need comfort, and it always cheers me up.

* * *

An Angelic Vision of Motherhood
by Sharon Blott

    At age 27, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was depressed, a six-year relationship that I had put all my hopes and dreams into had ended, and I had no direction. I remember saying to my mother that I felt dead inside, and I doubted whether that feeling would ever go away. I was in the middle of graduate school and had recently been told that I would never have children.

    My mother insisted that I join her and my sister and brother-in-law on a two-week Mexican vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California—her treat. At first I declined, but she insisted, and so off I went. The first week was fairly uneventful, but it was a welcome relief to be away from my surroundings.

    However, during the second week, I had what I can only describe as a profound spiritual experience. One night, while on the beach during high tide and a full moon, the skies simply opened up above me, and I was engulfed in a glorious golden light that radiated a warmth and love that I have never experienced in this lifetime. I saw and heard the angels, and there was sweet music playing. The angels were beings of great radiance, with long white hair, and there seemed to be hundreds around, but only two or so that were really evident to me. The feelings they emanated were those of profound love and peace, and were intense and fulfilling to the very depths of my soul.

    The most profound recollection was of children's voices saying, "Mommy, Mommy," and calling to me. It must have only lasted a second or two, but it felt like an eternity, and I wanted it to continue forever. I felt as if I was finally home. When I returned from my holiday, a trip to my doctor revealed that the condition preventing me from having children was gone. All my fears had disappeared, material possessions had little or no meaning to me, and I had a difficult time being within my physical body.

    I yearned for that feeling of home. Eight months later, I met my husband, and today we have two wonderful girls, ages six and two. I will never forget that they are my miracles, and that ten years ago, in Cabo San Lucas, I was reborn and forever changed by my experience.

    My story becomes even more complete when I explain that two months ago I received a community newsletter that was advertising property for sale in Baja California. My husband and I bought a parcel of land—my dream come true.

* * *

I Met My Guardian Angel
by Dana R. Peebles

    It wasn't a minister, youth leader, a close friend, or even a parent who strengthened my faith in God. It was truly God Himself. God really does work in mysterious ways!

    While I firmly believed in angels, I had never actually seen my guardian angel—that is, until one night when I was awakened from a deep sleep and had the strong impression that someone was lying beside me in the bed. Since I'm single, I knew that something inexplicable was happening. Lying on my side, I was afraid to look behind me. So I waited for a while, listening to my own breathing until I got up the nerve to glance over my shoulder.

    To my surprise, there was a male angel sleeping on his side. I was so overcome by peace and excitement that I woke up the angel. He opened his eyes and looked right through me with concern. I was startled at first, wondering who this strange man was in my bed, but then I soon realized that he wasn't there to hurt me, but to protect me.

    This male angel was made of pure light—perfect in every way. He had shoulder-length blonde hair, nicely groomed, and he wore a white robe. He had a bit of a shine to him, kind of like he was in a bubble or something. I asked him who he was and why he was in my bed, and he said, "I am an angel sent from God to protect you, not to harm you, and I will guide you through your times of difficulty. Just trust me!"

    I knew I must have been dreaming, and I finally dozed back to sleep. The amazing part of this is that I fell back asleep as my "guardian angel" held me in his arms. I felt at ease with this because most of my life has been filled with pain, fear, and abuse. I was and am honored that God would send an angel to watch over me.

* * *

Angora, the Angel of Peace
by Dianne SanClement

    Most of my adult life, I've prayed that my angel would appear to me. When I was 45, I realized that I could not spend another day working at a career that left me feeling empty. I fantasized about leaving, and wondered how I could do so. I was married, we had a mortgage, and all of the reasons why I should stay played on and on in my mind.

    At this same time, I found myself waking in the night to the sound of chimes ringing in my ears, and I would hear an angelic voice whispering in my ear, "Dianne, you did not come to Earth to work and retire from the Boeing Company." I would lay there frozen, knowing in my heart of hearts that there was something much more important for me to accomplish. I knew that I had come here with a Divine plan, but I was scared because I didn't remember what that plan was.

    The voices became louder, and I found myself reading books about angels. I decided to start journaling my thoughts and all of the messages I was receiving. It wasn't long before I knew that a power much greater than I was guiding me, and that I no longer had a choice. In order for my spirit to live, in order for my light to shine, I had no choice—I had to leave Boeing. The environment was suffocating my spirit.

    On March 31, 1995, I walked away from my job, which no longer served me, without a clue as to what I was going to do. I prayed for guidance, and also prayed that I would learn to trust.

    I began getting up each morning, journaling my thoughts, my fears, my joys, and whatever was on my mind. I could now sit quietly for as long as I wanted, and write. It was wonderful. It wasn't long before I found that I would sit for an hour and write, and that the information was coming to me via the paper I wrote on. I would go back and reread all that was written and be amazed. At first it startled me, just as the whispers in my ears had. And with time, I discovered that it was a joy, and that a relationship was forming with my angels. When the angels were done passing information on to me, they always ended with "Love and Light, Your Angels." I was never frightened by this experience, but I never told a soul.

    A few years passed, and we moved to Camano Island, near Seattle. For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by trees, woods, and gardens. I had been in the city, surrounded by cement and tall buildings, for 48 years. I had always prayed that I would live in the country one day. I spent the first summer working in the yard with my hands in the dirt, and I loved it. I realized, as winter arrived, that I had spent five months in nature and for the first time in my life, I had made a connection with Mother Earth. My husband and I even built an area where I could meditate and be close to all of the creatures, trees, and the wonderful earth.

    On July 1, 1998, as I sat in my peaceful garden reading, I noticed something in my line of sight. There, standing 50 feet away, was a woman dressed in white, with long golden hair that sparkled. She even seemed to glow, and the field around her body vibrated. As I sat looking at her, she said, "Hello, my name is Angora. I am the Angel of Peace. I have much information to share with you." With that, I jumped up, ran into the house, grabbed paper and pen, came back to the garden, and wrote down everything she said. Hours passed by the time she said she would have to leave me, but not to worry, for she would be sure to wake me at 4:44. I was to have paper and pen ready and write down all that she said. I kept our date, and we have been in contact ever since.

    Now, there are times when weeks pass before I remember to write. But Angora, bless her heart, is always there for me. I find that I spend a good deal of time in conversation with her. I can ask for assistance, and she guides me each step of the way. Angora has taught me a lot about the universe, and she has given me the gift of understanding. She has given me the strength to do and try things that I might not have tried in the past.

    I have only seen her in form that one time. I am aware of her presence, and I hear her in my head, and the biggest part of all of this is that I listen. I encourage you to open your heart and listen for that voice. The angels wait for your invitation. They love you. I invite you to trust and open your arms, and you will receive their love and guidance.

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