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Angel Wisdom: 365 Meditations and Insights from the Heavens

Angel Wisdom: 365 Meditations and Insights from the Heavens

by Terry Lynn Taylor, Mary Beth Crain

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Like a guardian angel whispering in your ear…

'Angel Wisdom' puts you in touch with the warmth, encouragement, and insight of your heavenly helpers every day.

Some say angels- intermediaries from on high- have always been among us to


Like a guardian angel whispering in your ear…

'Angel Wisdom' puts you in touch with the warmth, encouragement, and insight of your heavenly helpers every day.

Some say angels- intermediaries from on high- have always been among us to

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Obviously structured as a daily meditation tool, this is a collection of one-paragraph essays arranged around topics such as Insulation , Let It Be , Pearls , Opposition , etc. These are followed by directives for action. Thus, under Luck : ``Begin to live life free from the issue of luck and superstition and the angels will bring you such a sense of good fortune you will feel like you have won the greatest lottery ever.'' Each entry also has a brief ``Angel Reminder'' (``We were all born under a lucky star'') and an ``Angelic Reflection'' (``I will forever know that God does not play dice with the Universe.'') The work reflects the collaboration of successful author Terry Lynn Taylor ( Messengers of Light ) and Los Angeles journalist Mary Beth Crain. As a good-spirited book, it will likely do very well even though it doesn't offer rich thought or good writing. Illustrated. (July)
Library Journal
Interest in angels has spurred a publishing industry boom and many discussions in religious and spiritual circles. Taylor, who has four previous works relating to angels, here presents a collection of meditations meant to tune the individual into the consciousness that everyone is divine. Arranged by topic, from decisions and worry to money, anger, and birds, each entry begins with a quote or sentence that sets the tone. Following the quote are a commentary and an exercise, then a reflection designed to deepen the meditation. The meditations are well thought out and gentle in spirit. Recommended for libraries collecting meditative and devotional materials. Wilson offers a very slim volume, lavishly illustrated with art work from Christian, Hindu, and Islamic work. While the size of the book is small, the text is slimmer still, presenting its information about angels in a disjointed and disorganized fashion. The stories from Hindu, Moslem, and Christian culture are arranged under topics such as eroticism, hierarchy, shamanism, and the Kabbalah. In spite of the admirable diversity, these stories as well as the connections among the texts are sparse and unsatisfactory. Not recommended.-Gail Wood, SUNY Coll. of Technology Lib., Alfred

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January 1


An Angel Reminder: We are all worthy of attention from the angels.

Some people want to connect deeply with the angels, but they keep themselves at a distance because they feel they are not worthy to receive notice from such holy beings. judging oneself as unworthy to receive what is rightfully ours by human birth is a very limited and egoistic way of seeing things. We must never forget that we are not just our minds or bodies. We are also souls that are in constant contact with the angels. The angels do not judge, they do not look for faults, they do not measure our holiness, and they would never ask us to prove our worth to them or to the world. We arc worthy whether we know it or not.

If you feel a lack of worthiness at times, what things could
you do to feel worthy and deserving? This is a trick question,
because there really is nothing we can do to prove or
attain worthiness. We don't need to change or do things
differently. We only need to recognize and acknowledge
that we already have value and we have the choice to
make ourselves useful. Don't punish yourself for
something that doesn't exist. Give yourself a
break and know in your heart that you are
more than worthy of divine attention.
An Angelic Reflection: I know that I stand on holy ground, always worthy of angelic attention.

January 2

The Silence Afterwards

An Angel Reminder:

"Be done and come home
To the silence afterwards ...
The Silence that lives in the grass
On the underside of eachblade
And in the blue space between theStones...."
Rolf Jacobsen, The Silence Afterwards

How familiar are we with real silence? The "silence afterwards" that Norwegian poet Rolf Jacobsen describesis perhaps a metaphor for the silence of the soul united atlast with God in profoundest contemplation. Makingquiet spaces in our lives gives us a chance to move beyond the demands and limitations of our physical andmental selves and reconnect with the divine center. Wecan always find a few moments in our day to be silent andstill, to quiet our minds and listen instead to the rustle ofthe leaves, the chirping of the birds, the whisper of thewind. Should we wish to, we can continue deeper intothe silence afterwards, the mysterious quiet at the core ofour beings that rejoices in the soundless sound of theuniversal heartbeat resonating deep within each of us.

Have some fun with silence. Grow still and become aware of the sounds around you. Listen to your breathing; see if you can hear your own heartbeat. Now try to grow even quieter. Become your breath and your heartbeat. Hear the sounds around you begin to fade, and see if you can move even deeper, into the silence afterwards.

An Angelic Reflection: In the silence afterwards I experience the bliss of divine perfection.

January 3


An Angel Reminder: There are no endings, only new beginnings.

Beginnings are not always easy. But without them life would not exist. Sometimes we wish we could bypass the beginnings — the confusion, the frustrations that always come with just starting out, not being sure of the way, and knowing how far we still have to go. But if we remember that everything has a beginning — indeed, everything is a beginning-we can calmly move forward at our own pace. We can enjoy the process and understand that when we master one thing or attain one goal it must lead us directly on to the new challenge, where we begin all over again to learn, achieve, and live. The angels know, after all, that although we may think we want endings, completion, attainments, what we are really seeking is the excitement of a life in which each day is a new beginning.

What things in your life are at the beginning stage? A new job? New relationship? New home? New personal improvement program? Do you feel overwhelmed by uncertainties? Or are you eager to explore all the exciting possibilities that exist for you at this wonderfultime of beginning?An Angelic Reflection: I accept each new beginning in my life as a new joy waiting to be experienced.

January 4


An Angel Reminder. We can easily tune in to the frequency of the angels.

To attune means to bring into accord or harmony, to tune in to a frequency so that you can connect with a pure tone and eliminate interference. When we become attuned to the angelic frequency, we discover that there are many angels to listen to. We each have a personal guardian angel. There is a special angel for the country and state that we live in, the city, the street, even the trees around us. Some angels are in charge of groups, and others embody specific qualities like protection, courage, and wisdom and dispense them accordingly. Tuning in to the angel airwaves isn't as difficult as youmay think. Sometimes all it takes to establish communication is the thought of an angel or the desire to connect with one. The most important thing to remember in attuning ourselves to the angels is that as our motives and desires become clarified and purified, our connections to the angels will become clearer and more refined.

Pick an angel to attune to. Have some writing paper nearby,in case a message comes through that you want to record.Close your eyes and mentally tune in to the angel of yourchoice. Do this simply by thought. Take your time and payattention to the thoughts that begin to come to you. You maythink that some of them are just your imagination, but whatis your imagination if not the place where you discover andplay with the truths of the universe?
An Angelic Reflection: I have the ability to attune myself to any angel for messages and guidance.

Meet the Author

Terry L. Taylor is the author of several bestselling angel books, including Messengers of the Light and Guardians of Hope.

She created Angel Wisdom with Mary Beth Crain.

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