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Angel with a Broken Wing

Angel with a Broken Wing

by Tammy Jensen
Our most valuable resource for hope and

determination is the children in our lives. Angel With A

Broken Wing is a story about Jenny and Jericho and some very

special friends who have asked for Jenny's help. Jenny

doesn't know how, but she is determined to do what they have

asked. She gets to experience firsthand what it means to be

the hope that others can


Our most valuable resource for hope and

determination is the children in our lives. Angel With A

Broken Wing is a story about Jenny and Jericho and some very

special friends who have asked for Jenny's help. Jenny

doesn't know how, but she is determined to do what they have

asked. She gets to experience firsthand what it means to be

the hope that others can cling to. It's a very big mission

for such a young girl and a good lesson for those of us who

are the parents of very special people, our children. Angel

with a Broken Wing is the first book in a series of stories

that will inspire and encourage young people to dream the

biggest dreams and run towards them.

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By Tammy Jensen AuthorHouse Copyright © 2007 Tammy Jensen
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4343-1509-0


"Mom, when we go to heaven will there be lots of little kids there too?" Jenny was only six years old and her best friend's name was Jericho. They did everything together and they would be starting school again next week. They had made all kinds of plans and couldn't wait to get back to school and see their other friends.

"I'm sure there will be many there who were children when they left this world, but I'm not sure what age they'll be in heaven or even if there will be different ages." Jenny sat beside her mother on the bed while her mother wiped the tears from her eyes. She pulled the covers up and tucked them in snugly around Jenny.

"Do the kids in heaven get to play and go to school?" She was trying hard not to cry, but the tears seemed to just keep falling.

"Maybe. But, I think they spend a lot of time looking out for the boys and girls that are still here too." She knew Jenny was worried about Jericho and that somehow Jenny was preparing for the worst.

"If Jericho goes to heaven, will he be looking out for me?" She had a hopeful look in her eye, like they would still be together if only this was true.

"I don't know sweetie, but I believe there is a little angel looking after you right now. I'll bet Jericho even has one looking out for him." Mom was stroking Jenny's hair now. It was blonde and soft and felt like satin.

"Where was Jericho's angel this afternoon Mom?"

"I don't know baby. Bad things happen sometimes and we just have to know that there is a reason. I know this is hard to understand right now, but it's true."

Jenny laid quietly feeling her mom's warm tears on her cheeks and getting some comfort from knowing Mom understood, but when she closed her eyes she'd see Jericho running to chase the ball and the car coming towards him. You could hear the music in the car playing and tires squealing. She tripped and fell trying to run with Jericho. Jericho never saw the car. He was looking back at Jenny and laughing. The boys in the car never saw Jericho. They were shouting and singing.

Jenny dropped to the floor beside her bed and prayed a special prayer for Jericho and his Mom and Dad. She crawled back up into her bed, curled up tight with her doll and began to drift off to sleep.


"Jenny. Jenny. Wake up Jenny." She felt someone touch her softly on the arm. Jenny opened her eyes and there was a cool breeze that drifted across her body. There was the smell of peaches and strawberries and there were thousands of butterflies floating all around. She sat up and looked around and saw groups of children playing and telling stories. These were no ordinary children - they were little angels and one stood right beside her, holding her hand. They weren't at all the way Jenny had imaged angels to be. They were so little. Their little wings were so delicate and worked in and out continuously with slow graceful movements. They were so beautiful she couldn't believe her eyes.

"Where am I?" asked Jenny.

"You're at Heaven's Gate," said the little angel, "This is as far as you can go right now. No one is allowed into heaven before they've passed on."

"But I don't see a gate," exclaimed Jenny.

"It's just a place, not a real gate," stated the angel, "It's kind of like a playground for us little angels when you guys are sleeping or if we're waiting for someone new to look out for."

"Don't you sleep?" asked Jenny.

"Nope, no time for that. We're way to busy."

"Are you my angel?" she asked.

"Nope. I'm Mica. I look out for Jericho," he bragged.

Jenny was shocked. She didn't know what to say. She looked at Mica for a moment and then noticed a bandage on his arm.

"What happened to your arm?" she asked.

"Oh, that. It'll be okay. I just didn't get out of the way in time." He looked down at his arm with pride over the bandage.

"Out of the way of what?"

"The car," he snorted, as if she was supposed to know what he was talking about.

"The car?" She was confused. "What car?" she thought.

"We were watching you play today with Jericho. I saw the car coming and pushed Jericho out of the way, but he hit his head when he fell and I scraped my arm on the car."

"We?" asked Jenny.

"Me and Laurel," stated Mica.

"Who's Laurel?" asked Jenny.

"She's your angel."

Jenny turned and there she was. She was so beautiful and tiny. She walked up to Jenny and took her hand. Jenny just stood and stared.

"I'm sorry I tripped you, but you were gonna get hurt Jenny," said Laurel. "It's not your turn to pass yet."

"Tripped me?" asked Jenny.

"Yeah, this morning when you were running after Jericho. I tripped you before you got to the street so the car wouldn't hit you," said Laurel.

"That was you?"

"Yes." The little angel turned and pointed at another angel, not quite so little as the rest, "See that angel over there? That's Benjamin. He watches out over the boy that was driving the car."

Jenny looked at Benjamin and saw he was crying and there was something wrong with his wing,

"Is his wing broken?" asked Jenny.

"Yes," said Laurel, "The boy that was driving the car had been helped so many times that he just couldn't be helped anymore. Benjamin wanted to give it one more try, but the boy just couldn't hear him. He's not hearing our voices anymore and he's getting to big to be pulled out of harm's way."

"What do you mean?" Jenny asked.

"Well, you know when you're thinking about doing something bad and something tells you not to do it? That's your angel's voice. Sometimes I guess people just get to big to hear their angel's voice or they just don't hear anybody talking to them anymore."

Laurel just looked at Benjamin and sighed, "It's sad when we loose our purpose. God assigns us to a child and it's that child's faith and innocence that makes us strong. When that's gone, we are in danger. That's how Benjamin broke his wing. He'll never fly again unless the boy can hear Benjamin's voice again. That's why you're here."

"Me? What can I do?" asked Jenny.

"He was hurt pretty bad in the accident, but he still has a chance. You have to go back and talk to the boy. You have to teach him to hear Benjamin's voice," begged the little angel.

"How am I supposed to do that?" cried Jenny.

"You can hear my voice when I talk to you, Jenny. I know you do. All you have to do is teach him to truly listen. If not, the boy passes and Benjamin will never fly again."

"Then will the boy come here?" Jenny asked.

"No. He has to hear the voices to pass through here. This is not the destination for boys and girls. They get to go to Heaven. This place is only for little angels. God made us different."

"What will happen to Benjamin?" asked Jenny.

"He'll go on to another purpose, but he'll never fly again and never be given another chance to watch over a child again."

"What about Jericho? Will he be okay?" Jenny asked.

"Sure. He'll be fine," Laurel said, "He just bumped his head. He'll sleep now for a few days, until his head feels better, and then he'll wake up."

Jenny walked over to Benjamin and put her hand on his arm. She felt so sorry for him she almost cried.

"I'm Jenny," she said.

"Yes, I know," said Benjamin, "I'm sorry about your friend, but he'll be okay soon."

"I'm sorry about your wing," said Jenny.

"It doesn't hurt. I just can't fly." Benjamin looked at Jenny and began to smile, "You have a lot of faith Jenny, and God helps us to do whatever we set out to do for Him."

Jenny knew at that very moment that she had to try to help Benjamin. She didn't know how she'd do it, but she had to try. Jericho was going to be okay and these little angels needed her help. God would want her to help. She was very determined to help Benjamin and she smiled just knowing she had been chosen for this special job.

They all began saying goodbye to Jenny and with each little angel's kiss she began to feel more confident. They each hugged Jenny and gave her a special kiss for luck and she began to feel very sleepy. The angels laid her in a golden cloud and she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Three TELLING MOM

When Jenny awoke the next morning she smelled bacon and hot chocolate coming from the kitchen. She stretched and yawned and looked out the window. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and she could hear the birds singing and playing outside her window. Suddenly, she remembered her dream. Was it a dream? God had sent the little angels to ask for her help. She had to hurry and get started. How was she going to get the boy to hear Benjamin? God knew how. She'd just make sure she was there and somehow she would just know what to do.

She jumped up out of bed, threw on her robe, glided into her slippers, and ran off to the kitchen.

"Whoa, young lady. What's the hurry?" her Mom called out to her.

"I've gotta hurry up and eat, Mom. I've got lots to do," exclaimed Jenny.

"Well, I'm glad to see you so excited this morning. Do you have time for your breakfast, or are you in too big a hurry to eat your funny, sunny eggs this morning?" she asked with a snicker.

"Yes, I have to eat. I have a lot to do and I need my breakfast for energy," she smiled. She downed the eggs without hardly chewing. She picked up the bacon and nibbled quickly.

Mom looked at Jenny with a puzzled look on her face, "What is it that's so important this morning, Jenny? Do you have special plans?" She was afraid Jenny wanted to go see Jericho and they weren't allowing any visitors yet. Jericho's mom had called earlier that morning and said he was still not awake, but the doctors were saying he was out of danger now.

"Jenny, Jericho's mom called this morning and said he couldn't have visitors yet."

"Don't worry Mom. Jericho is going to be okay. The angels told me so," Jenny exclaimed happily.

"The angels?" asked her mother.

"Yeah. They said he was just sleeping until his head got better and then he would wake up."

She smiled at Jenny's confidence and turned back to finish washing the pans from breakfast. She looked back at Jenny again and Jenny was nearly finished eating.

"Mom?" asked Jenny.

"Yes dear?" answered her mother.

"Is the boy that was driving the car in the hospital with Jericho?"

Her mom looked at her and said very cautiously, "Yes. He is. His name is Evan and he's very, very sick. They really don't know if he'll be okay or not."

"I know," said Jenny, " I have to help him hear his angel and then he'll be okay."

"I don't know Jenny," said her mother, "Maybe you'd better not go to the hospital today. He's very sick and they probably won't let you see him anyway."

"I have to go, Mom," said Jenny, "I promised the angels."

Her mother could hear the commitment and determination in her daughter's voice. She knew she had to help her do whatever it was she felt she had to do,

"Okay, baby. We'll go to the hospital after we get cleaned up, but remember, he's very sick and you may not be able to see him or Jericho today."

Jenny jumped up from the table, ran over to hug her mom, and ran back upstairs to get ready. Her mother smiled as she watched her running up the stairs. She was such a good little girl. She stopped and thanked God for such a loving and caring daughter. She was truly blessed.

Jenny hoped the angels were with her now and could help her get in to talk to Evan. She would need everyone's help and she was so glad her mother seemed to understand. She almost always did.


On the way to the hospital Jenny's mother could see her excitement changing to concern.

"What could she be thinking?" wondered her mother. She looks like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.

"You okay baby?" asked her mother.

"Yeah. I'm just asking the angels for help. If I can hear them and they are always with us, then they should be able to hear me, right?"

"I suppose so," said her mother.

"Kinda like saying my prayers, right?" asked Jenny again.

"I suppose so," answered her mother, "I know God always hears us, especially when we pray. Just exactly what did these little angels ask you to do?"

Jenny thought a minute and then began to tell her mother about her dream. Her mother watched her face as she told the story and watched the peaceful calm that came over Jenny as she talked about God's little angels and Heaven's Gate. She was so touched she could feel the warmth that came from Jenny and she began to share in Jenny's determination.

They pulled up to a parking space just outside the hospital doors. Jenny calmly got out of the car and looked up at the 20-story building. "Sure is big, isn't it?" said Jenny.

"Yes it is," replied her mother, "You were born right up there on the fourth floor. That was one of the happiest days of my life."

"Do you know where Jericho and Evan are?" she asked.

"Yes. Evan is in the Critical Care Unit on the third floor and Jericho has been moved to the second floor. He is out of danger, so they put him on the floor with the other children," said her mother.

"Let's go see Jericho first," said Jenny. She walked very slowly through the doors of the hospital, and seemed to be praying with every step. Her mother took her hand and looked down at her and smiled.

"What a little angel," her mom thought to herself.

They got off the elevator on the second floor and walked up to a big desk where all the nurses seemed to be coming and going from. It looked to Jenny like a beehive.

Her mom stopped one of the nurses and asked, "Can you tell me where Jericho Saunders is?"

"Yes. He's in room 204, but the doctor is in with him and his parents right now. Just go around the corner and wait outside the room. They'll be out once the doctor is through examining him," the nurse replied.

"Thank you," Jenny and her mom responded at the same time.

They smiled at the nurse and turned down the hall. Jenny was looking at the numbers on the doors and began to smile. She looked up at her mom and squeezed her hand.

When they got to room 204, there was a sign on the door that said, "No Visitors". They stood outside the door and watched the nurses coming and going from the different rooms. There were children in the halls, children in the waiting room with family and children in the nurses' station. They were everywhere. It was just like Heaven's Gate, except these little angels were sick.

Jenny began to get nervous again and then remembered God's little angels, "He's just asleep. He'll wake up when his head gets better," they had said.

The door to the room opened and out stepped a big man in a white jacket. "Hello," he said. He looked down at Jenny and smiled. "I'm Dr. Jeffrey. You must be waiting to see Jericho."

"Yes," said Jenny very timidly, "He's my best friend. The angels said he would be okay. Is he awake yet?"

The doctor looked at Jenny and her mom and quickly reached over to the door and took off the "No Visitors" sign. He turned to Jenny's mom and said, "Please take her in. This little one could make anyone well again," He turned to Jenny and said, "He's still sleeping, but he should wake up soon."

Jenny slowly pushed the door open and walked softly inside the room. Jericho's mom was holding his hand and talking across the bed to Jericho's father. She looked very concerned and his dad wasn't saying anything at all. He just stood and looked at Jericho with tears in his eyes.

Jenny walked over to Jericho's mom and took her hand. She looked up at Mrs. Saunders and smiled, "He'll be okay. The angels told me so. He's just sleeping."

Mrs. Saunders squeezed her hand and smiled down at her, "Bless you child. You are an angel," she whispered.

Jenny's mom went over and hugged Mrs. Saunders and Jenny leaned over and whispered into Jericho's ear, "You gotta sleep now Jericho so your head will get better. School starts next week and we get to see all of our friends again."

After Jenny's mom talked to Mrs. Saunders a few minutes and tried to console Mr. Saunders, Jenny tugged on her sleeve and announced it was time to go. Mrs. Saunders gave Jenny a hug and smiled, thanking them both for their kindness. Mr. Saunders just stood in the window, glancing back at his son waiting for him to wake up.

Once they were out in the hall Mom told Jenny that the police had been there to talk to Mrs. Saunders about Evan. Evan was in a lot of trouble, but still was not able to talk to anyone. Jenny began to pray silently again and ask for help.

They took the elevator and got off on the third floor. The sign said, "Pediatric Critical Care". They went to another big desk where the nurses were and Jenny's mom asked one of the nurses where Evan Douglas was. The nurse just looked at the two of them and pointed down the hall, "Last room on the left, but no visitors. He's in bad shape. Probably won't make it." The nurse turned and left.


Excerpted from ANGEL WITH A BROKEN WING by Tammy Jensen Copyright © 2007 by Tammy Jensen. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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