Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

by Clifford W. Mills

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Children's Literature - Jennie DeGenaro
In 2005, Angela Merkel was elected the first woman chancellor of Germany and voted the "Most Powerful Woman in the World." Although she was born in the west, Merkel grew up in East Germany. Her father was a successful Protestant minister in the eastern zone. She has been married twice, once to a fellow student, and later to her present husband, Professor Joachim Sauer. Merkel earned two degrees before completing a Ph.D in science. When the Berlin Wall opened in 1989, Merkel could see the contrast in the east and west. She became interested in politics and moved up rapidly in the ranks. Merkel did not escape criticism when she was campaigning. Although she had many leadership qualities, she was criticized in several areas, including appearance. In response, she sought help from a makeover artist. After Merkel was elected chancellor, she wasted no time in visiting major foreign countries, including the United States, Russia and China. She also visited European countries and invited the leaders to Germany for a summit meeting. Her political philosophy favors a "strict father"-government rather than a "nurturing parent"-government. If she was American, she would be Republican rather than Democrat. After Merkel was elected chancellor, her friends predicted that she would "stay calm, keep her feet on the ground and make some potato soup." She now holds one of the most powerful offices in Europe. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. wrote the introduction to this interesting biography. The book includes a chronology, a bibliography and suggestions for further reading and web sites. There are currently 18 books in the "Modern World Leaders Series." All will be a welcome addition to middle and highschool libraries. Reviewer: Jennie DeGenaro

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